No [alt] text in the <input type="image"> elements

Google Lighthouse scans your web page and marks images without alt text. In this way, you can easily follow them.

No [alt] text in the <input type="image"> elements

How to pass the ” no alt text for image input ” audit?

To fix this problem, you need to go to the HTML source. You need to add sub-attributes for <input type = "image"> code snippets you see in this resource. Also, what action will happen when the user clicks on the alt text? Find the answer to this question. The alt text should explain exactly that.

How to write alt text for image input?

  1. You need to specify the action that will occur when the user clicks the button.
  2. The alt text should indicate a purpose related to the image.
  3. Alt text should not contain non-specific words. For example, do not use the word “chart” in the alt text. Use a more specific definition.

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