Opencart SEO 101: Definitive and Detailed Guide!

Thanks to the increasing use of the internet nowadays, the number and variety of websites have increased. Especially, the increase can be found and seen in e-commerce websites. At the same time, due to the spread of e-commerce websites, rapid and intense competition has risen. Since the concept of e-commerce is internet-based, rankings in search engines are especially important in terms of reputation and popularity.

However, there are some techniques to step out in the competitive internet environment. Today, As Screpy Experts, we will talk about Opencart SEO, which will significantly contribute to your ranking in your favour.

Opencart is simple, easy-to-figure-out, SEO-friendly software that is used for SEO. Many Opencart infrastructures are at the top of Google rankings. The Opencart SEO module ensures that all software infrastructure known to date is suitable for SEO.

Opencart enables any search engine to detect your website most quickly and easily. Besides, it also provides the optimization process that will best respond to people’s needs during a query. The Opencart SEO module allows you to carry out all these processes in the blink of an eye.

Opencart SEO

First of all, before diving into Opencart SEO, it is a must to know the concept of Opencart. Opencart is a code system written in PHP and programmed for e-commerce sites. It is a labor-saving system designed to establish an e-commerce site and is especially useful for people who are unfamiliar with coding.

Opencart SEO, however, functionalizes the open cart system on the site for optimization work. Thus, the SEO ranking of an e-commerce site can be placed at the top of search engines while improving its search status and increasing efficiency within site. Besides, Opencart SEO, which many e-commerce sites operationalize today, is also used to manage the control panel.

Opencart SEO

Here is a list of things you can do via Opencart to improve your SEO:

  • You can use payment integrations and virtual POS modules, and virtual POS modules.
  • You can upload as many images of your products as you want to your site.
  • You can write introductory articles separately for these images, leave a field and allow users to comment.
  • You can easily use supply systems such as Penta and arena thanks to XLM system compatibility.
  • With Opencart, you can easily translate your site into the language you want.
  • You can promote your product on social media with one click. In this way, you can increase the number of people you reach as you interact with more people on different platforms.
  • You can offer wonders with up to 6000 free add-on packages.

The Advantages Of Opencart SEO

One of the biggest advantages of Opencart SEO settings is that it can be done easily. In this application, you can easily manage your e-commerce site. It also provides convenience with payment modules as well as it offers a wide variety of themes.

With Opencart SEO, you can make advertisements and product promotions in one go. Thanks to many enhanced add-on packages, it is possible to advertise and promote on social media or from any site. Through this feature, it is possible to add numerous products that will be displayed on numerous platforms.

Opencart, which also has API support, offers you the opportunity to benefit from many integrations. It helps to increase customer satisfaction by offering easy shopping. You can also download and install Opencart plugins for free from the internet.

As Screpy experts, we have listed other detailed advantages of Opencart SEO below:

  • It is easy to install. Thanks to its simple interface, you can use the software smoothly.
  • You can make improvements on the platform through its PHP-based and MySQL-based coding.
  • You can add unlimited products through Opencart, which means there is no restriction on adding products, which will let you add products freely.
  • Thanks to accounting integrations, you can work in harmony with accounting systems. This will provide you with a variety of opportunities. Besides, it comes with a feature that makes your work easier with its compatible structure.
  • Thanks to its wide variety of modules, you can offer your visitors flowing navigation and an enjoyable shopping experience.

OpenCart SEO Tips for Your Ecommerce Website

Applying Opencart SEO settings stands for the basic steps for the e-commerce site and is one of the most important factors.  Since it is an SEO-compatible code system, many e-commerce sites known worldwide actively utilize the Opencart. This open-source code system has a MySQL database. Opencart system, which is very simple to install, offers the most efficient SEO work for the site. After installing the Opencart system on the site, SEO adjustments can be applied using manual and plugins as your wish.

