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No need to be SEO experts to gain more!

Meet your toolset powerful yet easy to master! Screpy won’t overwhelm you with complex metrics, code algorithms, and technical concepts! It analyzes, presents scores, and creates step-by-step guidelines to help you reach a wider audience. No more feeling amateurish when competing with masters in the market! Be stronger, bigger, and more ambitious!

  • Simple Interface

  • AI-Based Analysis

  • Guidelines

  • Real Time Emails

  • Personalized Solutions

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Auto-Generated Tasks

Aren’t you a professional? That is okay! Screpy offer you step-by-step tasks to do –and show the potential influence of each of them on your overall score!

  • Estimated impact for each task

  • Guarantee 100% SEO score

  • Detailed guidelines step-by-step

Keyword Tracker (SERP)

How can you increase your traffic if you don’t know where you are exactly? Screpy tells you the truth! We analyze your ranking for each and every keyword, offer you related keywords to be targeted and show you how your web page grows step by step. Make your work, click on Screpy, see what you have managed.

  • See top 100 results in any keyword

  • Analyze the keywords in SERP for a specific location

  • Find out new keywords related to your target

Page Speed Monitoring

Imagine entering a website and the page keeping you waiting for seconds to load. The first thing you would do would be to go back and try your luck on another website, right? Don’t let your target audience go back! Minimize your bounce rate with a strong page speed! What about having a health report on your website? We create simple, useful, solution-oriented, point-shot tasks for each speed problem your website has. Integrated with Lighthouse, shown in one compact widget, contain easy-to-understand tasks. Screpy has what your performance metrics require!

  • Analyze and learn the results in seconds!

  • Get AI-based personalized solutions

  • Track your progress, see what you have managed!

SEO Monitoring

Taking one step forward in SERP, increasing conversion rates, or getting stronger in the keywords you target. You don’t need to be an SEO expert for all this, we’ve made everything simple for you! Competing with professionals is now an easy task with a tool that follows real and up-to-date SEO requirements. We developed an AI-based tool for website owners and digital agencies. Powered with AI, we scan your entire site –hey, not only homepage!- and list tasks for you. Tasks that are gradual, step-by-step, and easy to comprehend! Follow tasks, get your scores, see how your traffic will blow your mind!

  • AI-based customized On-Page SEO Reports

  • Step-by-step SEO tasks –specific to your problem

  • Definitive solutions with up-to-date SEO rules

Uptime Monitoring

Do not leave the fate of your website to the problems beyond your control! Are you ready to meet a real tracker that keeps your eyes on your site 24/7? Maximizing uptime is best for UX, but the main thing is to get real-time notifications and take action in case of downtime! Screpy analyzes checks without interruption, and instantly emails you when your website crashes.

  • Instant and real-time emails

  • Next-generation AI-based watcher

  • Report-based server response time tracking

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