Retargeting: How It Can Help Your Business?

Imagine logging in from your phone or computer to shop online. Let’s say you bought the product you are looking for after reviewing it on their website, or you just review and leave it. Later, when you do other things from your phone or computer, you see the same or similar product you have examined in the advertisement corner of the page. How does this happen? Are the websites or applications we enter being tracked? As Screpy experts, we tell you exactly this issue.

This situation is not a coincidence, or no one monitors your online activities. This completely shows that you are a target of retargeting. Retargeting is one of the best marketing tactics of recent times and is one of the methods that increase interaction. So what exactly is retargeting and how does it help a company improve its business? As Screpy experts, we explain and perform all the details about retargeting and how it happens. Now let’s start to examine this topic in more detail!

What Exactly Is Retargeting?

Retargeting, which is one of the effective strategies applied in marketing, is one of the ways brands and companies perform. When you review the product of a brand or company in the online world, retargeting is used to create interaction over your area of interest by presenting the products you have examined or very similar ones again, through the same brand or company, in the form of advertisements. In this way, brands and companies increase participation in marketing by presenting advertisements to the exact target point and carry the conversion level to the upper levels. It is completely retargeting that you come across advertisements that will attract your attention through online applications and online searches after product reviews on online sites.

What is Retargeting?

We as Screpy, help brands and companies in retargeting to increase interactions and conversions with the services we provide and to reach target buyers and buy products and services in marketing.

Why Is Retargeting So Important in Digital Marketing?

It is not difficult to see that the retargeting strategy plays a major role in marketing. As Screpy experts, we have listed why the retargeting method, which has become a basic tactic in marketing, is so important for brands and companies.

  1. The appearance of advertisements created by retargeting in many websites and applications opens the way for potential customers to interact on different platforms. In this way, with the increase of potential customers, brands or companies gain profit.
  2. Thanks to the ads created by retargeting, the approach of potential customers to your ad and your product can be tested. In this way, you, as a brand, firm, or company, can create the right advertisements and campaigns in marketing.
  3. Advertisements made with the retargeting strategy are more advantageous in terms of cost and time. A brand’s targeting of retargeting the user occurs when that user is already interested in that brand. In this way, the advertisements are given with less cost and less effort, and the products that are in the interest of the users are marketed.
  4. Purchasing rates can be increased thanks to the retargeting effect on potential customers. For many users who only review products and do not make a purchase, these ads will have a reminder feature. In this way, the thought of purchasing is formed on the potential customers and the potential customers are now officially customers.
  5. It is also very important to become a known name for brands, firms, and companies. Even if there is not a huge interaction in purchases, awareness will increase gradually. Increasing awareness will help gain new customers in the long run.
  6. After the retargeting is performed, the interactions provided by the customer and potential customer group and accurate predictions for the next advertisements and campaigns are created. With these correct predictions, correct planning is realized in the long term.
  7. The creation of standard ads may not be targeted by potential customers. It is known that the interaction is more in the ads shown after the retargeting process.
  8. The retargeting strategy, which performs more purchases by providing more referrals to the website, ensures continuity in purchases if it is carried out continuously. Continuity in purchasing can be achieved with the products that users examine and are interested in, and the advertisements that are given continuously.

Behaviors Are Important Here!

What is important in the retargeting strategy is the behavior of the users, that is, retargeting can be shown as behavioral targeting. In marketing, the behavior of customers is analyzed and appropriate advertisements are created by retargeting. After a customer visits the website, the appropriate target audience in marketing is reached with the advertisements displayed by the same website.

What Kind of Technology Does Retargeting Happen?

Many users see ads with the retargeting tactic. So how does this happen? As Screpy experts, we enlighten you on this issue as well. When users visit the website of a brand or company, it leaves a code (browser cookie) on the visitors. In this way, it is determined which user is interested in which products. With this code left, the movements of the users on the website are determined. Then, suitable and relevant ads are shown for the same users.

It Works Most On Social Media Platforms!

Today, we know that the use of social media is at a very high level. This is the reason why ads created with retargeting are published in large numbers on social media platforms. Retargeting through social media is one of the ways brands and companies use to reach potential customers and achieve success in marketing. Potential customers using social media platforms remember products with the advertisements they see and are closer to the thought of purchasing.

Let’s Look In Detail How The Retargeting Strategy Works!

