Backlinks and SEO: What are They and How to Get Them?

Here is the topic of the day: Backlinks and SEO! We know that you want to further strengthen your website in reaching and appealing to a wider audience. Hey, that’s exactly why you use Screpy, right?

So, what exactly do backlinks mean, which have the power to increase your authority and reputation before Google in the search engine optimization process? What are the ways to get backlinks? Are all the backlinks you get beneficial for your website? Finally, what is the relationship between Backlink and SEO?

relationship between Backlink and SEO
Relationship between Backlink and SEO?

Today, we’ll take a deep dive into the highly valuable concept of backlink that is waiting to be discovered by a large number of website owners. We will also talk about the contributions of a Google and SEO-focused backlink process to your SEO strategy, which has completely moved away from black-hat SEO. If you’re ready, it’s time to get started!

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We previously mentioned how important backlinks and external links are in our content called link building: The primary way of telling search engines that your site is visible, popular, and authoritative, and creating a brand prestige in the eyes of Googlebots, is to use backlinks.

These are the links that external sources, usually called third parties, have in their content to direct people to your site. Remember what internal links are: They made it easier for users and Gootlebots to navigate by connecting pages within your site. External links are completely different: They mean that another page related to your industry contains a link to you.

What is Backlink and How Does It Work?
What is Backlink and How Does It Work?

If you want to create a strong SEO strategy, you have to add backlinks to your steps. Let’s give a very important clue: A statement made by Google in 2016 confirmed that backlinks directly affect the ranking. Then there is much more that concerns us on websites, blog pages, forum sites related to our industry.

The importance of backlinks in your SEO strategy is basically shaped by the fact that they increase your reputation. Screpy, which will also start working as a backlink checker, allows you to examine all the resources that provide backlinks on your site in the internet world. For more, sign up for Screpy.

Let’s continue now. We said backlinks are important. But not all of them make a positive contribution to your platform or site. So, which of the backlink options that take you a few steps forward by adding trust and popularity parameters to your SEO strategy, are they really useful for your site?

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Imagine asking for suggestions to buy the best coffee machines from a website. In order to be able to trust the sites that this website points you to, you must first trust this first website that gives these links, right?

The recommendations of a website of which you trust brand prestige, authority, and reputation are much more valuable to you.

Hey, Google thinks just like you. Google is trying to understand the site’s trust and popularity using a concept called “Domain Authority”. The higher the authority score a site has, the more valuable the backlinks it gives for Google.

Domain Authority, Backlinks and SEO
Domain Authority, Backlinks and SEO

In that case, not the backlinks you will get from any website, but the backlinks you get from sites with high authority and trust are valuable for you in the eyes of Googlebots. Are we clear?

A link from one website to another is linked to a text, right? OK, we agreed on this. The link text is the first field users and Googlebots see. And let make it clear: these texts should give specific information about where the link goes.

Link Texts - Backlinks and SEO
Link Texts – Backlinks and SEO

So if there is a link to the home page of a furniture store, your page should not write “click here” in the text containing this link. Instead, research suggests that placing a link directly in a text with keywords related to the furniture page is much more helpful. At this point, it is much easier for Google’s algorithm to detect the link and provide credit to it.

The Google Penguin filter in the Google algorithm works exactly that. If you constantly place backlinks on domains that are unrelated to your industry or do not contain your keyword, Google Penguin understands this and marks and filters these websites as “black hat SEO”. In other words, if you want your backlink work to really work, it is very important to give importance to keywords and to carry out organic work.

Google Penguin and Backlinks
Google Penguin and Backlinks

The site that has a backlink that directs people to your website should be serving in an area related to you. For example, sending a link to a site that offers online games from a site that sells washing machines is not very useful.

While following the links, Googlebots wants these two sites to have landing pages and keywords associated with each other. Otherwise, the link-building work you do may be considered as black hat SEO, and of course, this will not contribute to your ranking.

Black Hat SEO, Backlinks and SEO
Black Hat SEO

Honestly, it can even have negative consequences. Therefore, if you are offering a service related to the game world, no recoil macro sites, PS4 selling sites, and similar platforms will contribute much more to your ranking, compared to the websites that sell washing machines -Well, not surprisingly. Note that backlinks and SEO only contribute to each other when they have an organic image.

We have said the following in the link building content we have provided for you and in the content, we mentioned the link types: If you do not want search engines to follow the link you use in your content, you should mark it as “nofollow”. If you want them to follow it, you will need to mark the link you use as “dofollow”.

Backlinks and SEO are closely related to these tags owned by links. If the website that gives you a backlink does this with the “nofollow” tag in the content, Google may not follow this link and may not associate it with your site. Instead, dofollow tags provide much more effective results on ranking and SEO.

Backlinks Must Be Shared With The '' DoFollow '' Tag
Backlinks Must Be Shared With The ” DoFollow ” Tag

So, which content links are usually given as nofollow? Let’s say it right away: Blog comments, press publications, paid ads usually mark the links they contain as “nofollow“. So the important thing for you is that the backlinks you create for real link building work are shared as dofollow.

The researches say something very important: Being ”close friends” with websites that provide backlinks will not do much good.

But what does that mean?

The work of a website that constantly provides you with a backlink after the first backlink will not affect you as much as before. Googlebots always cares mush the work of the site that provides a backlink to a site for the first time, and therefore this work affects your ranking more.

There’s a reason why ‘new’ and ‘first’ are so important in the relationship between backlink and SEO: Google cares that all backlink work is really organic, and that’s why it places more value on certain things in the crawling process.

So what do we need to understand?

