Link Building Services: Definition & More

Once a business is established, customers will never notice you on their own. Businesses have to make themselves noticed, be visible in some way, and be recognized. Thus, they can expand their business and increase their annual revenue.

 In fact, the situation does not work differently in website businesses. In an environment where millions of sites compete with each other, you need to be noticed by search engines and customers. So how to achieve this? Let us explain a bit. One of the methods you can use to reach a wider audience, and higher recognition is link-building. In addition, link-building can be a useful and effective starting point for SEO development for a website.

Of course, when running an internet business, the quality of your website content is vital but not sufficient. Therefore, whether big or small, websites are aware of how important link-building is to rank high in search engine results. To achieve high rankings, they use link-building strategies.

Here, we are going to talk about link-building and link-building services you may use as Screpy experts.

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Link building is an SEO term that means having other websites to link to a page on your website. Your website acquires backlinks (also known as hyperlinks) to open a page of yours. In this way, your website can rank higher on the search engine results pages. Link building becomes a trend for SEO since search engines pay attention to the quality of the links instead of quantity.  So what does this mean? This means that getting a few reliable and reputable links is much more important and effective than getting random spam and shoddy links. Therefore, you should take care to acquire links from websites that are reputable.

Definition of Link Building

If search engines notice that your content acquires backlinks from other websites, they consider your brand worthy of more attention and respect compared to other websites. The more your brand is linked by other websites, the higher ranking for your website on search engine results pages.

However, the value of the links is more remarkable rather than the number according to search engines. When your link is placed in a post with a narrow view, the impact would be far less than sharing it on a website visited by a crowd of people.

Let’s say you run an e-commerce business where you sell technological devices.  When your brand’s website link is shared on a very famous technology blog in your country, your SEO ranking will have more positive influence than being placed on ten blog pages with only 3-5 views.

Remember, a third-party link from a well-known website like BBC never and ever has the same influence on your website ranking as acquiring hyperlinks from a local blog website.

Link-building and your website content are the backbone for the path of achieving high SEO rankings. So, every brand should take the link-building process seriously. Also, keep in mind that while a good link-building strategy will make your brand stand out, a bad link-building process can do serious damage to your business.

Bad Link-Building Habits

So that your innocent link-building tactic doesn’t ruin your dreams, we will tell you about bad link-building strategies based on Screpy expertise.

Not every forum link is bad or will harm your site. As long as the link comes from a reputable site and the link you share doesn’t turn into spam, it’s pretty useful. In such cases, you want the link to stay in the shared location forever.

But if things go the other way around, the bells may tool for your brand, especially when the link becomes spammed on poor-quality web pages. Search engines are most likely to perceive your link as spam, which will do more harm than good to your SEO ranking. Therefore, if the link you shared is getting spammy, it’s a good idea to get rid of it.

Stop Linking To The Main Page

Authority and relevancy are important for SEO. Achieving these two is through providing relevant links to relevant content. However, if you only share your homepage instead of sharing the appropriate link in the appropriate place, it will be unavoidable to be perceived as “spam” by Google.

Over time, the link-building tactic made through press sites has been abused a lot. Today, however, things have changed a lot. Now, press links fall under the category of “link schemes” since Google realized that they could be easily manipulated.

Link building service is a digital marketing service provided by an SEO professional or SEO consulting company that aims to acquire backlinks from specified and most suitable web pages for your brand. For example, with the link-building service, your keywords that your target audience especially uses or will attract their attention are connected with your brand’s links.

Although link-building may seem simple, it is a very difficult method if you are a novice. This is because it takes a lot of time and requires a very complex process to manage. Also, not hiring a link-building service means you’ll have to train your employees about it. However, hiring a link-building service will save you all these troubles. Here are the other advantages of link-building services.

The Advantages Of Link Building Services
  • All of the link-building methods are delivered to you already tried and tested. Thus, you will not have a problem in terms of reliability.
  • You don’t have to calculate how many backlinks you need. The most effective number of backlinks is provided for your brand on the appropriate websites.
  • You are in the safe hands of a professional and established operation.
  • You do not need to hire extra staff for your company. What’s more, you don’t have to train your current staff for link-building, which means extra money and time to spend.
  • You can easily keep up with the current trends related to link-building thanks to the link-building service.
  • Link-building is done much faster than you would do on your own.
  • In the long run, it will cost you less.