As Screpy experts, let’s take a careful look at how brands, firms, or companies implement their retargeting strategy. A brand, firm, or company has a small code or pixel on its website. When customers visit these websites, the user cookies, and this code or pixel is left to the customer. In this way, it is analyzed which products the customer is interested in on the website and then, with the help of this code or pixels, the product, and similar products that the customer examines appear as an advertisement as a result of the platforms visited by the customer and online searches. In this way, it is ensured that the relevant products are forwarded to the relevant people and the advertisements are presented to the determined target customers.

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The code or pixel found does not show any damage on websites, and in addition, this code or pixel downloaded by customers during website visits cannot fully identify the customer. The sole purpose of this code or pixel is to bring advertisements to you on other platforms through the website of the brand or company.

About Designing a Retargeting

How to design retargeting for a brand, firm, or company? As Screpy experts, we are here for you. Now learn with us how retargeting planning is carried out. First of all, it is necessary to determine a motivating message for the marketing method to be carried out with the retargeting strategy. This may be accepting user cookies or a small form notification during a website visit. With a call to action, it is possible to carry out simple or complex planning.

As Simple Planning

With the call-to-action message received after the website visit, the code or pixel starts to be found on the user’s device. In this way, advertisements are created on the product visited by the customer most simply, and reminders are made for the customer to purchase that product.

As Complex Planning

In advertisements performed with retargeting, advertisements related to the product or service can be displayed in front of customers in more than one way. With the removal of advertisements promoting the product or service in front of customers with different aspects, trust is created and a more robust method of marketing is realized. Of course, a complex plan speaks of a longer process. Let’s take a look at the process:

  • After the visit to the website, the customer starts to carry code or pixels, and in this way, it takes its place in the advertisement order that will appear in front of the customer.
  • An advertisement is created that promotes and explains the product or service within the first four days after the customer’s website review.
  • Then, between the fifth and eighth days, a second ad is posted to talk about the benefits of the product or service, and a link is shared with the customer, paving the way for interaction.
  • The last advertisement is between the ninth and twelfth days, where the customer is invited to reach the product or service directly.
  • In this way, the customer does not forget the product or service and the thought of purchasing is created.

So, what do brands, firms, or companies use to make all these plans? Screpy is here to provide this service to you perfectly!

Is Retargeting Alone Sufficient?

Retargeting can have an important role in marketing strategies, but only retargeting for marketing may not show the expected success. Retargeting, which increases awareness, increases interaction and conversion, is a method that shows its real success when used with other marketing strategies. It should be noted that retargeting provides success in conversion, but it is difficult to generate website traffic alone.

So How Does Retargeting Effect Happen in Other Marketing Strategies?

In addition to other marketing strategies used, retargeting plays a major role in under-completion. Conversions that cannot be achieved in the marketing strategies used are realized by retargeting. Users, who are your potential customers with other strategies, become your current customers thanks to retargeting and carry your marketing to succeed.

What are the Benefits of Retargeting?

As Screpy experts, let’s talk about the benefits of retargeting:

  • When retargeting is not used in the marketing strategies used, random people are addressed. For this reason, the marketing strategy may not reach the desired level. The expected number of customers may not be acquired, and in this case, it becomes difficult to make a profit in marketing investments. With Retargeting, you can reach potential customers by reaching people who are interested in you and your products or services, and thus customer acquisition can be achieved.
  • Retargeting constantly reminds your customers of you. Your website is visited more than once by the same customers, thus ensuring continuity of purchases by your customers.
  • The brand, company, or company does not make you forget its value and quality.
  • As sales start to increase with retargeting, revenues start to increase as well.
  • Retargeting has a great effect on getting ahead of the ads offered by your competitors. In this way, it is easier to achieve success in competition.
  • It ensures that the budget allocated for advertising is used more accurately and costs less than other advertising methods.
  • With Retargeting, conversion on the website is 70% more.

Are Retargeting and Remarketing the Same?

Did you know that these two terms, which are used interchangeably, are different from each other? As Screpy experts, let’s talk about the differences between these two methods. What you want to achieve with Retargeting is to remind yourself on other platforms your potential customers use and try to convert them into official customers. In addition, cookies are used for retargeting. However, remarketing does not fully realize this situation. Remarketing aims to reach potential customers via e-mail. When you ask for the information of your potential customers, you talk about your new campaigns via the e-mail shared with you.

We can briefly summarize as follows; Retargeting is website-based and works with cookies, but remarketing is email-based and your potential customers need to share their email with you.

Two Different Types to Perform Retargeting

There are two different types to perform retargeting. Screpy experts have also reviewed these for you:

  1. General Retargeting: In advertisements made with this method, customers see a general advertisement about your product or service. In this method, detailed information about products and services is not used.
  2. Dynamic Retargeting: Advertisements performed in this way contain detailed information about the products and services that customers browse, such as price and discount information. This provides the purpose of re-engaging the customer for the product or service.

