H1 Tag Not Found

Are you getting an error saying H1 tag not found on your website? Solve the problem now with Screpy! Let’s see how to pass the H1 not found audit.

  1. Click on the HTML code page of the content found on your web page. Which sentence is the title expressing the main subject of the content? Decide on this. If you posted your content without a title, you need to add a title.
  2. Preferably create a title with keywords, striking, far from click-bait, and matching recent SEO trends.
  3. Easily make H1 markup from the panel on your web page (eg WordPress panel). If you do not have such a panel, enter the HTML code page and place the <h1> tag at the beginning of that sentence and the </h1> tag at the end. In this way, you will have H1 on the page and you will go through the audit.

Is the problem with the H1 tag only?

There are many rules you need to follow regarding H tags on a web page. Check it out briefly below;

  1. There should not be more than one H1 tag on a web page.
  2. After the H1 tag, you should not go directly to h3 without using h2.
  3. After a sentence with the H1 or h2 tag, another H tag should not be used without standard text. Otherwise, the relevant title will be perceived as empty.
  4. Sentences to which H tags are assigned must not contain special characters (e.g. bullets, sequential clauses, or other special characters)

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