Popular SEO Tips to Improve Performance

While you’re happy with the way your website is doing, in certain situations you may want to up the gear, become more visible and popular. In such a case, what you need to do is to perform the right optimizations by browsing your existing settings and content. When you follow certain SEO tips, you will immediately realize that you can make your site, content and individual pages more SEO friendly at affordable costs.

As Screpy, we analyze each page of your website one by one in terms of SEO, page speed and keyword ranking, and give you a target-oriented idea about the optimizations you can make. Every work we do is carried out so that you have a stronger web page and can approach your target audience in a shorter time. In this direction, what those who want to have stronger pages, faster loading times, popular sites that appeal more to Google and other search engines need: Screpy!

Today we will talk about popular SEO types with our experts who developed our tools. If you’re ready, here we go.

Review Your Contents and Revise Existing Contents for Missing Topics

The posts you share make your site index on certain keywords, okay, that’s great. However, it may be a good idea to optimize these content according to current search trends and add missing parts in the content. Thus, new keywords that will be owned by pages with high authority can positively affect your ranking in search engines. You can review especially top-ranking pages on your site and see what can be added to the relevant content accordingly.

Review your content through our SERP ranking tracking tool. By using this tool, you will see the rank of your pages for certain keywords and you will observe certain keyword recommendations. It is possible to identify missing points in your content by examining these keyword recommendations. It’s that simple to discover more.

Pay Attention to E-mail Marketing: The Best SEO Tips

One of the most important rules of SEO is to ensure high traffic and certain users spend a long time on your site. To achieve this, primarily use e-mail marketing. First, let’s list the things you need to do:

You need to focus on lead generation. Lead generation is convincing people to email you on your content. Emails from people are the most valuable product you will use when inviting them back to your site and content. After you have written the contents to collect these emails, you should consider how to prepare the texts of these emails.

 By working with an expert content marketing agency, you can work on E-mail templates that will maximize users’ click-through rates. An email that ends up in users’ inboxes should have an engaging headline, body text, image, and an easily selectable link. By using all these for outreach, it is possible to turn your visitors into loyal users and remind people of yourself. Rest assured, Google will really like this change on your site.

Strengthen Internal Linking for New Pages You Share

In order for everything to go right in the internal dynamics of your website, Google needs to discover, crawl and index these pages one by one. Especially on sites with many pages, internal linking can be very useful so that each page can be noticed by Google. Navigating many different web pages, Googlebot navigates the site in a short time via these links. All of these help Google index sites.

Strengthen Internal Linking for New Pages You Share seo tips

You may have shared a lot of content on your site in the past and made internal linking between these content. But it can be very useful to add the link of the content you shared later to the content you shared earlier. In this way, you can make the sitemap more powerful and make it easier for your visitors and search engine bots to navigate through the contents.

  1. This means two things. First of all, you increase the quality of user experience. This is because you offer a much higher level of navigating quality. By doing this, you can increase the time people spend on your site and in this way, you can achieve much stronger rankings in a short time. Because one of the only things Googlebots cares about is the time visitors spend on your site.
  2. Secondly, you will increase the likelihood that Googlebots will discover new pages by navigating your site. Because Google visits the links it encounters while browsing various web pages and continues to explore the site through these links.

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Try Strengthening Your Content with Videos

Have you ever thought about adding new versions to your content? Recently, visual content is as popular as text-based content. That’s why you can often see video versions of blog content on various websites. You can also produce video content for your frequently visited blog posts. By doing this, you get backlinks from platforms like Youtube. In addition, the information you provide by sharing videos can be really useful to increase your brand visibility and increase the time spent on the web page. When communicating with your visitors, try to increase your chances of establishing a real connection with them by using two different post types.

Backlink is one of the SEO tips and an external SEO strategy that allows you to increase the areas where you are mentioned outside of your own website. Choosing this strategy will increase the popularity and authority of the mentioned web pages, allowing them to have higher rankings. The most important feature of the backlink strategy is that it requires organicity. Artificial backlink strategies that are bought with money or performed in person are often flagged as spam by Google. However, it is possible to do both organic and user-oriented backlink studies with various methods such as Guest Blogging.

backlink seo tips

If you find that you have content that doesn’t rank high enough in terms of traffic and keyword rankings, you can try to reverse the underperforming situation by prioritizing that content for backlink work. For this, of course, you will be expected to make certain analyzes on a monthly and annual basis. After determining the underperforming content, continue to review after the backlink studies you will perform. Also, analyze regularly to follow the results of these studies. You will immediately notice that you get strong feedback.

