2022 SEO Trends: Coming Soon!

2022 SEO trends will be waiting for us next year as a fruit of the improvement of Google algorithms and user experience. These algorithms receive thousands of updates throughout the year, the user experience changes due to new technology, and as a result, SEO requirements evolve. With all this in mind, it would be wise to know what websites will be through for next year’s SEO efforts already. Thus, you can have more successful, productive, and better-and-high-ranking SEO achievements.

Today, as Screpy experts, we will be talking about 2022 SEO trends.

We can think of SEO trend changes as fashion changes that differ from year to year. Along with the changing SEO trends every year, the factors required to offer richer and higher-quality content to internet users evolve as well. By following the 2022 SEO trends below, you can keep up with the fashion and getting higher SEO rankings while improving the user experience.

Artificial Intelligence Has Entered The Game

Artificial intelligence is being integrated into companies by every sector, from healthcare to banking. Its growing popularity and functionality make it inseparable from website-based businesses as well. There are several reasons for this. Artificial intelligence can automatically monitor your website and provide you with reports. At the same time, thanks to its analysis capability, it can help the development of keyword usage appealing to your target audience. Thanks to its analysis ability, it can also examine your visitors’ behavior and create opportunities to provide you with better service.

2022 SEO Trends artificial intelligence

In addition, the artificial intelligence algorithm RankBrain developed by Google is only in the information gathering stage for now. However, we have no doubt that it will be developed over time and become a fully integrated structure with SEO by self-learning. So, it would be very wise to be prepared for it already.

High-tech voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri developed by Apple, and Alexa offered by Amazon have also greatly improved and popularized the voice search feature. Therefore, some people want to be provided the easiness everywhere they have gained thanks to these tools. As a result, users do not want to give up the comfort of voice search rather than typing when they visit a website. In 2019, 33% of people in America benefited from a voice assistant, while in 2018, 27% of the world’s population used voice search. As Screpy experts, we assure you that the rate keeps increasing day by day.

So what do we need to understand from all the statistical data? As you prepare for 2022 SEO, you should optimize your content to respond to voice search and choose your keywords accordingly.


It is a factor popularized by technology wonders such as Siri and Alexa, which we have listed in the voice search section, and is one of the fruits of artificial intelligence. Chatbots can answer questions from people visiting your website for any reason, with almost no need for humans. Thanks to robots that can respond to users’ queries, you can provide more active customer service automatically. In addition, these robots powered by artificial intelligence improve the user experience while meeting people’s desire to access information. In this way, your company gains trust in the eyes of people.

2022 seo trends chat bots

Better SEO Comes With Videos

Video content has grown, grown, and grown exponentially in recent years. For example, Youtube already has over a billion users. Instagram and Tiktok also contain billions of users in total. While these are in the bag, there is one more element we would like to add. As a result of a survey published by Statista, 27% of people spend at least 10 hours a week on videos, while 15.4% spend 7-10, and 18.3% spend 4-7 hours. In short, people love to watch videos. For this reason, it has become a necessity rather than a priority to do more effective SEO through platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, TikTok. If you still do not have an account to publish video content, create one now.

However, signing up is only the first step. We’ve itemized a few of the steps to support your SEO while creating your video channel:

  • Describe what your channel/page is about in a user-friendly way. You should introduce yourself to both users and search engines.
  • In this process, you can benefit from the keywords frequently used by your target audience and in the industry.
  • You can reach the target audience you want by strengthening the keywords with hashtags.
  • You should prepare the quality of your videos to be at least HD. Bad quality is no longer acceptable in 2022.

Mobile-Friendly Content

People now prefer to connect to the internet with a phone or tablet instead of sitting at the computer. In fact, the number is so high that it is known that more than half of internet usage is made by mobile users. In addition, with the mobile-first indexing announced by Google in 2019, it is known that any site that does not have mobile support is of no value to Google. Considering these, it is a must to have a mobile-friendly website in 2022 in order to rank higher in search engines.

There are some aspects we can recommend you to prepare a mobile-friendly website and content based on our Screpy expertise:

  • Optimizing the design of your website to adapt to any screen automatically is one of the most basic mobile optimization processes. Your website should have a suitable display, automatically integrating with every resolution regardless of the tablet, phone, or model.
  • Also, when you think a website is not enough, you can serve an app for iOS and Android to download.
  • After completing these, you should choose a design for your website or app that will make mobile access and navigation smooth.
  • Then you can check how mobile-friendly your website is with a mobile-friendly test via Google Search. Thus, you can access the mobile usability report in Google Search Console.

Google’s EAT Will Advance

Google always indicates how important content quality is in determining the search engine rankings.  What you should understand from “quality content” consists of three factors: expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These three factors are critical and impactful for SEO and ranking success. Through EAT, Google can distinguish whether a web page offering misleading, poor, and wrong content from a web page providing rich and reliable content. Since Google’s EAT approach is that important, every business should be creating content in line with Google’s demands.

