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Do you have full control over your website? What is the experience of users who visit your site? What could be the reason why you could not get a better ranking even though you thought you did everything right? Honestly, discovering this is not as difficult as you might think. Understanding what is happening on every page on your website and optimizing within the framework of the warnings and tasks you encounter in this direction can help you achieve better step by step. This is possible with a powerful web analysis tool. But what exactly will these analyses and optimizations do for you?

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Lower bounce rates

When users enter your site, if they cannot find the content they are looking for, they are forced to wait for seconds due to slow loading, or if security gaps are noticed (such as the lack of SSL certificate), the bounce rate is maximized. Hey, you don’t want people to walk away from you, do you? In that case, improvements should begin with a web analysis tool that makes a page-based analysis of each factor that causes all these negative experiences!

Lower bounce rates
Lower bounce rates

Higher conversion rates

Continuous analysis of your site’s speed, content, image formats, or accessibility allows you to improve the experience of the user entering your site. So what does a better website experience mean? Let’s say it right away: The increase in the time users spend on your site and the increase in potential conversion rates. Do you have an e-commerce site? Your sales will increase! Do you own a blog site? Your interactions will be rocketed!

Higher conversion rates
Higher conversion rates

High Traffic – Increased Ranking

There are two main things that search engines, especially Google, demand from the optimization processes of websites:

  1. Improve users’ experience on your site in all respects (we are talking about an improvement in every respect, from speed to content coverage, from site colors to categories, accessibility to a simple and understandable interface)
  2. Host these improvements in the internet world with an infrastructure that can be crawled by search engine bots.

High Traffic – Increased Ranking
High Traffic – Increased Ranking

It can be really easy for you to do these within the framework of the warnings and suggestions that a good website analysis tool will give you. When you do these, your ranking will increase in search engines for related keywords. Let’s tell you what it will bring to your target audience before your competitors: The recognition, popularity, and market dominance that comes with rising traffic.

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Increasing Sales Rates

If you own an e-commerce site, wouldn’t it be perfect to work with a website analysis tool that scans each page of your products in detail and gives you page-based shortcomings results, not site-based? In this way, you can predict the reasons for users’ cart abandonment rates, understand the problems in the categories with less traffic, and provide certain factors that will enable users to navigate your e-commerce site more easily. But what does all this mean?

Increasing Sales Rates
Increasing Sales Rates
  1. Increase the time users spend on your site.
  2. Become an easy-to-navigate e-commerce site for users. In this way, the possibility of spending time on your site in their spare time increases.
  3. Minimize the steps between liking the product and purchasing it. In this way, the possibility of purchasing will increase and users will convert.
  4. Manage customer satisfaction through conversion rate optimization and reach wider audiences.

What Should a Web Site Analysis Tool Do?

What do you think you need to pay attention to in order to get comprehensive service and no longer have to make complex analyses on multiple platforms? Let’s say it right away: We, as Screpy, enable you to measure and control all the features of your website without the need to use any additional platform. Moreover, while doing this, we perform all measurements on a page-based basis. In this way, you have the chance to understand from which page each shortcoming or each problem affecting overall performance arise:

  1. End-to-end analysis
  2. Page based reports
  3. Comprehensive tasks that show step by step how each shortcoming can be fixed.
  4. Statistics showing the potential and likely impact of each task on the overall score
  5. A program that provides automatic scanning of pages thanks to high-quality AI-based technology.

These are the principles that represent the most basic advantages Screpy offers. So, if you want a web analytics tool to provide a comprehensive service, what kind of analytics should you expect from this website? Let’s examine.

Pagespeed Monitoring -And Why Does It Matter

A powerful website analysis tool should first regularly analyze the speed of each page on your site.

  • Did you know that speed is a direct ranking factor according to Google’s official statements?
  • What if e-commerce sites, which offer users a slow experience due to problems such as freezing or tingling, have dropped by 70 percent today?

All of these represent the importance of speed in the internet world, which is constantly on the move and contains millions of competitors at the same time.

A strong speed monitoring should tell you clear ways to increase your ranking by measuring all the metrics that authoritative platforms like Google Lighthouse care about. What are these metrics?