Since link building cannot be separated from SEO, you should know factors to consider when deciding on a link-building service.

It is always best to know site reputation while placing links:

Authority score is an SEO factor that starts from 0 and goes up to 100, and as it increases, it positively affects a site’s SERP score. For this reason, you should pay attention to the site’s authority score you will use for the backlink before taking action. In addition to this, receiving backlinks from websites that you meet in the same circle in terms of niche is another factor that will positively affect your ranking.

Compare the prices for the service you are provided:

High price does not always mean the best quality. Likewise, a low price may not necessarily include poor quality service. For this reason, getting the most suitable service for you in terms of price/performance is the most logical thing you can do. Also, do not forget that the quality of the service to be provided to you and the communication between you and the company from which you will receive the service are important.

Always check what other people say:

Every company has to present itself as the best, but there is no such obligation for customers. It’s always good to listen to other clients receiving the service, although they can be ruthless in their evaluation as they are the payer. This way, you can get a more comprehensive and accurate assessment of the company you will be working with before you pay.

As Screpy experts, we have talked in detail about link-building and link-building services. Now it’s time to talk about companies whose services you can use!


FATJOE is a professional SEO company that provides outsourced link-building services for its clients. Serving more than 5000 SEO agencies, the company continues its business in the industry with the slogan “Deliver Better SEO.” Every service provided and offered by FatJoe is to be resold and comes with scalability. As a bonus, FatJoe is contract-free. Instead, it aims to provide flexible and easily accessible services to its customers. In this way, it can always respond to its clients in line with their needs and offer new solutions.

As for customer support, the company has a support team that is 24/7 available via phone, online chat, and email. In addition, the service provided by FatJoe includes regularly informing its clients with comprehensive reports. Providing an easy-to-use control panel, the company organizes these reports as accessible through your panel.

Think of FatJoe more like a supply company you can use for your company than a consultant. A supply agency with low price, high turnaround speed, and a can-always-have communication.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog has an expert networking team, a content marketing team as creative as an artist, and experienced PR professionals. They treat link building as the fundamental element, and so they determine their SEO campaigns. The company deems communication with its clients as significant and attaches importance to determining link-building goals together and helps you in this regard. For this reason, for any client looking for a link-building company in their field, Screaming Frog is a content creation and link-building company they can consider.

They play to the target audience by researching and finding the best for your brand. Keeping up with the atmosphere of 2021, the company creates back-links through people who can influence the audience, such as famous bloggers and journalists, to reach the target audience and provide the most successful link-building service.


First of all, Linkology describes itself as a friendly, fast, and reliable link-building agency. It continues its life in the industry as a reputable and expert company that has been maintaining its link-building service all over the world, especially in the UK, since 2010. ,

The company’s in-house marketing team prefers high-quality websites while following the link placement strategy. Its professional content experts write articles and sprinkle links where readers can reach you. This way, you get a natural internet flow and acquire a higher authority score and higher SEO ranking.

Now it is time to talk about frequently asked questions about link building services.


Link building is a process used by websites that want to increase visibility in search engines and achieve higher SEO rankings, acquiring links for their sites from 3rd sources. The most common and well-known link-building strategies involve content marketing, outreach, and public relations.

This is because the quality of links shared by a website affects search results ranked by Google. Many years ago, Google started to evaluate excessive quantity as spam, which has placed quality-link into an essential location, making link-building important for SEO.

Backlinks are the building blocks of the link-building process. They are bridge-like links leading internet users from a page to another (mostly intended) website. When your website is linked on a page, that means you have acquired a backlink from them.

The price you will pay will vary depending on how comprehensive and premium the service you will receive. There are different link-building agencies that can range from $150 per hour to $2000 per month and up to $10,000 per month in terms of price.

Yes, you can. But performing the link-building process on your own would be a very tiring and time-consuming activity. Besides, don’t forget that you will go through all that research, analysis, and tedious link placement process.

Link-building is a strategy to have better SEO ranking and reaching a new and aspired audience. It is an integral part that cannot be thought inseparable from any digital marketing. It promotes your website’s authority, and thus your brand earns its reputation in terms of content quality. Besides, as your website’s authority increases, search engines consider you credible enough to be presented on the first result page. 

It should be noted that link building is one of the backbones of the SEO process, and therefore link building services should be carefully evaluated.

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