Want to have useful SEO tips? Many actively used websites may become inactive after a certain period of time. If your site has broken links and pages, this will negatively affect the user experience and create various problems when noticed by Googlebots. So the right step is to fix broken links as soon as possible. Completely deleting the pages with broken links or repairing the pages in question and putting them on the air will really work. Because Google responds to the pages where it cannot find a content and the loading cannot be fully realized by reducing the authority of the site. In order to achieve more active and powerful results in a short time, you will need to fix the broken links.

So, does this apply to backlinks? Screpy will release the backlink finder tool soon. What should you do when you realize that the backlinks of the pages are broken? Let’s say right away: there are three different methods you can use for this:

  1. Reinstate method: The dead page may have been completely unintentionally displaced. In this case, all you have to do is paste the current link back into the anchor text. You will have corrected the situation without any problems.
  2. Redirect: Sometimes the URLs of certain content or web pages can be changed or corrected. In this case, it causes the backlinks to be broken as well. If you have encountered such a situation, what you need to do is to change the renewed URL to redirect the current URL to the new URL. Do not forget to analyze regularly for this. This way, you will be able to spot errors.
  3. Request a link change: Content published on any site may contain a completely wrong URL. This may have caused the broken link problem. What you need to do in this case is to contact the site owner and request that the URL be changed. Hey, this is really worth a try. Because even a single backlink work means thousands of traffic in the long run.

It can be a very good way to change the meta descriptions of your content or make your overall content suitable for being visible in featured snippets. This type of method will increase your CTR rates by making your content appear more eye-catching and user-focused on the SERP. Imagine that there are 100 people on the SERP. Even if you are in the first place, about 40 of these 100 people will actually click on your site. Increasing these rates will mean increasing your real traffic rate and showing Google that you are a really useful page. There are a few things you need to do for this:

Include certain long-tail keywords in your content and directly answer questions specifically constructed with these words.

Be sure to define definitions that may be relevant to your content. For example, if you are writing content about SEO, it is important to define SEO in the most accurate way. In addition, it may be good to answer specific questions in your content that include long tail keywords related to SEO tactics. Some of these can be listed as follows:

  1. What are SEO tactics?
  2. What is SEO and how it works?
  3. What techniques do you use to improve SEO?
  4. How do you do SEO in 2020?

By answering these, it will be possible for you to be visible in the area called “People also ask” and to be visible in the area called rank zero. This can help you get really strong results by maximizing your traffic rates.

Tracking Metric Performance and Keeping Optimizing: Best Among SEO Tips

Finally, the most important among other SEO tips, it is really important to constantly monitor your site performance and accordingly improve the necessary pages and necessary metrics. At Screpy, we offer an excellent alternative to make tracking easier: You can examine how your site is in many metrics using a single tool.

See SEO Audit Tool of Screpy to easily track your metric scores!

First contentful paint?

OK, here!

Page speed general score?


Does SEO general score?

Here! Accessibility or Best Practices scores?

They are here too!

Is your site uptime and downtime all the time?

He’s here too!

Monitoring your progress in all these metrics that we recommend you to discover immediately and understanding what you did right and what you did wrong by doing retrospective analysis is a very important point of site optimization.


Does SEO Still Work 2020?

Of course! It really helps to optimize your site technically by following the SEO requirements, and at the same time, understanding the basic demands of SEO and optimizing the content marketing processes accordingly. So yes, we still recommend that you take care of SEO.

How can I do SEO for my blog?

Basic SEO on blog sites is performed with content optimization. Once you have a fast enough, easy-to-load website and plan your theme to be easy to navigate, what you need to do is simple: recreate your content to appeal to users and search engines.

How can I get SEO results fast?

Performing the optimization process by targeting root domains is the first method you should consider. In addition, it can be very useful to identify the keywords you are about to rank for and get a splash with the finishing touches. Today, target-oriented optimization by constantly monitoring the metrics determined by Google over Screpy can also really work.

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