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AI-Based Page Speed Analysis

Keep customers, manage your performance insights, get the highest conversion rates!
  • Easily trackable tasks
  • AI-Based Scanning
  • Google Lighthouse Integration
  • Page Speed Monitoring for Each Page
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Don’t Let Your Visitors Bounce!

Want to turn your traffic into loyal visitors? Then there is no choice but to offer them what they are looking for as quickly as possible! Get rid of bounce rate, abandoned carts, and low-performance metrics!

  • Page Speed for all pages

  • Average page size

  • Speed Index

  • Average load time

  • All Lighthouse metrics

  • Page Speed report for each page

  • Uptime Monitoring

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Rocket your pages, improve the performance!

Want to get control of all your pages and rocket their loading speed? Screpy offers comprehensive tracking tools with strong tasks & a scoring system. Type your website’s address down and start analyzing!

What Else Screpy Do?

We are with you every step of the way to introduce your website to a wider audience! With this Lighthouse integrated tool enriched with powerful, easy to master, data-rich, performance-based, and tasks, you are in control of all your pages! Would you like to see what we offer besides page speed monitoring services?

SEO Audit

Analyze your website from end to end without having to be an SEO expert. AI-based auto-generated tasks are ready for you with audits that match the most up-to-date SEO requirements!

Uptime Monitoring

It’s a real tracker that keeps your eyes on your site 24/7! We ensure that you are in control of your site with instant alerts in downtime situations! -Along with server response time tracking service!

Keyword Tracking

Manage the content optimization process using the most powerful keywords with Screpy! Analyze your competitors’ and your keyword positions regularly and review historical data!

W3C Validator

Are you sure everything is fine with your syntax? Detect shortcomings with our powerful W3C validation monitoring service and learn step by step how to solve them!

Even One Page Can’t Be Missed!

Get maximum control on every page of your website! We present the scores on a page-based basis with real user experience-oriented analysis and tracking processes: Just as search engines want you to do! Learn the performance of each page with high-level reporting and compare historical visualizations with your conversion rates and user behavior data.

  • Analysis from one platform for all your pages

  • Separate auto-generated task list for each page

  • Detailed metric scores with lighthouse integration

Powerful Google Lighthouse Integration

No need to navigate between different platforms to gain full control over your metric scores! One destination, all the data you need! Screpy measures the performance of your page in all metrics of Google, thanks to Google Lighthouse integration. Seize opportunities with powerful tasks and make maximum score improvement with minimum effort!

  • All performance metrics in one place!

  • You don’t need to be an expert to control your site!

  • Useful and understandable visualization for tracking!


Ease of Access to Historical Data

Evaluate visitor behavior on your website by comparing it with performance metrics! AI-based Screpy offers you a full range of analysis. Without having to get directives from you, the AI system selects the pages to be analyzed, determines the analysis frequency with powerful insights, and turns the results into a historical visualization. Page Speed, SEO, Accessibility, best practices, and much more: You will know what is happening on your site!

  • AI-Based page-specified metric analysis

  • Easily track historical data with graphs and other visualizations!

  • Get noticed when something unexpected going on!


Auto-Generated Tasks Powered By Insights

Maximize your score in user experience metrics! Screpy detects all shortcomings affecting the user experience, thanks to its powerful Lighthouse integration. This is not all! We explain step by step how to fix them all with easy-to-follow tasks. Moreover, each task is listed with its average effect on your total score. You no longer need to be an expert in a strong SEO process. Compete in the strongest way with the giants of the market!

  • Priority-based tasks and how to fix them

  • An analysis-based comprehensive task list for each page

  • Possible impact score for each task


Data-Rich Report Pages for All Your Projects

A fast, easy-to-follow, dynamic, and data-rich report page: With its dynamic indicators and easy to master interface, Screpy appeals to everyone. You don’t have to read bare concepts and try to get difficult-to-understand pages to appeal to a wider audience! Get high standards of service with Screpy.

  • Track dozens of different projects from one tool

  • Easy to use and follow, modern interface

  • Real control over your web pages with data-rich reports


Detect Shortcomings of Your Pages

Start analyzing your site and optimize your page speed!



With an AI-based tool, Screpy knows which page to analyze when and stores the analysis data! The analysis process does not require your manual instructions.

Instant Notifications

Something unexpected in your page speed scores? Screpy will warn you with the e-mail it will send. Get alert when speed drops, learn what to do!