For example, we can say that the main metrics that make up the performance score of Google Lighthouse are:

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Pagespeed Monitoring -And Why Does It Matter
Pagespeed Monitoring -And Why Does It Matter

Consider that all these values are measured on a page basis. Super, isn’t it? Moreover, with the tasks that will be given about the ways to increase your scores. Screpy does that too.

Performing Pagespeed monitoring correctly will get you the following:

  1. The fast website experience of search engine bots will make it easier for your pages to rank higher by getting indexed.
  2. Users usually expect the pages they log in to open within 2 seconds. Load times of three seconds or more mean increasing bounce rates. Thanks to the short-term load, you will increase your chances of converting every part of your traffic by reducing bounce rates.
  3. Your customer acquisition rate will increase as it will be easier for users to navigate your site. So, users will want to revisit your site.

Uptime Monitoring -And Why Does It Matter

Imagine that the services you offer on your website have a great scope: Users will find whatever they are looking for on your pages, they have high accessibility rates and therefore the conversion rates are getting better. Moreover, you increased the speed several times to minimize the chance of users bouncing.

Uptime Monitoring Web Analysis Tool
Uptime Monitoring Web Analysis Tool

What’s the problem now?

Remember, in order for all these optimizations to really work, you first need to make your site accessible. Increased downtime due to various server problems can damage the overall reputation and reputation of your site and prevent you from gaining users as loyal visitors. But how can you have control over that?

Powerful uptime monitoring services should be able to do the following for you:

  1. Notifying you with an instant notification whenever your site experiences downtime.
  2. Notifying this as an e-mail when your site is re-published
  3. Automatically determining the times when your site needs to be crawled and providing maximum control thanks to an artificial intelligence-based system
  4. By regularly tracking the server response time, enabling you to have more control over a factor that affects your performance score.

Required Context of the Uptime Monitoring Services

Screpy Uptime Monitoring Tool does all this in the most powerful way. Remember, as a human being, it is not possible for you to watch your website for seven days and twenty-four hours. However, each uptime and downtime status of an AI-powered tool on your site is immediately detected. You can determine the frequency of experiencing this problem and change the server service you prefer accordingly. Not all of them are limited to this. With report-based server response time tracking, you can also track anything that affects many categories, from First Contentful Paint to other performance metrics. This means: You have full control over the performance and accessibility of your site, and this allows you to improve.

  1. Uptime monitoring services are generally expected to provide a lot of data when your site is in downtime, from the status code your visitors encounter, to the duration of this condition, from average uptime performance to response time. In this way, you will get an overview of your site.
  2. Another thing that a powerful website analysis tool can do is visualize your statistics with a graph and similar tools and enable you to analyze your site’s overall values ​​on a time-by-time basis.
  3. Here’s a tip: Screpy does it all! We provide a comprehensive Uptime Monitoring service in all of the different pricing packages we offer for you, and we guarantee the best results for your projects.

SEO Audit & Monitoring: Why Does Your Site Need That?

Worried about your site’s SEO score? SEO is one of the most valuable work processes that will make you strong enough in the digital world.

SEO Audit & Monitoring Website Analysis Tool
SEO Audit & Monitoring Website Analysis Tool
  • Remember: the platform that brings you and your visitors together is the search engines themselves. If you manage to be more visible in search engines, you will be the most popular shop on a busy street.
  • Think of this globally: When your target audience searches for keywords related to your service, you will first appear in the SERPs and direct more traffic to your site.
  • In fact, we have a very interesting statistic on this subject: Studies show that the first three results in SERP receive a very high part of the traffic. The CTR you can get from the fourth row thinks step by step. This rate becomes much lower when you fall from the first page. So exactly where you rank in the SERP is very important.
  • Let’s talk about one more thing: The zeroth row or featured snippets, which are becoming more and more popular today, manage to reduce the potential CTR rate of the first-ranked result by around ten percent. Because people prefer to read this short answer, which is shown as a featured snippet, and if they want to learn more, they prefer to go to the site that gives this answer.

So, understanding the current demands of Google from websites and optimizing your site, content, and technical features in line with these demands is the most important thing you can do to reach your target audience.

