Methods To Increase Time On Page

Let’s suppose you are a marketer. You are having such a beautiful day in your branch office involving full of high-quality products. Although you have full confidence about what you are selling, all of your potential customers only drop by your cozy corner or just spend a little time inside it. It would feel not very pleasant, would not it? Actually, it is the same feeling as when you have a web page that has been through the same. As Screpy experts, we don’t want anyone to experience this. Therefore, we will have a heart-to-heart talk about the time on the page.

The Importance of Time On Page

Well, so why is the time duration on a page important? Most of the time, your content is not enough by all alone, and it should also be charming for users because you should have the attention of people who stop by your website. Moreover, you can deduce some major indicators through the duration of the users visiting your site. First of all, as the session duration gets lower, the users cannot know about your real website. In other words, they cannot be informed of what you are offering to them. Second of all, users abandoning your website after a short duration ends up high bounce rate, which is not very good news for you. We are all aware of that, and we will provide you some tips and tactics to increase user time duration during their internet journey.

The Advantages of Increased User Time On Page

Before jumping into methods directly, we want to inform you more about the advantages of user time on the page by distilling our experiences for you.

1-Increase in user time on a page comes with enhanced conversation rates

With the increase in user time on your website, the likelihood of purchasing the service you offer them and reaching them as you planned increases in direct proportion.

2-You can enjoy the profit thanks to increased website revenue

The more users spend time on your website, the more profit you can have. The duration of user time on a page is a vital factor for ads. More duration brings more ads, and more ads breed more money. 

3-You can know more about your loyal customers and visitors

Thanks to the data of time on your page, this means you can infer what users think about your site. If the visit time is very short and people only drop by, you should notice that this is a signal flare. It will help if you change something.

Tactics And Strategies To Increase Time On Page

We feel like we have examined what time-on-page really means well enough. Now it is time to anchor to get deep into methods.

One of the most attractive, easy, and effective ways you can utilize to increase the time spent on the page is to have links on your page that will open to new tabs. By doing that, you can prevent your users from leaving your website while they are dealing with the new tab happily.  No matter how much time the user spends checking out the new tab, your initial website will still be open, and they will return to it.

Moreover, linking pages to relevant pages should become your habit while typing a post. As Screpy experts, we will mention some of the advantages of Internal links.

  • It is an easy-to-do technique that will decrease your bounce rate eventually.
  • Internal linking will also improve your SEO value without paying for a specific plugin or tool as long as the links’ contents are similar to each other.

Improve Your Website’s Design

Psychologists say that people tend to make up their minds about a person after the very first seconds they see each other. So a person decides if they want to get to know in such a quick interval. We are Screpy experts, and we cannot say whether it is true for people. However, we can say it is absolutely accurate that the first impression of a website is important. Not only for that, but it is also critical for time continuity to be spent on your website. Therefore, you need to convince people to stay for a longer duration through your design. So, how can you improve and clear up your website’s design? We have few ideas.

  • Let your site look simple yet stylish. Besides, not having a website with a modern look in 2021 may cause visitors to press the X symbol for your website after a glance. Therefore, you should determine a modern look and design.
  • An easy-to-use interface allows visitors to browse the most appropriate service while not distracting them.
  • Do not display your content/products scattered. Organized and listed content provides a more businesslike look, and people think you are professional at what you are doing.
  • Make the most valuable and important information/part about your site visible and accessible. The best method for this is to choose the upper parts of the site. Once they visit your website, they should be able to reach for what they seek.

Remember, the internet is used due to the rapidness it offers. Thus, internet users don’t have the urge to spend time where they cannot focus or find what they want.

Table Of Contents

Speaking of website design and rapidness, one of the things we should mention is definitely adding the table of contents to your website. In this way, you can engage the attention by guiding users to find the content while navigating them. In other words, you open your users an easy window to get inside your business and let them take what they want.

Fast Load

A slow page loading will overshadow everything about your page regardless of how quite good your content and how charmful your design is. Any visitor just leaves your website once forced to observe a spinning circle on their screen, which is not a pleasant thing. If you are through such a problem, you should consider improving your server response time and optimizing images on your site. A fast-loading page will catch the visitors as a black hole catches the light, while slow-pages are like grumpy people who are not to be tolerated.

Provide A Better Readability

It does not matter if you are an owner of a blog or a boss running a marketing website. As Screpy experts, we recommend providing smoother readability for your users since it will let them keep up with the content offered to them. Here some tips about how you can do it.

  • Do not design your website only for computer users. Consider all of the devices and platforms.
  • Use the most appropriate font type and font size. Your priority should be readability.
  • Do not overload your content in a paragraph or title. Split and organize or list it.

Once a user visits your page, it just takes only a few seconds to stay on your page while scrolling up and down. If your sentences, paragraphs are not arranged in an eye-pleasing way, it is unlikely that someone stays on your website and reads it.

