Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid – The Most Common Ones!

Digital marketing is the newest and one of the most popular marketing strategies, if not already the most popular one. Given the constant change and development in the digital marketing domain, it might be difficult to constantly stay in touch with the changes. It is also easy to fall into old-fashioned digital marketing trends, which can be outdated.

Digital marketing is today and the future of marketing. Given the importance of digital marketing combined with its evolving nature, it would be quite understandable for businesses to fall into digital marketing mistakes.

Of course, a business that aims to develop and aspires to be better would not want to make digital marketing mistakes.

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One way of avoiding mistakes in any given situation is to get to know those mistakes in the deepest way possible. If you know what the mistakes are, you can avoid them even before applying them to your business.

Additionally, if you thought that a digital marketing strategy is convenient, but you do not know it is a mistake that you should avoid, you would be losing in the first place.

Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

For those reasons, we will be sharing the most common digital marketing mistakes to avoid while choosing a digital marketing plan for your business.

Traffic does not mean success

You are so happy that your SEO plan worked, and you are getting tons of visitors to your website.

But is that all you want? Just people visiting your website?

It might be a part of what you want, but it is not all (in most cases). Many businesses aspire to gain traffic and interaction on their website. If you run a shop, you would want people to purchase from it. If you have a blog, you would want people to subscribe to your e-mail list.

Your aim should not be solely based on increasing traffic. People being interested in your website or what you offer surely is a good thing, but digital marketing has so many more things to offer to you, and not benefiting from them would be a huge mistake.

Traffic does not mean success
Traffic does not mean success

You should recognize that there has to be a problem if all you got is increased visibility and traffic on your website. In a properly functioning digital marketing plan, action on the website should be parallel to visibility.

To solve this problem, you might want to see what is going on in the general market regarding your services and your products. In what range are other businesses making offers? Should you change the way you are putting your words? There are just many things to learn!

Lack of communication with your customers

Digital marketing indeed offers an easy and affordable way of marketing. However, digital marketing also means that there will be more opportunities for your customers to contact you.

This is not a bad thing. In fact, this is an opportunity. And if you do not use this opportunity, it only means that you are making a huge mistake!

Digital marketing is not about what you do. Sometimes, what you do not matters more. If you are not communicating with your customers about what went wrong and what went right, you are on the wrong page.

If there was something wrong with the service you offer and the experience your customers get, you would want to fix that. In addition, if people are satisfied with your service, you would want to reply to their thanks as well.

Communication is not solely based on the feedback your customers give you after they receive the products and services. The communication will start once the customers encounter what you offer.

They might want to ask you a question regarding the products or services, or any other thing related to what you offer. In a situation like this, you would want to inform them in the best way possible. Staying kind and letting them know they can always ask what they need you is crucial.

But it does not end here.

Personalized Communication

The quality of the communication you will have with your customers, and possible customers will be the main determinator. Customers want to know that they are special, which will play an essential role in defining your communication’s success with them. 

You might want to personalize the communication with each customer; you have to provide better and strong communication. If you have a small business, you can keep in touch with your customers regarding their satisfaction with their experience by yourself.

If you have a larger business in which you do not have an opportunity to talk with everyone one on one, you might want to send birthday e-mails to those who are subscribing to your e-mail listing.

Using clickbait

Clickbait is one of the most common digital marketing mistakes that people just cannot seem to give up.

In the most basic terms, clickbait is a term used to describe the content in which uses appealing and interesting headings to have more people clicking on your content. But the thing about clickbait is that people will never find what they were promised to find in that specific content.

An example for a clickbait can be this: a heading that says, “you will not believe your eyes as you see what this product is capable of!” This is, indeed, an interesting heading because it evokes curiosity. People would want to know what that product does that is so unbelievable. But as you click on the content, you will see that it is just another regular moisturizer, and there is nothing unbelievable about it.

Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes - Using Clickbait
Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes – Using Clickbait

We mentioned that what you offer to your consumers is valuable. If what you give to them is a scam, it means that your digital marketing plan is destined to fail.