OpenCart seo details

In addition to the adjustments mentioned above, the Opencart Seo Module provides great convenience for the site. Thanks to the OpencartSeo Module, SEO and URL sections can be completed smoothly. OpencartSeo Module aims to be on the top pages of the search ranking by automatically filling in the h tag fields. At the same time, the OpencartSeo Module can create SEO-compatible link extensions for the category and sub-category within site.

Optimizing URLs

As it is known, the use of SEO URLs is a very important step in adapting websites to search engines, attracting users to the site, and gaining reputation. SEO URL is based on creating URLs compatible with titles and search engines while defining products or categories on e-commerce sites.

The use of Opencart Seo URL for the e-commerce site – making the settings is necessary for the site’s efficiency. To activate the Opencart SEO URL, you need to make adjustments from both the admin panel and the hosting account.

The use and creation of SEO URLs is a task that requires a lot of care and experience. It should be done in regular intervals and consistently. Otherwise, it becomes inefficient since it doesn’t meet the search ranking criteria.

Site Speed

Another important factor taken into consideration when doing SEO work with Opencart is site speed. Most internet users run away from slow-loading websites as they enter. For this reason, the reputation score of your e-commerce store gets impacted negatively.

One of the most important features of SEO is site speed. Slow-loading websites reduce user experience and satisfaction. In addition, the slow loading speed of the pages also reduces conversions.

Device Integration

Another important factor for user experience through Opencart is that the website is integrated on all devices. It will be advantageous for your e-commerce site if it is suitable for displaying smoothly on all devices. When content is released for your audience, it won’t make much use unless it provides the user unproblematic access, no matter how good it is. Therefore, you should adjust your site’s settings so that it becomes accessible from all devices and offer the best user experience.

Backlinks have a vital place in determining the popularity of a website. Links from other sites to our site are necessary for search engines such as Google, and it is one of the elements that will help move your e-commerce store to the top in SEO rankings.


Keywords are frequently searched phrases in queries and constitute a very important part of determining your website’s ranking. Positioning the efficient amount of keywords in the right places, you will see your pages rise in the SEO rankings over time. You should search and find the best and wide variety of keywords and place them naturally on your site.

Better Meta Descriptions

Like your title tags, meta descriptions are simple but hold a-hight-effect power to improve your SEO. Meta descriptions are small paragraphs of text appearing below the title of a page in queries. They are an essential element to advertise your page.

Although they don’t impact ranking directly, they have an effect on your ranking due to the click-through rate. A great meta description allows you to stand out from the crowd!

Better Title Tags

Before visitors enter your website, they see the title tag displayed as a blue link in search results. Or they first encounter your website as a banner when a page is shared on social media. By creating SEO-friendly title tags via Opencart, main keywords can be added to topic targets for search engines to understand this page. Besides, you can create interesting headlines that engage the target audience’s attention, which helps you earn extra clicks.

Now, we will answer the frequently asked questions about Opencart SEO based on our Screpy expertise.


What is Opencart?

Opencart is a code system written in PHP language created on behalf of websites that sell over the internet and offer e-commerce services.

 Why Should I Use Opencart?

Opencart is a ready-made system that can be used by websites that want to provide e-commerce services. It is designed for people who want to build an e-commerce system without coding knowledge.

What is Opencart SEO?

Opencart SEO is an optimization study to improve the status of websites using the Opencart software system in search engines and move them to higher ranks.

Is Opencart Necessary For My E-Commerce Site?

It is one of the lifebloods of Opencart SEO with the convenience it provides and the positive ranking effects it brings for your SEO ranking. For this reason, every company that wants to stand out from its competitors in the e-commerce environment uses the Opencart system.

Do I Have to Pay for the Opencart System?

No, it is free. Besides, there are free Opencart modules available online.


Opencart is a very good choice to increase your SEO ranking. With Opencart, you make it easier for search engines to detect your website and optimize it in a way that best meets the specific search needs of people regarding your website topic. In addition to the optimizations that come with Opencart, you can make adjustments from the design of your website to its content, from coding to page speed.

Opencart SEO service is very advantageous, and it is free software that can take you to the highest rankings in search engines.

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