To create quality content, the list below may help you achieve your goal:

  • You can reach your target audience, understand them and identify what they want to consume by creating a buyer persona. This persona also allows you to examine your target audience’s interest and what they want to see as content.
  • As you prepare your content, it makes it look reliable (and indeed reliable) to provide source links when you share data. Your claim gets stronger if your source is reputable.

It’s important to concentrate on Google’s EAT principle because even until 2022, new pages will be added, and Google has to eliminate these pages and display the best ones to their users. If you want to be displayed in the first place among these pages, you have to prepare content by respecting EAT in 2022.

Featured Snippets are a feature that acts as a kind of answer box that Google displays on the search results page, depending on the main query. The general purpose of these Featured Snippets is a feature developed by Google as a way to provide the fastest and most relevant information to its users in the easiest way. Thus, it aims to increase user experience by reducing users’ time while browsing different pages. Although it may seem like something that reduces organic traffic, on the contrary, it is very positive in terms of SEO, as it is a “useful to the user” feature.

What Are Featured Snippets?

As Screpy experts, we have some tips for you to be displayed in featured snippets:

  • Your content should provide specific answers to questions. Otherwise, it is unlikely you will get the top board.
  • You should estimate the possible questions and prepare your content according to them.
  • Your content should be well-prepared at high quality while being comprehensive and engaging the reader.
  • FAQ section is a good way to be displayed in featured snippets.

Long And Quality Content

Among the SEO trend expectations in 2022, long content will have a positive effect on your SEO score. In fact, this is a result of observations over time rather than an estimate. Over time, it became clear that longer content (as long as it’s engaging and of good quality) generates more traffic. Therefore, when preparing your content, focus on preparing comprehensive, relevant, long, and quality content. Of course, while doing this, remember that the writing should be engaging as much as possible.

So how do you keep the content as high-quality and fun to read as possible? As screpy experts, we have a few suggestions.

  • Divide your content into sections using H1-H2-H3. In this way, your article will have a structure, and the reader will not be distracted.
  • Using H1-H2-H3 also makes it easier for Google bots to index and scan your article.
  • You can use itemization in text sections. Itemizations are easy to consume and fun to read. However, before you move on to itemizing, signal that you will move on by itemizing, even if it takes only one sentence. Otherwise, readers cannot be aware of the shift in writing tone.

The answer to this question consists of two factors. The first factor is that people and their expectations on the internet change over time. The second factor is the algorithm updates that regularly visit the search engine world throughout the year.

Human Behavior Changes

As banal as it may sound, we change as humans. There are differences between the way we searched last year and the way we search this year while using the internet. For example, video-based-SEO, which did not matter much in the past years, may appear as a game-changing factor next year. This is because the number of people consuming information through video has increased. That being the case, the content you produce should include video and resonate with your visitors. Otherwise, you will be pushed low by search engines concerning user experience.

Search Engine Algorithms Evolve According To People

As a second factor, search engines like Google, which want to keep the quality and user experience at the highest level, regularly make small/large search engine algorithm updates. These updates are mostly prepared to meet the needs of people, and sometimes they are provided to eliminate potential grievances/system vulnerabilities before they occur. As a result, in the light of the incoming updates, SEO studies are evolving along with it.

Now, we are going to examine the frequently asked questions about 2022 SEO trends.


What Is An SEO Trend?

An SEO trend is a set of SEO practices, including strategies to fulfill new SEO requirements shaped due to Google algorithm updates and constantly changing the user experience.

Following the 2022 SEO trends is not a necessity but a priority for success in the internet world and leaving your competitors behind. Every website that is more recent and appealing to search engines and users will stand out and grow at the end of the day.

SEO trends are determined to match with algorithm updates and best satisfy the user experience. Considering this, long-established SEO trends such as on-page optimization, natural link-building, and keyword usage will also be valuable in 2022 unless an algorithm update will create a huge and radical change.

What Are The Best SEO Tools I Can Use for 2022?

Google Analytics Google for a comprehensive website visitor monitoring capability, Google Search Console for keywords, and all-in-one Screpy SEO Tool that includes rich SEO features such as keyword tracking, page speed monitoring, and syntax checker are among the best SEO tools you can use for 2022.

How Often Do I Need To Revise My Website’s SEO?

The answer depends on how big or small your business is. If you are running a small-sized business, revising your website’s SEO and making changes when required every six months. As your business gets larger and wider, it is wise to reduce the period and revise your website every quarter.


Remember that SEO requirements are constantly changing, and you have to change yourself since you are part of the internet. Thus, you can achieve higher results in SERP rankings and continue to grow your business in 2022. Knowing the 2022 SEO trends will provide many benefits to your website and business besides achieving higher rankings. These benefits include keeping up with the latest Google algorithm updates and providing the best user experience. However, in a scenario where you do not apply current SEO trends, it is quite possible that you will be overthrown, and your competitors will overtake you.

2022 SEO trends will be the dominator factor in SEO studies that will help your website and business expand.

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