Google Lighthouse Report

No more using multiple platforms for website tracking! Get the Lighthouse report separately for each page via Screpy, share it with your teammates.

Powerful Insights

FCP, TTI, Server Response, and much more. Through powerful insights, we determine how to fix shortcomings and how often to analyze the related pages.

First Contentful Paint

The site loading page says a lot about your prospects of turning your visitors into loyal customers. Find out how long to wait for content rendered for the first time on your page: Lighthouse powered!

Time to Interactive

It is important for users to be able to see things. But can there be conversion without interaction? Track your TTI scores easily and get your historical data!

Speed Index

We love Google! Find out the details for each page by tracking your Google Speed Index scores. With the AI-powered system, Screpy scans your pages at regular intervals without your directive.

Export and Share Reports

Screpy is a great place to work with your teammates! Easily export reports on your website’s page speed and share them with your teammates/customers.

Customizable Analysis Frequency

Let your site’s page speed analysis done by Screpy automatically! Thanks to the AI-based system, we determine the analysis frequency and add each analysis result to historical data and provide you with comprehensive results.

Cumulative Layout Shift

Learn all about user experience! Enhance the page speed experience by optimizing CLS scores and make it easier for visitors to navigate.

Site Loading Time

Measure your site’s running performance and loading time separately. You will understand much better why and when users bounce!

First Input Delay

How long make your visitors wait for the first input? Screpy knows! Get the chance to review everything related to speed on your page from a single point, thanks to the Google Lighthouse integration!

Largest Contentful Paint

Check out the moment the largest content on your website becomes visible to the user! This will tell you a lot about bounce rates! With Screpy -and just in a few clicks!

Video Guidelines

Learn step by step how to fix page speed shortcomings! Are written tasks not enough? Check out tutorial videos that are easy to understand and follow! Coming soon!

White Label Report

Share the page speed reports of your customers’ sites and the projects you are working on with the name of your company! Enrich your presentations and company projects in this way: Coming soon!

Easy Monitoring Process

Track your many projects from a single point. Easily switch between projects and view the reports on the page you request. It’s that simple in Screpy!

User-Oriented Interface

Screpy is for everyone with its easy to master tools: Practical, fast, and always user-friendly. This tool will turn anyone into a professional SEO expert!

Have Questions About Page Speed Monitoring?

We have compiled the frequently asked questions about our Page speed monitoring service for you! Here are a few of them. Don't forget to contact us immediately for more questions!

How many websites can I do with Screpy for page speed monitoring?

It depends on the plan you prefer! We provide page speed monitoring services for 3 project if you have Lite plan, for 10 projects for Pro Plan, 30 projects for Advanced Plan and for 60 projects for Agency Plan.

Can I benefit from the Page Speed monitoring services free of charge?

No free plans available. However, you can buy page speed monitoring services for as many projects as you want from Screpy using your seven-day trial period.

When can I get an instant warning on the Page Speed Monitoring service?

With the latest update of Screpy to be developed, we will instantly send you a warning when your page speed metric scores fall below the limit you have set! In this way, you will be aware of everything that is happening on your web pages!

Why is Page Speed Monitoring important?

Hey, page speed determines the conversion rates of users and the crawling process of search engine bots very closely. So this metric is highly critical for both conversion rates and your ranking in SERPs.

Which of the Screpy plans include page speed monitoring?

All! Page speed monitoring services are active in all Lite, Pro, Advanced and Agency plans.

Can I share Screpy Page Speed reports with my teammates?

Of course! You can easily export your reports as PDF or CVS and then share them with your teammates or clients. Screpy is well suited for real teamwork!

Does Screpy page speed monitoring give valid results for mobile performance?

Of course! We know how much search engines attach importance to mobile experience and we build our analysis algorithms accordingly. While performing page speed monitoring in Screpy Pro, Advanced and Agency plans, you will be analyzing mobile data.

Why choose Screpy for Page Speed Monitoring?

Screpy, easy to master interface allows you to easily manage dozens of projects at the same time from a single platform. Thanks to Google Lighthouse Integration, you can see your performance in all metrics. Moreover, unlike its competitors, Screpy allows you to test and analyze each page of your website for performance, and examine custom tasks developed with AI-based technology specifically for them. Get ready to achieve more for your website!


Page Speed Posts

How to speed up your website?

Want to speed up your website? Great! We examined the solutions to the common problems in tasks with screpy experts. Let’s take a look and rocket the page speed!