If possible, you need to get 50 different backlinks from 50 different websites. Doing this is a much better idea than getting 100 times links from the same site.

Backlinks and SEO: The Importance of Number of Backlinks
The Importance of Number of Backlinks

Backlinko research says: The number of sites that give you backlinks can be much more important than the total number of backlinks you receive. At least that’s what we got from correlation studies. Of course, it is also important that these backlinks are published over a wide time period.

While reviewing backlink and SEO, we knew that both concepts are things that affect each other. So what exactly do these mean for Googlebots? How exactly does Googlebots understand when it sees a backlink? Why do backlinks matter for your SEO strategy?

A strong backlink strategy will help you rank higher on relevant keywords on Google.

According to a study by Backlinko, pages with a high number of backlinks get a lower rank than pages with fewer backlinks. Of course, we come to this conclusion by considering a competition situation where everything else is equal. The research revealed that: 1st-ranked pages have 3.8 times more backlinks compared to pages in positions between 2 and 10. You understand what that means, right?

By contributing to the navigation process of Googlebots, you should allow it to discover your web pages. Using backlinks is one of the best ways to do this. You should give it space for Google to recognize, crawl and index your pages while browsing the web. To discover how googlebots works, you can visit our content on how do search engines work and learn more.

Backlinks Help Google Find New Pages
Backlinks Help Google Find New Pages

They Increase Your Credibility, Popularity and Authority

Your SEO power increases thanks to backlinks. Because it is possible to increase the reliability you have as a business with a backlink. When the number of backlinks increases, Googlebots will think that you are a platform with high authority, preferred by many people, spoken about, and reliable. Of course, the backlinks you will get from the most reliable sites also contribute to Google’s thinking like this. Remember that you need to do quality link building for stronger results.

Remember how the web world started: There are links provided for navigational purposes only. The main thing to achieve with the links was: to stream between different sites and to make navigation easy. The links still work, that is, they drive traffic to your website.

Backlinks and SEO: How Are They Related?
How ranking and backlinks related

When you get a backlink from another site, you actually benefit from the traffic of that site to a certain extent. A user who does not know you at all visits your landing page by clicking the link while on that site. These posted links turn into real traffic and contribute to your SEO score. If you also have a UX-focused on-page SEO work to convince incoming users to convert, the results are really great. It becomes possible to get a better graphic with each passing day.

Screpy allows you to check all the backlinks directed to your site with the Backlink checker service that will be activated recently. In this way, it becomes possible for everything related to your website and pages to be completely under your control. Seeing external links, top-linked pages, top-linking sites, and top-linking text helps you control your site more powerfully and improve your link-building process. Thanks to the backlink analytics you will obtain, you can also analyze your results related to off-page SEO and manage a perfect optimization process.


Here are a few examples of backlinks, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, or inward links in many sources:
– Going with a Google Discover while focusing on marketing processes can help you increase your traffic unexpectedly. (You can add a link on ”Google Discover”)
– The UX and SEO guide shared by Screpy can help you learn more about this. (You can add a link on ”UX and SEO guide”)

Try the following methods to get SEO backlinks easily:
1. Get backlinks from infographics.
2. Don’t forget to create internal links.
3. Promote your content. Use social media and similar channels.
4. Take advantage of methods like guest blogging.
5. Meet and connect with bloggers and reporters in your field.
6. Take advantage of the broken-link building method.

In short, backlinks occur when a link is sent to any page on your website via another website, web page, or platform. If this link is not marked as sponsored, Google sees it as a factor that will increase your site’s authority. The fact that your site is a platform that is mentioned in different web pages related to your industry gives the message that you have created a useful and high user experience. Of course, it is extremely important that this process works organically.

1. You need some recognition in your industry to get backlinks. It is the first way to share your content on social media and to let people share it this way.
2. It is also a free backlink strategy to add strong comments that you link to on websites under content related to your web page.
3. Do not forget to ask your friends who work in the same sector.
4. Make your content rich and engaging where people can provide backlinks. Especially the researches related to the sector and the contents that provide new data can draw attention.
5. Be a guest on podcasts and blogs.

1. It is a perfect number for a web page to have between 60 and 100 backlinks.
2. A backlink between 40 and 50 is considered “good”.
3. However, the number of backlinks below 40 may indicate a weak authority.
Remember: The backlink that Google values most is the backlink of a page that links to you for the first time. So instead of getting ten backlinks from the same page, it is more valuable to get one backlink from ten different pages. In short, the quality of backlinks is also important.

Yes, backlinks directly affect your ranking by giving clues to search engines about the authority and popularity of your site. Officially, Google has recognized that backlinks are an important ranking factor.

You can check your backlinks on Screpy.

1. You should get backlinks from sites that serve in the same industry as you.
2. The site that links to you should also have a high authority value.
3. The provided link should not be marked as “sponsored”.

In order not to be marked as spam by Google, it is useful to get 10 backlinks per day, which will positively affect your website traffic. Of course, if you have very high authority and website traffic, and if you get much more backlinks than that organically, that’s okay. But if you are working for link building and do not want to be marked as spam, 10 per day will be enough.

Yes, constant backlinks from spam sites or sites with low authority values can negatively affect your rankings. Search engines marking your website as spam and applying certain penalties accordingly will reduce your rank.

Here’s what you need to do:
1. Detect backlinks that qualify as toxic. You can use Screpy’s backlink checking service for this. It will be available soon.
2. Get help from a webmaster or use Screpy’s tasks to remove them.
3. In order for Google not to match these links with the authority of your site, create a disavow file and submit it.

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