Elements that have a [tabindex] value greater than 0

Google Lighthouse finds all elements with a tab index value higher than 0 with a detailed scan and flags them. It then gives you a warning about these values.

[tabindex] value greater than 0

How to pass audit? Fix the problematic (above 0) tabindex values on the website

You need to remove the tabindex to discover and solve the points where the tabindex value is greater than 0

Then use HTML elements to solve the problem. For example, you can use HTML elements <button> or <input>. In this way, you will have a higher performance in terms of keyboard accessibility. Moreover, it is a completely free solution. 

Also, if you are using custom interactive components on your website, you can set tabindex to 0. Like in the image below:

<div tabindex="0">Focus me with the TAB key</div>

If you want to change the tab order of an item, you need to change the location of it. To do this, make a change to the DOM. Click here to check other errors with Tabindex.

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