<dl> Elements Do Not Wrap Definition List Items

Lighthouse scans definition list elements that <dl> elements do not wrap and then flag them. Like in the example:

<dl> Elements Do Not Wrap Definition List Items

How to pass the audit?

You need to wrap all of the definition list elements using d1 elements. What should be in definition list items:

  1. d1 elements around the list,
  2. dt elements written for each term,
  3. dd elements specified for each definition,
  4. One or more dd elements written for each dt element.

Check out the example for more detailed information:

  <dt>Trail shoe</dt>
    <dd>Extra grip for uneven, natural survaces, such as forest trails.</dd>
  <dt>Road shoe</dt>
    <dd>Extra cushioning for hard surfaces, such as sidewalks and roads.</dd>

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