Enterprise SEO 101: Comprehensive Guide

Enterprise SEO is a type of SEO study involving following an enter-prise level website’s entire SEO development process closely and thus placing the website to the top in search queries.

During the Enterprise SEO study process, your competitors in the industry and the requirements of your industry are analyzed without breathing, and your company is compared with others within the industry.

The purpose of these analyzes and comparisons is to identify the shortcomings of your site and discuss the necessary steps to improve these deficiencies/ complete what is lack or improve what you already have. Thus, while your company reaches a higher market share through its website, your brand’s reputation is preserved and even appreciated.

The Importance Of Enterprise SEO

As Screpy experts, we would like to talk about why enterprise SEO is so valuable for companies. A successfully completed enterprise SEO work will increase the “credibility” of your brand as well as its value. On the other hand, a wrong step in this process will negatively affect your brand’s reputation. This, in turn, will result in a decrease in the visitors/customers, loss of revenue, and downsizing of your company.  For this reason, if you want to take steps forward as a company, you should scrutinize both your SEO work and the company that will do conduct it.

The Importance Of Enterprise SEO

Advantages Of Enterprise SEO

We want to elaborate on the importance of enterprise SEO by explaining its advantages as well.

  • Since Enterprise SEO requires a regular, planned, and strategic analysis, you can get a comprehensive and periodic report about your company, competitors, and industry.
  • Your brand gets a continuous-visibility on the internet, and thus you gain trust in people’s eyes.
  • Since a successful enterprise SEO will naturally increase organic traffic, you will pay less for advertising.
  • While strengthening your relationship with the audience you already have, you get an idea about how to communicate with the new audiences you want to reach. Thus, you can more effectively appeal to each audience.
  • When working with an enterprise SEO expert or company, you can significantly increase your search results ranking with a more professional SEO strategy. Especially when you want to reach specific geography or group of people, it will be very beneficial for your company to work with a company that knows that very specific region.
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Things Within The Scope of Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO involves all the actions a company should commit in the digital environment. It examines the development of the website representing the company. It focuses on increasing organic site traffic, increasing the brand prestige, in short, improving all kinds of actions that will increase the brand value and revenue.

As we said, enterprise SEO aims to increase both brand value and site traffic of the brand’s website. However, the part that separates Enterprise SEO from normal SEO studies is the close and regular analysis of the brand. According to the analysis results, the brand’s expectations are determined, and a road map is planned to fulfil the requirements.

Besides, enterprise SEO is not limited to self-analysis. The analysis of brands that are or may be competitors in the industry is also carried out in a comprehensive way. In line with these analyses, we can list the content of a comprehensive report you will acquire from an enterprise SEO study.

Things Within The Scope of Enterprise SEO

• You can observe the statistical data of the difference between your company and your competitors in the sector.

• You can see how your competitors use common keywords and how effective they are.

• You can determine deficiencies or required improvements for your website’s link-building.

Conducting Enterprise SEO Study

A website can usually conduct an enterprise SEO study in two ways. Some companies receive consultancy services by utilizing the expertise of an SEO specialist working within a company. However, some companies can carry out their SEO work by agreeing with SEO consultancy companies.

If you make a deal with a consultancy company, they usually offer two different ways to reach your goals, and these ways vary according to the industry you are in. For some companies, regular-and-periodic SEO consulting is required, based on monthly or two-month work. However, target-based SEO consulting may become an option for your website.

On the other hand, although their number is small, some companies can train their employees on this subject and carry out enterprise SEO studies within their own companies.

Tips For Enterprise SEO

In this section of the article, we will provide some tips for enterprise SEO based on our Screpy expertise.

Keyword Research

Knowing the right keywords in your company’s industry is at the heart of SEO effectiveness. Remember, keywords create your common ground with people who want to reach you. Your potential customers become loyal customers by entering the attraction created by keywords. For this reason, keywords with high search rates related to the service offered by your company need to be properly integrated into the content of your site. In addition, you should distinguish which keywords will make a more effective contribution and which are more important.

Local SEO

One of the mistakes often made when performing Enterprise SEO studies is not to improve Local SEO. It would always pay off if you did not forget that the services that companies offer are met with customers clusters by cluster. Especially if there are local brand stores enabling you to reach these clusters, the traffic that can be granted by local SEO should not be underestimated.

In addition, thanks to Local SEO, you have the chance to be displayed in the first place in the “near where I can get X” queries made by users. Considering the high rate of people making this type of search, it is very important even for brands that provide enterprise-level service. With Local SEO, they can both improve a user experience and enhance their existing reputation.