Personalize Your Content

We are living in the engagement era. Everything inside the internet world is about to grab the attention of everyone float through the internet. But how can you even accomplish this? Well, Screpy experts say you can achieve this by personalizing the services you are offering for your customers. It is how you make the users spend more time on your page by making them feel special. First of all, you need to get consent from your users through appropriate and proper data-collector systems for data sharing or data usage. This is the first step necessary to personalize the content. Thus, since the content on your website will be highly relevant to the visitor of your site, it can increase their time on the page. Websites can obtain information of previously visited sites that any visitor has been there. Thus, based on this data, it can provide similar or different content for the next visit according to appropriate criteria.

Use Different Ways To Serve Your Content

Every people absorb the service offered to them uniquely. As every meal has its own way to consume, every content differs from each other to be gripped by visitors. While some people prefer videos, some people follow each line of the paragraph since they are bookworms. So as Screpy experts, we think it is better to serve your content in as many different ways as possible.

Speaking of videos, they provide an interactive way of presenting content. Videos are very effective for catching attention and easy to consume. Once you add some video-based-contents to your pages, your user engagement will increase. Thus, you will witness that visitors’ time on your page will increase at the same rate.

At least in the content where it is not possible to add videos, adding images is the move that will save the day. Images are a form of content that increases visual richness along with videos. People tend to get lazy to read a text because it requires so much energy. Therefore, we initially rather engaging content involving images instead of lonely and boring texts.

Contents Demanding User Interaction

Some internet users prefer to be active players in any content rather than a passive substitute. For this reason, reorganizing your page to appeal to them will help increase the time they spend on your page. As Crespy, we have some tips for you to turn your users into active content catchers.

  • Enable comment section. Let your users express themselves about your content or your work.
  • Pop-out questionnaires regarding the content offering them. Ask their idea.

These kinds of moves will allow your users to think they have at least a little bit of control over your content or page. The illusion of control feeling will please your users and persuade them to stay more on your website.

Post Summaries

Blog posts including and displaying post summaries will result in increased user time on the page. So, the readers can understand what your article contains by looking at the very beginning of it. The fact that your post summary can be seen directly by the users prevents the visitors from abandoning your site straight away. By doing that, you let your readers have an instant inference on their own without explaining why they should stay on your website.

Create Unique Contents

Although how hard creating unique content can get, it is the most plum type of content sought by users. Nowadays, in almost every blog, content creators imitate each other while offering nothing new and original. As a result, users encounter with same and old information or sharings every time they enter a new page. Who wants to spend their time on a page involving full of aged and repeated content? Let us answer, nobody. New and original contents get the user’s eye and get occupied by your content as fireflies are gravitated by any source of light.  

Mobile Version

Why do people use smartphones? Because it has enough functions as a computer and is comfortable to use. You come home from a long day of work and lie down on your couch. And then, when desired, you turn on your phone and start reading a blog page. Or if you forget to buy a gift for your lover/family on the way home by bus, you can easily solve the problem by phone. Considering all of the mobile phone usages, your page MUST be displayed in a mobile version as well. No people are willing to zoom out and zoom in with fingers if your page doesn’t include a mobile version. They just leave.


People want to rely on you while working with you or buying from you. There are some ways you can provide credibility to your users.

  • Your page should include bios and testimonials.
  • It will help if you make your social profile links visible and accessible for your users. When a path on how to reach you is provided, people will know they can depend on you.
  •  Displaying client reviews is another beneficial main column while building confidence.

Live Chat Service

Speaking of confidence, functioning a live chat service or a chatbot will build up a confidence bridge between your page and the visitors. Imagine you are accessing a website and having a problem coming out of nowhere. You don’t know how to overcome it. The worse part is none seems to care. However, when there is a live chat service that grants communication between you and people visiting your page, they spend more time on it. Besides, they become a professional from their perspective.

Let’s talk about questions, shall we? It is better to check the most frequently asked questions about time on page will meet with their answers compiled by Screpy experts.

What Is Time On Page?

Time on page is the amount of duration spent by a user on any page of a website during a single session. If the user leaves the original website before switching to another page, the time spent on the page is considered zero. 

What Is The Average Session Duration?

The average session duration differs from time on page in terms of measuring the entire duration time a user spent on a page.

Are Methods To Increase Time On Page Efficient?

Of course, they are. You have a website where you publish the stories you write, but users stay on your site for only 20 seconds. Can we say that visitors actually read them? However, after adjusting the tactics for yourself, we can say that “Yes, they are reading something” as the duration time increases.

Do I Need To Puy For Methods To Increase Time On Page?

Well, it depends. If the basic problem is the design of your website displayed, you may need to pay for a graphic designer to acquire a more charming look. However, if the design, organization and listing, and so forth of your website seem convenient, you may need to reconsider the quality of content you offer.

How Can I Measure Time On Page?

Time on page is automatically measured by Google Analytics Time on Page feature, while session duration can be calculated through the Google Analytics Session Duration feature.


You can have an appropriate and accurate indicator of your content, thanks to user time on page data on your site. Because even if millions of people visit your page in a month, being able to discriminate the visitors into two, like user-staying-for-20-seconds and user-staying-for-10-minutes, will help you find what you’re doing wrong. Thus, you can determine strategies to enhance your revenue, have user traffic of high quality, and have loyal visitors that increase day by day.

Knowing the methods to increase time on the page will carry your business one step forward and grant you more profit.

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