How to Write SEO Friendly Content?

Whether you have an e-commerce website, corporate blog, or a content-creating website it does not matter; all of your content should be SEO friendly. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” which is simply being one step forward when the readers are searching the subject you wrote. For that, your content should be visible so the readers choose you first. So, as Screpy experts, we are here to offering you some pieces of advice about the tips for writing SEO-friendly content.

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There are numerous search engines on the internet and especially Google is the most known one. You can find anything by writing on that bar several words. However, it is not enough to be in the search data of Google or any search engine. People don’t need to surf on pages and pages to reach your website. Your website should be seen on the first page, not on the fifth. Being on the first page and even on the top titles, the interaction will be kept on growing. The only way to doing it is: creating SEO-friendly content.

How to Write SEO Friendly Content
How to Write SEO Friendly Content?

You have to make a difference with your competitors even though you are serving highly creative and original content. All you need is to make a little empathy with both the algorithm of Google and the readers. Then, the interactions will be multiplied more than you ever thought. Here are some tips and hints to write SEO-friendly content in 6 steps and make Google love you.

Always Include Keywords

Defining the keywords of content is like laying the foundation of the building. Making keyword optimization before writing is essential to know the strategy and the pathway you are on. At first, you should ask yourself why you are writing this content. When you have decided to create content about a subject your goal may not be the same as your competitors. As long as you get the attention, the rest will become easier.

Maybe you are targeting the direct search of the product or anything you are serving, or attracting the users with common and impressive content and lead to the main thing you want to sell or promote the keywords are moving in.

What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word that users search on the internet in the first place. Keywords are the essentials and actual keys for opening the content up to a larger audience. For instance, if a user searches about the keywords and writes “what is a keyword” to the search engine, he/she wrote the keywords of what he/she is looking for.

Always Include Keywords - SEO friendly content
Always Include Keywords – SEO friendly content

How to learn the search range of Google?

For the content, you are working on the keywords are everything and it is not even hard to define them and learn the search range of Google. Thanks to Google it is not secretive about what it likes. So, here are three Google tools that you can use for optimizing the keywords of your content.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the tool used for Google advertisements and it is all free. However, it is also suitable for preparing SEO content because it serves the best keywords that you can use for the promotion of your product, campaign, service, etc., and make you choose the right ones. Also, you should keep that in mind this tool may sometimes be not enough if the keyword you need is not suitable for advertisements. 

Google Automatic Filling

You have already noticed that when you are writing on the search bar of Google the automatic suggestions come up. However, you may not notice yet they are great hints for SEO-friendly content. The automatic filling suggestions are the most searched and popular topics and you may consider them while you creating your content. Also, you can control the words that appeared from the Google Keyword Planner to estimate their range.

Google Similar Suggestions

After you search on Google on the very bottom of the page there are 6-7 suggestions according to the topic we have searched. These results can be also a great guide to lead you to choose the keywords and defining the pathway. In addition, you may want to check the “People Also Ask” part on the search page. These are all SEO-friendly tools even though they don’t claim it.

How many times a keyword should be mentioned?

You have to be careful about the intensity of the keywords. Over usage may lead to throwing your content out to spam. There is no exact number of keywords should SEO-friendly content contains. However, we can tell you what you should not do. Just think about the repeated same 15 words in 100 words. It would not look neat or creative and Google won’t like these kinds of nonsense repetition.

You can define how many times you would use according to the type of content. As long as the intensity doesn’t interrupt the integrity of the quality of your content there would be no problem. Also, using the keyword in the head title and the descriptions of the images and videos will make your content stronger.

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Give Attention to First Impression of the Content

You have 30 seconds to impress someone in real life, and in internet life, it is not that different. You have to catch the user in the first 30 seconds or even less than that. So that, the appearance of the content should be love at first sight. If a user takes a glance at it and notices something irritating the things won’t go well for you and also for your future contents. So, you should hold the users on your website as long as it can be by serving qualified content.

Holding users on the website is closely related to SEO-friendly contents since Google can see and follow the statistics of the websites and users. Statistics involve the time spend on the website, average surfed pages, and exiting the website right away.

How can the users spend more time on your website?

It doesn’t matter what the content you are writing about; the physical appearance of the content is very important. You should separate the writing into paragraphs because the bulk of words would not wake the desire inside of the user. Splitting into paragraphs makes look the content easier to read. Also, the font and size of the font should be chosen carefully. For the font, you should not go on an adventure and use the most common types. Also, the size should not be too small and make reading hard or not too big and look like a child’s book.

You should add images or videos without overdoing them. Sometimes, appealing images attract the users even more to read the content. Also, placing the images should be done neatly. All these are not just for pleasing the eyes but also the factors that change the placement of your website.

How long should be the content to impress users?

