Link Building and Off-Page SEO

Do you care that your web pages appear higher in the SERP for related keywords in search engines?

Well, your answer is definitely yes- just like anyone who is ever asked so! Today, we will talk about what you need to get the best link building process to achieve stronger results in SEO. To examine the link building process, of course, we need to understand the process under the hat of off-page SEO.

So, what is off-page SEO? Are such optimization studies as valuable as content optimization or technical SEO work for on-page SEO? We will talk about all of them one by one today. This content, which we created by asking Screpy experts, will tell you a lot. Let’s start!

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What is Off-Page SEO and Why Does It Matter?

Off-page SEO is the action you need to take to increase the authority of your website by making some optimization outside of it and invest in the credibility of your website to raise its authority in eyes of search engines. All the optimizations you make aim to make your website have stronger results in terms of the following values:

Why does Off-Page SEO matter?
Why does Off-Page SEO matter?
  1. Popularity: Your website is seen as a site that makes a name for itself in other pages and digital platforms.
  2. Relevance: Your website has links to other sites that offer similar services or content in their domain, making it easier for Googlebots to understand what a random content you have is about.
  3. Trustworthiness: Linking to your site through authoritative websites will positively affect the credibility of your site.
  4. Authority: All of these will come together and will positively affect the authority score of your website or individual web pages.

You should keep in mind that off-site SEO is more than linking to outside sources. Because in order to distinguish this job from black hat SEO studies, its important points must be understood.

Many website projects aiming to rise in Google primarily attach importance to link building. But why?

Well, the answer is simple: Google cares! Your website can have extremely powerful content. What’s more, you can have an extremely strong score in terms of page loading speed. But if there are no links pointing to you from outside the site, it can be quite difficult for Googlebots to notice you and believe in your credibility.

According to the latest research, as time goes on, the importance Google attaches to link building is increasing. While on-page SEO has lost value in the ranking of importance recently, the importance of link building works for Google with social sharing and time on site is rapidly increasing. Let’s examine the chart below:

Why does link building matters for your website?
Why does link building matters for your website?

Before starting the link building process, you have to know that the content on your site is ready for it. For this, you need to make certain preparations. Let’s take a look at ways to boost your pages for link building.

You should put the pages on your site in order

On-site optimizations help keep your site ready for link building. What we mean? Well, you should link your page to each other using various keywords (ie what you need to do is make your pages reference each other using internal links).

Imagine that your specific category page has a link that goes to the category page with a broader title. This type of flow on your site helps different pages increase the total authority and the authority of each page. These links, which connect each page of your site like a puzzle, both strengthen your pages you want to highlight in the crawling activities of search engines and allow you to appeal to the user.

On-site link building process
On-site link building process

Moreover, linking content or pages dealing with similar topics with link building is a great convenience for users who want to view all the relevant rich contents on your website.

So we now know this: strengthening your site’s authority with external links is a super thing. But first of all, you need to make sure that the internal link structure of your site is strong enough.

What About Your On-Page SEO Work?

Many of your authoritative websites may have excellent backlinks but a declining graph. But why? Don’t tell the secret anyone: Because neglecting on-page SEO has consequences.

Remember, it is important that each of your pages is marked with relevant meta descriptions and meta tags in order for your link building actions to yield results. Moreover, the optimization of the content on these pages and technical SEO work is also invaluable for you to give Google the message “hey, these sites are up-to-date and still user experience-oriented!”

Give Value to Keywords

Research has revealed that keyword choices are very important in on-page SEO studies for many sites. Remember, your ability to deliver the right messages to Googlebots depends primarily on choosing the right thematic keywords.

Also, note that the primary keyword and related keywords you choose can tell Googlebots what your site is about. For this, you need to do detailed research on keywords.

When choosing keywords, include not only popular keywords with very high volumes but also long tail keywords that can be described as niche.

Generally, it is also important how the title tags or meta tags you create contain the keywords. For example, the presence of the relevant keyword at the beginning of the title tag is always considered more positive. Also, research suggests that you should always use relevant keywords in order to best explain what your page is about. Googlebots care about this.

Having relevant keywords on the page
Having relevant keywords on the page

How about a little more information about link building? Hey, providing a full guide is very important to us!

There are multiple ways to earn links for your web pages. Let’s examine 3 types of link building ways:

Types of link building in off-page SEO
Types of link building in off-page SEO
  1. Natural links: A link given by authoritative website or social media account to your impressive page without your effort is called a natural link. It is important to create content that appeals to the user in order to increase the number of natural links provided. Remember, it is about how influencing your content is!
  2. Manual links: They are links that you usually give to your website from other platforms representing your brand. For example, imagine that you manually link your website on social media platforms to direct your followers. Similarly, within the framework of influencer marketing, the links you want from influencers are also evaluated in the manual links category.
  3. Self-created links: Links that you give to your site from a website, panel, forum that is included in the sector of where your brand is also in, are called direct self-created links. But beware, you don’t really want to lose the trust of search engines with black-hat SEO work.

Does every link to your site positively affect your SEO score? Is off-page SEO just about getting as many external links as possible? Hey, of course not!

Every game has some rules.

What Do the Benefits of Link Building Depend on?
What Do the Benefits of Link Building Depend on?

There is also a possibility that links that come from spam sites with low authority will negatively affect your site’s SEO score. Remember, search engines are getting smarter every day.

Here are the factors that affect link building process’s contribution to your SEO score:

  1. Is the site linking you popular and reliable enough? Super.
  2. Is the site linking you a site related to your sector, or are you constantly getting links from completely irrelevant sites randomly?
  3. What other links are there on the linking site? A link from a site that regularly links to unreliable spam sites will not be very useful for you.
  4. When was this link given? New or years ago? Fresh links are always better.
  5. What exactly is the link text? An organic text, an original text?
  6. Is the linking site reliable and authoritative enough?

While performing off-page SEO, you can choose some of the following methods in your link building process. You should be careful not to do these under the name of “black hat SEO”.

Link building methods
Link building methods
  1. Social media marketing: Sign up for legal advertising campaigns that will make your site to be known on social media platforms. Actively manage the social media accounts of your own website and direct people to your website from these accounts.
  2. Guest Blogging: Prefer to publish articles representing your site on other related websites and link out from these articles.
  3. Increase your brand visibility: Brand mentions, which sometimes provides link outputs and sometimes completely without links, will increase your visibility in the eyes of search engines.
  4. Influencer marketing: Influencers that will provide links to your brand on different platforms can be very valuable for you.

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