Low Text – HTML Ratio

If you want to optimize the Text to HTML ratio, do the following:

  1. Make sure your HTML source code is valid
  2. Get rid of non-working or unnecessary code
  3. If there are white spaces in your source code, remove them
  4. Remove unnecessary tabs from your site
  5. No comments in the code
  6. Resize and compress images
  7. Compress texts
  8. You will benefit if the size of a web page is less than 300 kb
  9. Styling your page using CSS
  10. Use internal links on your website
  11. If the text ratio on your website is very low, try to enter a content marketing process. Explain more, show more. But be careful to be simple and understandable.

Why optimizing text – HTML ratio is important? 

Better text – HTML ratio,

  1. Means a better user experience. The higher the text to code ratio, the higher the user experience because the user will find something on your website to encourage them to convert.
  2. Means better page load speed. Less code means that unnecessary elements that slow down the loading speed of the web page are removed from there. A stronger loading speed can also mean a better SERP ranking.
  3. This means that the indexing processes of your website will improve. How does? Imagine pages that are faster, have higher conversion rates, more content. Google loves this and raises your page in the ranking. Indexing happens more quickly.

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