It is better to write long enough to express and explain all it is needed. Long contents are also effective in maintaining originality. Any regular content should at least contain 1500 words. However, to reach that goal, don’t make the content fill with meaningless and repetitive words. Users will immediately notice that unnaturally written content. If you give all you have to give in 300 words, then you don’t need to push yourself to write 1500. Also, you will get used to it as you continue to writing. You may start with 300, then 500, 1000, 1500, 3000, and will go on. 

Use Images and Videos in the Content

The content should not consist of just paragraphs. The users find that kind of content repulsive most of the time. Sometimes, they start the content but did not finish because the images and videos are small breaks while reading long content. The visual content should not be insufficient or overdue. For instance, if you are writing about a place you’ll need more visual content than writing about politics. You should decide the intensity.

Use Images and Videos in the Content - SEO friendly content
Use Images and Videos in the Content – SEO friendly content

The visual content makes users’ desire of reading even higher. Using videos is a strong factor the keeps the user on the website. You should choose the videos wisely so they should draw users into the subject and content. The duration time of the videos should not be too long to distract the users. Also, try not to add too much, 1-2 videos would be enough for every 2000 words. 

How the images and videos would work?

Using visual content is a little tricky to hold the users in your website for longer; especially while using videos. Videos make decrease the exiting right away also the average session duration would increase dramatically. This dramatic difference could return to you with being the first on the search page and also as a high income.

Why the images and videos are used?

While users are reading something, they usually are bored and cut off reading halfway, and they may even leave the website. To prevent this supporting the content with images and videos is very important. The images and videos will make the users breathe for a second and continue to read later on. Also, you will help them to visualize what you are writing, so they can understand the topic fully and effectively. 

Write Qualified and Original Content

Whether you are working as a freelancer, in a content agency, or even creating content for your website, it doesn’t matter; the content you are creating must be original, qualified, and creative. These factors are everything for the content marketing area to make a difference inside an infinite sea. Original content should become out of your hand in the first place. Making copy-paste would not be liked in this industry and also by the users.

You should use your own words even though some phrases cannot be changed, the total should be created. Also, some coincidences can happen and some words or sentences could be the same as the other contents, it won’t be a problem if this similarity is at a tolerable level. If the content 70% and more original, the content is considered original. Keep that in mind, writing longer higher up the originality.

How to write qualified and original content?

The easiest way to maintain originality is to use the synonyms of some words. However, you should be careful because every synonym cannot be used since it may cause nonsense but telling something indirectly and with longer sentences would help. Also, spelling and punctuation rules should be followed for qualified content. The sentences should be made grammar correct and meaningful.

If you don’t follow these it would be a huge obstacle for SEO-friendly content. If content full of spelling mistakes and grammar errors or fully copy-paste content comes up to use, he/she will read maximum the first paragraph. Then, he/she will immediately leave the page and look for the other pages which are your competitors.

Which subject should be chosen to write about?

It is very easy to write any content as long as you have access to the internet. However, it doesn’t mean that you can write about anything you want. It would not be professional and great if a computer engineer built a website and write about the treatment of cancer. It is not related to their major and it is possible to give wrong pieces of advice or even wrong drugs can be suggested. To avoid this, and creating qualified and visionary content you should be writing about what your major or profession covers.

When you read this, you may say “Who does such a thing?”, but believe us lots of people do it just for increasing the interaction and earning more money. However, it causes serious information pollution and the search engines developed an algorithm for preventing that kind of incident. So, you should not write about the subject you don’t know a thing about and focus on your majorities. Otherwise, the Google algorithm will throw you away to the back pages.

Write the Content in Hierarchic Order

The content you write should be in hierarchic order so it makes the content easier to read. There are free tools and websites to test out the readability and hierarchic order of the content but you don’t need them that much. You are responsible for what you are writing and you can handle it. Before you publish it, read the whole content from beginning to end as if you are the target of that content. You will realize if there is any mistake or error or any factor that breaks the hierarchic order.

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How to write the content in hierarchic order?

The hierarchic order should follow a subject under a title then the subjects related to that title should be written as subtitles. It will be irrelevant and looks unprofessional if you write what should be written as subtitles as a head title. For instance, if you are writing about the furniture, the “furniture” can be your head title and “sofa”, “chair”, “table” are the subtitles. Instead, if you write “table” as the head title and then talk about the general furniture, it would look meaningless and repulse the users.

What are the supporting factors for hierarchic order?

Besides hierarchic order, you can support it by not writing the paragraphs longer. One paragraph should have 5-6 lines, then it should be jumping into a new paragraph. Splitting the bulk writing into paragraphs always works well since it is reader-friendly. In addition, you cannot split the paragraphs randomly, you should separate the topics in the paragraphs so each of them should cover different topics. Otherwise, the integrity of the content would be damaged. Also, the sentences should not be too long or too complex.