Because of exactly the above, it is very valuable to measure all the metrics that affect your site’s SEO score with a powerful SEO tool and fix shortcomings that prevent a gradual increase in rankings. But what should a good SEO analysis tool offer you? Let’s examine it together!

Test Your Website Issues

You can quickly analyze your site

What Should a Good SEO Analysis Tool Offer?

  1. First of all, remember that SEO isn’t just about on-site optimizations. A good SEO tool should also help you clean up backlinks that will damage your site’s reputation. Therefore, regular backlink scanning is an excellent feature.
  2. A good SEO tool creates a separate on-page SEO report for each of your pages. In this report, there should be statistical reports of all the details about the page, from page speed to content ratio, average response time to crawlability, title and meta description information to structured data, DOM size to redirects. The main goal is to make sure you have full control over your site.
  3. A good SEO tool does not require you to try to learn about them by allocating a separate budget after detecting all of them. Instead, it offers you solutions to improve shortcomings and any statistics that deviate from the norm. Hey, does this sound familiar to you from somewhere? Remember Screpy’s tasks!
  4. One more thing: Remember that a good SEO tool should have developed all of its algorithms in line with the most up-to-date demands of search engines. Outdated warnings, useless correction requests will cause you to get worse results day by day.

As Screpy, we serve with a powerful SEO website analysis tool that performs all the functions listed above. It is very valuable for us to have full control over your site. A better SEO will mean higher traffic, higher potential conversion rate and of course a better reputation.

Are you ready to be the new player of the digital world?

Keyword Tracking: Set Your Position in Certain Keywords, Track Your Improvement – But How?

Do you know how people use search engines? In words! People search with words on search engines to find the results they are looking for, to meet the company that provides the service they are looking for, or to get inspiration. Therefore, what you have to do is to prove to search engines that you provide the best value for the words in question.

Keyword Tracking Website Analysis Tool
Keyword Tracking Website Analysis Tool

But how will that happen?

The truth is, SEO is exactly what it means. However, general SEO improvements may not make you stand out on a specific keyword. Your ranking in keywords depends on the work of your competitors, the difficulty of the industry, and whether your content is of sufficient quality and optimized. You can manage your content strategy, meta descriptions, tags, or search engine marketing efforts by doing keyword tracking and keeping track of which words you are indexed and which position you are in currently.

In addition, you can track the keyword positions of your competitors’ step by step, guess about their content strategy, and produce proactively.

Cool, isn’t it? Having a website analysis tool that allows you to master everything in the SERP world is the best way to get a clear understanding of your position in the market.

What Does Screpy do for Keyword Monitoring?

We briefly talked about what a powerful keyword monitoring service should cover. Actually, there is more to it. Let’s take a brief look at them:

SERP Keywords Table

As Screpy, we make it much easier for you to follow up the work by offering SERP keywords table. Changes, distribution of countries that access keywords through your site, position changes and much more are here. Just the way you want it!

Keyword Page

The keyword page allows you to show your progress from past to present on a specific keyword you choose. You can examine the statistics visualized in a timeline on an easy-to-understand graph. In addition to your position in this keyword, you will be able to see the search volumes of the keyword and the development of the interest in the keyword in the timeline on the graph. Screpy shows the results for you, while it shows them separately for mobile desktop. In this way, you will be the ruler of your site in both areas.

Keyword Details

The keyword details page is a special page where you can examine long tail and semantic keyword versions that are similar to your specific keyword. The results you will see on this page are also separated for desktop and mobile. In this way, it has been made possible for you to target additional keywords according to the audience you want to address. You can watch your position and the results below / above you on a screen on the selected keyword.

Tracking Changing Keyword Interest of Target Auidance

If you are appealing to a certain audience, it may be a good idea to understand which keywords this audience is searching for and update your content strategy accordingly. Wouldn’t it be great for a website analysis tool that works in sync with Google Trends to provide you with information about changing trends and search habits? Indeed, you won’t need to use any other tools and you’ll get great results.