Artificial Intelligence Integration

In the past, the future was the computer, then the internet, and now the future is shaped by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence, which we encounter everywhere in our lives, has naturally become a part of the marketing world as well. You can get to know your audience better and access predictive data thanks to automatic learning, superhuman analysis capability, and a constantly evolving artificial intelligence structure. Considering all these, a brand that can integrate artificial intelligence into its company and website will easily stand out from its competitors and achieve leadership over time.

24/7 Availability

In the internet world, enterprise-level companies provide services without sleeping. Companies at this level need to show the same sensitivity when there is the slightest problem with SEO. For example, let’s say you receive a warning from Google that a manual penalty has been issued against your site. When something like this happens, you need to understand the problem and develop a complete solution quickly.

Remember that manual penalty will significantly negatively affect your web traffic and lead to a decrease in the number of users. In order not to experience such situations, you need to either train your employees very well or work with an SEO consultant company to solve them effectively.

Providing SEO Training to Employees

Although it is difficult to train your employees on SEO, it will be a wise step for enterprise SEO to train your employees with professionals who are experts in your industry. The SEO Training program, provided by an experienced SEO expert in the field, will provide great value to your company in the long run and help you leave your competitors behind.

Content Optimization

No matter what industry or company, one issue that is not up for discussion for any website is the quality of the content they have. You should not forget that you are serving users through these contents, and your SEO ranking is all about the quality of the content you offer. For this reason, all kinds of content that will meet your audience should be of high quality and SEO optimized. But what can you do to improve your content?

Content Optimization and enterprise seo
  • If your images aren’t displayed, add new images or remove images that are not functional anymore. (Same goes for videos)
  • Reupload or remove links if there are broken links.
  • Rearrange the titles and H’s with a reflective version of the content.
  • If there is duplicate content, remove each of them or recreate it to be original.
  • You should add content to your website that will be useful to users related to the sector in which you operate and remove irrelevant ones.

Outreach Campaigns

In Enterprise SEO studies, outreach campaigns are ignored, just like local SEO. However, outreach campaigns have an important place in increasing the number of users and organic traffic. Quality PR work creates a great opportunity for outreach campaigns and creates positive results for Enterprise SEO work. What needs to be done is to get external links from websites that share content related to the brand or where their name is mentioned.

Notable press releases such as the New York Times, posts shared from famous social media accounts with millions of likes such as 9Gag, video shares of famous YouTubers such as Pewdiepie, or Youtube channels with high subscribers numbers are just a few examples that come to mind. In particular, strategic partnerships with famous accounts that appeal to large audiences are also a game-changing SEO strategy.

Social Media Strategy

Apart from outreach campaigns, it is a smart move to communicate with the high number of audiences that social media has while conducting enterprise SEO work. You can get backlinks and increase your site’s click rate by sharing content within a period on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, which will allow you to reach billions of people in total. In addition, if we talk specifically about Instagram, strategic partnership with “influencer” accounts on Instagram is a unique opportunity to introduce your brand to different groups of people.

Now, we are going to answer frequently asked questions about enterprise SEO.

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What Is Enterprise SEO?

Enterprise SEO is an SEO study carried out to meet the needs of well-established companies that have websites with millions of views. 

How Long It Takes To Observe Enterprise SEO Impact?

It is quite difficult to answer this question because enterprise SEO requires a process. Moreover, this process needs to be carefully managed. However, if we answer according to our Screpy expertise, at the end of the 1st month, an improvement can be observed for your website in the search engine rankings, and an increase in the ranking can be seen afterward.

How Does Enterprise SEO Affect My Business?

Enterprise SEO takes a more professional approach to the digital marketing phenomenon. Thus, the traffic of a company’s website will increase, and it will rise in the search engine rankings and place in the first row over time. In turn, the website gets millions of visitors who can become potential customers.

What Does Enterprise SEO Involve?

Your brand’s website, your competitors, and the sector are analyzed and reported. Thus, what is lack about your company and missing parts are determined to be strengthened. It is then aimed to help you stand out from the competition by taking steps to improve your website, such as keyword editing and the use of AI.

For which search engines are Enterprise SEO studies taking place?

It can be performed mostly for Google; however, it can also be carried out in a way that appeals to less popular search engines such as Yahoo, Yandex, Bing.


Enterprise SEO is the whole of SEO work done for companies to achieve higher rankings in search engines’ results and reach wider audiences. It is more comprehensive than a basic SEO study and requires regular analysis and reporting. Enterprise SEO aims to enhance the image of a brand by determining the purpose and target. In this process, a self-analysis of the company, an overall and as much as possible detailed analysis of the competitors, and the sector analysis are carried out.

With Enterprise SEO, you can improve your reputation, make more sales, and offer more services.


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