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AI-Based Page Speed Analysis

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  • Lighthouse Report
  • Auto-Generated Tasks
  • Page Speed Monitoring
  • AI-Based Analysis
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Feature of the Page Speed

Not everyone has fast internet. If your page loads very slowly, your users will have less time to browse your site and your bounce rate will increase. This causes you to lose your customers.

  • Page Speed for all pages

  • Average page size

  • Speed Index

  • Average load time

  • All Lighthouse metrics

  • Page Speed report for each page

  • Uptime Monitoring

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You can quickly analyze your site just by entering the site address in the input below!

All-In-One Performance Metrics

Screpy has all the metrics required for performance analysis. Screpy can analyze all pages of your website separately. By creating tasks that show the missing points of all pages, Screpy offer these deficiencies in graphics with the support of artificial intelligence.

  • First in the world! Average performance score of all pages

  • All missing performance tasks in one place!

  • Screpy is much stronger with Google Lighthouse integration.

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Speed Report for Every Page

Traditional page speed analysis tools analyze only one page. But, you can analyze all the pages on your website with Screpy. You can also follow these analyzes all on one page and access their detailed reports.

  • Access to all Lighthouse data for each page

  • Historical data for each page

  • There is no need to analyze one by one pages anymore!

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Uptime Monitoring

Page Speed is more powerful with uptime support now. If your server cannot respond quickly, you cannot increase the page speed score. Do your page speed tasks, track your uptime, and get down alerts. This way, minimize the page load time, one of the most important expectations of your users.

  • Instant down notification

  • Detailed response time graph

  • The simplicity you need

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Performance Tasks

Screpy understands all the shortcomings on your website and creates auto-generated tasks thanks to AI. It categorizes all these tasks according to their priority and predicts how much they will impact your website score.

  • Auto-generated tasks just for you

  • Detailed explanation for each task

  • 100% Pagespeed score guarantee

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Integrated Lighthouse Report

We know you like Google lighthouse. That’s why we offer you a familiar interface with screpy lighthouse support by doing much more than page speed analysis. Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO are all at your hands.

  • All Lighthouse Tools

  • Report export

  • Build your team and work from a single report

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All Page Speed Features

  • Auto-Analysis

  • Time to Interactive

  • Monitoring

  • First Input Delay

  • Score Notifications

  • Total Blocking Time

  • Cymulative Layout Shift

  • First Contentful Paint

  • Uptime Support

  • Lighthouse Report

  • Load Time

  • Auto tasks

  • Page Speed Tasks

  • Largest Contentful Paint

  • Export

  • Guidelines

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