The 12-month historical data and current values that will be presented to you will enable you to establish your content strategy and keyword-focused advertising strategy in the most efficient way. Return of Investment (ROI) rates will reach an excellent level.

Perfect, isn’t it?

Discovering more is that easy. If you are looking for a tool that allows you to gain full control over your website, you need to make sure that this tool is shaped in a way that you do not need any other tools. We are focused on achieving this with Screpy. What would you like to do?

Test Your Website Issues

You can quickly analyze your site

W3C Validator: What is It and Why Does It Matter?

It’s excellent to implement the basic SEO requirements of search engines. So is determining your content strategy, setting the correct page speed. But remember, you are found in the internet world through the files that this world accepts and you aim to appeal to all search engines. Syntaxes, code languages, files, security protocols, and much more. What do you think the “world wide web” you are in demands from you?

W3C Validator Website Analysis Tool
W3C Validator Website Analysis Tool

With a powerful W3C monitoring tool, you can check whether you have functional, fast, and user-oriented syntax and discover which errors you need to fix in order to have it. Moreover, it can be very easy to fix things thanks to the tasks that provide detailed information about how each warning should be corrected.

What a good W3C validator tool needs to do is show your progress by presenting your historical data, enable you to monitor, and list all syntax problems. A good monitoring service should have the following features:

  1. HTML validation must be covered by W3C validation services. This type of service makes it easy to scan HTML and XHTML files in detail and find bugs and errors. The optimization process is easily completed by directly flagging the errors. This means increasing your performance.
  2. CSS validation must be covered by W3C validation services. This process, which ensures that all CSS files on your website are scanned in detail, performs tests in terms of renderability, compatibility and validity. Once you learn about the files that need to be fixed, you can easily get better results. Remember, these improvements you make will also improve your total SEO score.

Having Great SEO and Get Competitive Analysis with A Killer Web Site Analysis Tool

You now agree that you need to have a good website analysis tool to learn the digital position of your website in the marketplace and make improvements in line with the most up-to-date SEO requirements. A good website analysis checklist should do everything from page speed monitoring to keyword tracking, uptime monitoring to W3C validation for you. In this way, what happens is: You don’t need to use any other tool to gain full control over your site. Having a fast, easy and accessible website while constantly optimizing it according to the most up-to-date requirements enables you to maintain your place and step up in the changing digital world.

We respond to your search for the best website analysis tool accordingly. As Screpy, we develop all of the comprehensive services we offer so that you do not need any other management, tracking or monitoring tools for your site.

Discover More: Benefits of Using A Strong Web Analysis Tool

Having a powerful web analysis tool in the online world will provide you with the following advantages:

  1. To find out exactly the reason for the periodic regressions that occur on your site.
  2. To examine the impact of your SEO and SEM work, as well as content marketing strategies, on your current situation, thanks to powerful visualizations.
  3. Quickly learn about shortcomings and downtimes occurring on your site
  4. Knowing the potential contribution of each improvement to the total score thanks to the score-based system
  5. Having a fully integrated and synchronized monitoring process from a single point without having to use important tools such as Google Lighthouse, Google Dev Tools, Google Trends separately.


How do you analyze a website for free?

It is possible to provide analysis of your site and projects by taking advantage of Screpy’s free 7-day trial period. Moreover, you do not need to provide any credit card information for this. You can make transactions on the registration page immediately.

How do you analyze a website?

You can obtain a comprehensive control by performing the analysis of a site with the following maintenance:
1.      Keyword tracking
2.      Uptime Monitoring
3.      Pagespeed Monitoring
4.      SEO Audit
5.      W3C Validator
Having full page-based control over your site in the above categories means being able to make an excellent contribution to your site’s development and growth process. If you’re ready, let’s start together!

How do I test my website speed?

Thanks to Screpy’s system that works in integration with Google Lighthouse and Google Dev Tools, you can immediately see how your site scored in different performance metrics, examine improvement suggestions with potential contributions, and view tasks that contain information on how to make improvements.

A strong link check process helps you keep your reputation in the eyes of Google and its users in check by allowing you to check whether backlinks to your site are from trusted sources. In this way, you will manage your visibility in the internet world with much stronger steps.

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