Additionally, using such clickbaits will be most likely to increase just traffic, but people will not take action on your website. Many people are aware of the concept of clickbait, and they do not like it. The chances of people not visiting your website again once they experience clickbait are pretty high.

Constantly using clickbait would harm your business more than anything else. Because people will understand what you are trying to do, and the image of your business will lower by losing credibility.

There are so many better things to do instead of using clickbait. While clickbait can offer you faster results that would increase traffic in a short while, it is not sustainable and would give more harm than the benefit it will ever give. Instead, you should focus on providing useful and high-quality content.

The content you offer to your consumers will be the determinator of the value given to them. It is crucial to be honest about what you offer to them and what are the benefits of what you offer in addition to what can go wrong. If you be honest with your customers, they would be less likely to be disappointed with what you offer to them since you already informed them about what is going on.

Additionally, if you offer high-quality content that is enjoyable to consume by your target audience, people will most likely become loyal customers of what you offer. If you keep up with the good work, it would be a great way of increasing the success of your business.

Not knowing your target audience

Knowing your target audience is the key to digital marketing success.

Even though this is not a secret, it is a common digital marketing mistake that is done by many businesses, small or large. By “knowing your target audience,” it is not only meant their demographics, areas of interest, and so on. Of course, those are crucial information that is needed to be known.

But there is more than that.

As a business owner who has a digital marketing plan, you should be able to define your audience with clarity.

In other words, you must clearly state when someone asks, “who is your target audience?”

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An answer such as “women over 45” will not be successful for you. Digital marketing feeds from personalization, and your strategy should be as personal as possible to obtain success.

Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes - Not knowing your target audience
Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes – Not knowing your target audience

What are your target audience’s interests? What do they do not like doing? What do they support? What are the pain points of this audience? Knowing the answer to those questions (and many more) would help you to detect a pattern. Most successful marketers suggest creating two to three different customer types to get to know them better.

While learning about your target audience, it would be best to communicate with them directly. Talk with them as much as you can, learn what they like about your content and what they dislike. Share polls, surveys, and reward them for interacting with you regarding problems.

Pain points

As we mentioned earlier, knowing your audience’s pain points is a crucial aspect of getting to know them.

A pain point is a term used to describe a problem that is constantly creating inconveniences among your customers. At the end of the day, the audience will be interested in how the product or service helps them, not solely in the product or service itself.

To learn about pain points, you should once again communicate with your consumers after they receive your products or services. Was there anything wrong? How can you be better the next time? As you ask those questions to your audience, you will most likely detect a pattern, which will be the pain point.

A useful method to see the pain point of your business might be looking to the market. What are the pain points of other businesses that offer similar or the same products or services as you? There is a chance that your business’ pain point is the same as others, so you would not want to miss out on that.

Not having a social media plan

Social media is heaven for digital marketing, whether if it’s accessibility, affordability, or reaching large audiences. It sounds like it is a very easy marketing method to use social media, but it is not!

Most people who are into digital marketing make the mistake of overlooking social media. Social media can be very powerful if you have a strong plan. The ease of using social media and its reachability make it possible for marketers to use it just how they would like.

But, it does not work like that. Your business’ social media plan is so different from your personal Instagram account!

You must have a plan.

Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes - Not having a social media plan
Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes – Not having a social media plan

All the details about your social media channels should be defined. At what time will you post? In which channels will you post? What will be your caption? Are you going to respond to comments? There are just so many things to consider, and none of them should be overlooked.

In fact, there are many mistakes made while trying to be successful on social media, which will be discussed in the following headings:

Being on the wrong platforms

Being on social media does not mean that you have to be present on every single social media platform to reach your audience.

Social media channels themselves have a target audience. You would not find as many teenagers as on Instagram on Facebook. So, what is the point of focusing on Facebook when you can find your target audience on Instagram?

Using the wrong platforms would actually be bad for your marketing plan. You should always consider how you can get responses from your audience on your social media marketing plan.

It would be a good idea to see which social media channels do your competitors use the most to have an idea about what your next step will be.

Ignoring comments and feedbacks

On social media marketing, communication with your audience is everything.

Ignoring what people have to tell you on social media channels would be marketing suicide. Therefore, you have a social media channel for your business: listen to your audience, get better, and reach a larger audience.

