Using Preconnect

The Using Preconnect warning that Google Lighthouse provides to the user as a result of the audit is as follows:

Screpy using Preconnect

It should be noted that: We have stated that you should use <link rel= preconnect> in order for the system to run smoother and to increase performance. This code is supported by almost all browsers, thus strengthening the responsible view.

Improving page load speed: Using preconnect

  • You can use options such as preconnect or dns-prefetch to increase the page load speed on your web page. These create an early connection system especially for connections to third-party organizations and speed up the loading of your page.
  • <link rel="preconnect"> is another recommended tool to use. When you use this code, you are informing your browser about a connection request found on your page. That is, the connection request to be made with another origin on your page has been notified to the browser beforehand. In this way, the browser is getting ready for this. This increases the loading speed.

Remember, the connections you use on your web page can cause slow networks. You will have to sacrifice more time, especially if you want to use a secure connection.

If all this happens while your page is loading, it will harm the experience of the end user. In order to prevent this situation that results in an increase in bandwidth, you can use the codes mentioned in detail above. In this way, you can reduce the time spent by waiting instead of exchanging data.

In short, what you do with these actions is to inform the browser of your intention in advance:

<link rel="preconnect" href="">

Informing the browser about your page’s intent

Informing your browser about intention will let your browser know that you will link to the page in question and that you plan to retrieve from there.

Preconnect or Preload? 

Remember, using <link rel="preconnect"> is a good solution, but not perfect. It can still be extremely time-consuming in terms of CPU, especially when it comes to secure connections.

To get a performance tweak, you should try using <link rel= "preload"> instead of preconnect link. In this way, you will have experienced a more comprehensive performance improvement process.

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