Tap Targets are not Sized Appropriately

Google Lighthouse will scan, find, and flag the targets too small or not visible. They also flag ones are not separated. Check the image:

Tap Targets

So which tap targets are Lighthouse flags? Let’s examine now:

  1. If tap targets are less than 48 x 48 px, Lighthouse reports this.
  2. If the tap targets are closer to each other than 8px, Lighthouse reports this.
  3. If tap targets overlap with each other, Lighthouse reports this.

How to pass the audit? – Fixing the tap targets

Follow the two steps below:

Step 1: Try to increase smaller tap targets. If you use 48 x 48 px, we are sure that you will surely succeed in passing the audit. But be careful not to make them too big.

Step 2: Use various code tools such as margin to move the tap targets close to each other apart.

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