Add Meta Descriptions

Besides all the things above, you should use other technical properties to write SEO-friendly content. Meta descriptions are the very compact summary of your content that firstly come upon the research pages. You may notice before, when you search for something on Google, under each result there is written a couple of sentences for you to understand whether it is serving you the content you are looking for or not. Meta descriptions should make the users click on your content, so you should choose the words wisely.

Add Meta Descriptions for SEO friendly content
Add Meta Descriptions for SEO friendly content

How long should be the meta descriptions?

The length of the meta descriptions can be in any number of words because it depends on the search engine you are using. Google, which is the most globally used search engine, the descriptions are shown in 155-160 characters even they are originally longer. Also, please pay attention the meta descriptions are defined by several characters, not words. Meta descriptions should cover the essence of the content so it is better to write in between 50 to 160 characters.

What is the best meta description format?

Meta descriptions are not related to the order of results that come up. However, they are important for gaining the interaction from Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). These tiny paragraphs are more effective than you thought. They are very effective on the webmasters to choose who are going to give the advertisements. Also, it is a great chance for them to decide whether the thing they are searching for is given at the first sight.

The meta description should be natural, compact, effective, and not to be spam. Google may detect spam if you use the same words over and over again in the meta description. The meta should contain keywords of the content, should be written to arouse curiosity in the users. It should be unique and directly related to the content. 

Building website links is one of the key points of developing SEO-friendly content. Also, it is very simple to do. While you are writing content about something, you should give a reference of yourself. You should build the website links among the words to lead the users to other content you have written. Don’t forget to build the link from the keyword. If you do it randomly, it would look sloppy and unprofessional. You may try to connect the content you writing with the mostly reached which will mostly pay you.

Building website links increase the audience of your website and the time the users spend there. The popularity of the website is maintained by these links because it will create a great impression on the users that you dominate plenty of subjects very well. The viewing of both contents will rise in this way. You can also categorize similar topics and add them at the end of the contents as the “These Might Interest You” section.


Which contents are read the most?

All the contents have a formula in their nature and some of the contents are found more impressive than the others. You should include some key points in your content such as “what is …?”, listing things, for instance, “the best …”, “how to do”, or comparing something are mostly read types of content. People love to see the development of the content as they are reading. Also, you can use all of these examples in just one content. These will make stronger the content.

How the titles should be chosen for SEO content?

The titles, especially the head title should be interesting and attractive so users want to click on them when they see them. Also, the head title should contain at least one of the keywords. You should carefully do the keyword analysis before that if you want to appear on the top of the page when those specific keywords are searched. The title should not be too long or too short. Too short titles are not attracting the users to read and make a sloppy impression on them. Also, the long titles could make them think that would be tiring to read the content. The optimal length is nearly 60 characters for a title.
Also, don’t forget to use subtitles. There is no certain limit for the number of subtitles you should use but using as many as you can be very effective. These subtitles should also contain the keywords but try not to use them in all of them, it would make the content look complicated. Try to write it as naturally as you can.

How can I create organic SEO content?

Organic SEO content is done to increase the websites ranking on the search engines by using ways that are not traditional and have not sponsored content. Organic SEO will make permanent and effective results and increase the awareness of the brands. Organic SEO has some of the basic stages to be applied while writing the content. Even, these are mentioned above it will help if we summarize the general steps of it.

At first, you should know what your audience wants to see and why they visit your website and know the reasons that may cause them to leave the site. Then, you have to search for your competitors. You should know their works and use them to improve yourself even better. Before you write the content you have to very wide keyword research which will be defining your strategy on that work. You may try to use the local keywords.

Building up website links of your other contents is very essential to increase your audience. Also, keep your HTML updated. Create original, effective and qualified content and attract other users. Also, following the viewing number will help you to guide you the way you should be in.

How long the keywords should be?

You should decide the length of a keyword but try not to define a keyword as just one word. It won’t be helping you to be resulted as first on the search engine. For instance, if you choose “television” as a keyword, that would be affectless. It would be very general and there would be millions of results for that. The interactions would be gained by the widest firms and websites in this way. So, it is almost impossible to reach success by the word “television”. 
Try to use keywords such example “the best TV series on television” which will decrease the competition rate and increase the interaction since it is very specific.

How can I increase the interaction with my content?

Social media is providing great platforms to increase the interaction with the possible audience of yourself. You should share and promote your content there so that lots of people will be able to reach out to it. You may use interesting and funny captions to increase interaction even more. Call-to-action types of caption would be helpful at this moment.

What happened if I don’t write a meta description?

If you don’t write a meta description Google or any search engine you use will determine by using their algorithm. This will decrease the power of the content because that algorithm usually chooses a couple of lines from the paragraph randomly and it may not be the thing you want to highlight. So, you should write a proper meta description for your content.

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