If you have time, you should respond to comments, direct messages and communicate with your audience in every possible way. If you do not have time, you should hire a social media manager to do all those stuff for you.

If you ignore them, you will implement the message that they do not matter to you. Nobody would want to stay in a place that they are not wanted. You should show the value and respect you have for your audience by communicating with them and listening to their problems.

Overproducing content

Another mistake that you should avoid on social media is overproducing content.

The quality of your content once again finds us he social media. Posting content is relatively easier on social media in comparison to other channels. While it can be a great benefit, it can be the worst mistake you will ever make for your business.

People want valuable and meaningful content that actually works for them. Remember, in digital marketing, quality is always more important than quantity. More content, more ads, more posts… But what about those are telling your audience?

The audience will not be impressed by how much you produce. They will care about what you offer in those content. Of course, this does not mean that one post in one month is enough. It means that you should work on your content and offer a high-quality one instead of overproducing and offering nothing.

Hurrying up

Digital marketing is a form of communication and relationship that your business builds with customers. Hurrying up to speed up this process is never up to good.

The process of reaching large audiences and them becoming loyal customers of yours takes time. It is normal for this process to take time. Even though some tips would help you speed up this process a little bit, you cannot wait for immediate results.

Hurrying up
Hurrying up

You should have patience as a part of your digital marketing plan. Not everything will happen overnight, so you need to have a proper plan with plausible timelines and do not rush things.

Paying to ads like crazy and constantly trying to get new customers to boost your business would not work. You should have a plan and work to have a strong and meaningful relationship with your customers to have a stable development process.

Ignoring the data you have

One of the best things about digital marketing is that you have unlimited access to your marketing plan’s data. How many people saw your ad on Google? How many of them purchased it as a result? All of that information is a click away from you.

If you are satisfied with your results, so you do not find it necessary to analyze data, it means that you are making a mistake. If you are not satisfied with your results and you simply change your whole digital marketing plan, you are making a mistake.

What needs to be done here is very simple: analyze your data frequently!

There is no better way to see if your digital marketing strategies are actually working or not than by analyzing the data you have. The data you need to analyze is not solely based on the advertisements. You should follow how many people are seeing your content, what is the return rate, and how many e-mails you are getting.

All of those data will tell you if everything is going okay or are there is something wrong. It is very easy to detect flaws and problems in your marketing plan through the data you have, and overlooking this ease is a huge mistake.

You can always do better, and your data will create such a wonderful path for you to be better. Literally, everything you need to know to boost your business will be hidden on your data.


Inconsistency is the archenemy of digital marketing.

We mentioned that overproducing is a mistake that you should avoid. There is a fine line between overproducing and inconsistency, and both ends are bad for your business.

Your digital marketing plan will not achieve success in one night. You need to put in an effort and time to be able to get the results you want. For many people, it might be disappointing to constantly work on something and do not get results at the speed they want.

Being disappointed will not help you, but being consistent will.

Even though you do not seem to have results for your digital marketing plan, you should be consistent. If you have realistic goals that can be achieved in a plausible timeline, the chances of you being disappointed and inconsistent would be lowered.

Once again, having a proper digital marketing plan to follow would be very beneficial for the risk of inconsistency. If you have a plan, you should follow it no matter what. Write down what you will do step by step, and have a habit of consistently being present in the digital marketing area.

Only focusing on sales

In the first article, we mentioned that only focusing on traffic is a mistake. So does only focusing on sales.

You need to create a nice balance of visibility and sales for your business. If you try to convert every person on your platforms to customers, you will most likely fail.

Some of your audience will never shop from you, and this is okay. Increasing visibility is not a bad thing. Maybe they will not shop from you, but someone who heard from them will. So, you should never ignore the audience that does not shop from you.

You should keep speaking to them too. Besides, just because they do not shop from you does not mean that they never will. Maybe you do not have the right product for them yet, or they have a kind of problem that stops them from buying from you.

All in all, your audience that does not shop from you is still your audience, and they need to be heard. You should keep the balance between your visibility goals and sales goals.

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