How Retargeting Grows Your Business?

Let us, as Screpy, explain to you through an example how the retargeting strategy can grow your business. Let’s say that a customer enters the website of a brand, firm, or company and examines the product he wants to make an online purchase. The customer liked the product, added it to the shopping cart. But at that moment, an emergency occurred and the customer closed the purchase page. Afterward, the customer completely forgot the product he liked and did not buy it. At this point, retargeting comes into play, reminding the customer of the product they like and reconstructing the purchase idea. In such cases, retargeting plays a role in completing the purchase.

Remarketing Retargeting

Let’s take a look at an example like this: A customer went to the website and viewed several products. Then he closed the page directly and did not think about buying. With every advertisement that comes across the customer with Retargeting, it creates the thought of purchasing that is not available to the customer and attracts the attention of the customer. In this way, new customer acquisitions are realized. If we remind you that only 2% conversion is achieved from customers who visit the website online, we will show the result that these conversions will increase with retargeting.

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Creating Accurate Retargeting Without Boring Customers

With Retargeting, a reminder and a redirect are constantly targeted, but if this is not planned correctly, it can start to annoy potential customers about seeing ads constantly. For this reason, customers may be angry about this issue, and in this case, the advertisements cannot target the desired success. The situation that needs to be deduced here is that with retargeting, not too many advertisements, but few and effective advertisements should be realized. For this reason, it is extremely important to have a good retargeting strategy. Listen to the Screpy experts and learn the details of retargeting with the appropriate strategy.

Performing Retargeting with Effective Strategy

It is necessary to create a retargeting without boring customers and too much repetition. First of all, you need to be sure of what you are aiming for with retargeting. For example, will you emphasize the product with retargeting, will you give a message for marketing or will you introduce your brand? Once you have decided on your purpose, it will be much easier to approach your target customers. Other details to perform retargeting with a solid strategy are as follows:

  • Some users come to your website to make a purchase, while others are random people. In this case, the ads you will serve with the effect of retargeting should not be the same for everyone who visits your website. For retargeting, you can make this distinction by paying attention to certain situations, such as the time the customer spends on the website, the number of products examined.
  • One of the things to consider in your retargeting planning is to prevent advertisements from appearing in front of customers who make a purchase. What could change when a new purchaser sees the ad? In this case, you can remove those customers from the first row for retargeting by using the “burn code” on the page where the purchase is made.
  • The “burn code” should not take effect forever. Let’s not forget that with retargeting, we aim to achieve conversions continuously, and for this reason, you need to get your customers back to the target of retargeting. The codes used should have a temporary effect, and after a while, customers should be retargeting again.
  • The use of creative and attention-grabbing designs in retargeting advertisements is also important. If your ad looks bad and doesn’t attract attention, customers won’t care.
  • You need to reach your customers appropriately and powerfully. It is a smart method to use the answer to a question about a product or service in an advertisement so that customers can increase conversion and make the purchase.
  • A product purchased by customers may require the purchase of new products connected to that product. For example, the need to buy a mouse for a purchased laptop. Your customers who purchase with Retargeting can visit you once again for the purchase.

Some Details Need to be Considered to Increase Conversions with Retargeting

With these details we will give you as Screpy experts, we will talk about how you can increase it by following the right and powerful way for conversion.

  1. First of all, the attitude you will use in retargeting advertisements is important. It is very important to use short sentences to increase the interaction. For example, include a link that takes customers directly to the page you want with a short phrase like “Shop Now”.
  2. Show different kinds of ads in your mind for retargeting. Then continue to create the type of ad that gets the most engagement to a wider audience.
  3. Analyze your target audience well. As a result of the analyzes you have carried out, show the ads to your target customers in different ways by your customers.
  4. Avoid constantly showing ads. While this prevents customer acquisition, it also causes you to lose your current customers.
  5. Do not let your retargeting plans continue automatically. Take care to adapt to your customers by performing the necessary updates when necessary.

When Is The Right Time For Retargeting?

To perform retargeting, the situations must reach a certain level, otherwise, it may be inevitable to encounter sad situations for the expected results. At Screpy, we help you with the timing of the retargeting that we have examined.

There may be some situations to resort to the retargeting strategy; You may need to make more sales, you may need to inform your customers about your brand, or you may want to purchase for users who regularly visit your website. In this case, the most successful method is retargeting. For your customers who make additional purchases, you can provide additional purchases through retargeting by offering additional products for the purchased product.

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