Page Speed Monitoring: Make Your Voice Louder With A More Powerful Website!

Imagine your website is freezing while users are trying to reach the pages, or making people really impatient by loading too slowly. How long do you think users can wait for your site to load?

Why Does Page Speed Monitoring Matter? (And What Is It?)

In the internet world where there are millions of alternatives in almost every sector, you need a professional page speed monitoring process in order to offer your users a powerful UX and to take a strong position on certain keywords in the results pages of search engines -That is, SERPs. In fact, a strong Pagepeed value you provide for your site has a direct impact on bounce rate, potential conversion rates of visitors, and your SEO score.

Let’s examine briefly the influence of Page Speed on each of them.

Bounce Rate and Page Speed

A low Page Speed score means users have to enter your website and wait too long for the content to load. Let’s be clear: Nobody in the internet world has enough patience to wait for you. Research shows that users who click on a web page expect it to be loaded within 2 seconds. Especially from the end of the third second, bounce rates start to increase rapidly.

Hey, here what it means in English: people are leaving your site and start looking for your competitors to get the same service. Do you think Google wouldn’t notice this?

Conversion Rates and Page Speed

Let’s remember what conversion means: As a website owner, what do you intend for visitors to do when they land on your page? Share content? Buying a product? Whatever this action is, if your visitor finally does that, we call it “conversion“.

A website where Page speed monitoring cannot be performed strongly does not provide comfort to users for showing conversion. What’s more, many users prefer to bounce before they have a chance to examine conversion options.

SEO score and Page Speed

Google’s Pagespeed algorithm takes care of the speed your website provides to users and generates a score out of that. Websites that provide a powerful UX are perfectly suited to be featured by search engines: Because they are platforms that can deliver what the user is looking for in the fastest, easiest, and most accessible way.

That’s exactly why the fast enough loading and running performance of a website is appreciated by Google.

Moreover, increased bounce rate and decreased conversion rates due to a low Google Pagespeed score will indirectly negatively affect your ranking.

Screpy provides you with a powerful all-in-one tracking service to achieve great work in page speed. While maximizing the page speed score of your site, you can easily monitor your performance in different metrics and make improvements when necessary. The AI-powered principle of Screpy scans the pages on your site one by one and tells you about the problems that will strengthen your score if they are improved. Here are all the services we offer:

  • Page Speed for all pages
  • Average page size
  • Speed Index
  • Average load time
  • All Lighthouse metrics
  • Page Speed report for each page
  • Uptime Monitoring

All-In-One Performance Metrics

Let’s trying to understand the importance of page speed performance that your website offer to your users by imagining an experience a physical store provides its visitors:

Imagine a customer having a completely smooth experience as they walk through a store’s door and watching the products one by one. The showcases in a special flow, prepared with the professionalism of interior design experts, make it a pleasant experience for your visitor to browse the store. Every detail, from the location of the payment point to the color flow, should be carefully designed so that the user can easily convert.

Page speed monitoring lays the groundwork for the user to have a seamless experience of all these experiences in your online store – or on your blog site. Remember: Even if you have a great UX-based design, too slow loading of this design will make your visitors’ experience quite problematic.

Screpy solves the problems at this point and simplifies your monitoring process. We examine all performance metrics together and make sure your site can offer users a great browsing experience.

  • Unlike our competitors, we, as Screpy, analyze each page separately and presents the scores of performance metrics on a page basis. Therefore, the tasks we offer are also listed customized for each page of a website. AI-based scanning and presented tasks help you create wonders in page speed monitoring.
  • You do not have to make analyze different platforms to track each of the performance metrics. It is possible to do comprehensive website monitoring and tracking from a single point with Screpy. Hey, no more confusion between different platforms.
  • You can have a much stronger monitoring process thanks to our Google Lighthouse integration service.

Speed Report for Every Page

We know what competitor tracking tools do: They analyze the home page of the website and their score optimization is done based on the shortcoming found on there: home page. But we know this is wrong because each web page has different needs and problems.
While creating and developing Screpy, this was exactly what we paid attention to: We wanted it to analyzes the pages on your website one by one and gives a different speed report for each of them.

Our main goal in doing all these is to add professionalism to your page speed monitoring process.

  • You can get page-based results by analyzing each page of your website. Moreover, thanks to the Google Lighthouse integration Screpy has, every average data presented is extremely reliable.
  • You can easily access historical data for each page, thanks to the smart service Screpy offers you. -Hey, we know what you need to feel full control over your website.
  • Screpy automatically analyzes each of your pages and creates tasks. You do not need to manually analyze each page. Time to save time and energy!

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime is a term that refers to the percentage of time your website is available and accessible to users. Downtime, on the other hand, is when your site is inaccessible, usually for reasons related to the hosting service you receive. These moments will seriously damage both the conversion rates and the UX your web pages provide.
It is very important that your website is a working platform at all times. Frequent downtime can take away a lot from your brand’s prestige. Moreover, if individuals trying to access your site during downtime encounter an error page, they may eliminate your site from their browsing habits.

Remember: when users do a search on Google, millions of websites just like yours are ranked for them. If your website is in “downtime” at that moment, the likelihood that users will prefer you on their next search may be quite low. Screpy also has a powerful monitoring tool for you to have detailed information about your site’s uptime and downtime moments.

  • Thanks to Screpy, you can receive instant and real-time notifications about your website’s downtime moments and when your site goes back to uptime, you can get the news of it again.

We know this: Especially for big brands, even a short downtime means thousands of dollars losses. Being able to be aware of every moment your site is experiencing downtime allows you to prevent such disruptions by solving problems. As a result, higher brand prestige can be maintained and financial losses can be avoided.

Thanks to the uptime and downtime notifications -that have simple and understandable content- we send you, it may become much easier for you to follow the process. If you are looking for a powerful, simple, and traceable service in uptime monitoring, you can choose Screpy, which notifies you of every development with a detailed response time graph.

Performance Tasks

Your website may have problems that may prevent the search engine’s crawling process, that reduce itself from obtaining a better UX score, or that making higher achievements in rankings impossible.

To be honest, it’s no secret that what you need to do for better scores and stronger ranking in the world of search engines. But the challenge is to determine what the web pages are short of and present a result accordingly.

As Screpy, we thought it was important to offer you this convenience within the framework of our page speed monitoring services: You do not need to manually detect problems one by one anymore. Instead, thanks to our AI-powered system, we scan each of your pages one by one, identify them, and list them for you -along with the tasks that tell you about how to solve the problems.

What are the benefits of performance tasks provided by Screpy AI?

So what exactly does this provide? Let’s examine them one by one:

  • First of all, you don’t have to try to find the answer to the question “what’s the problem here?” by using a large number of tools or by trying to understand things by your insights. The AI-based scanning process, which we will do using real statistics, gives you important information about what to do by showing errors one by one.
  • Let’s another benefit: Isn’t it great that you don’t need to do any manual action anymore to achieve all of the scanning work? The tool we have prepared for you does all of these automatically and offers customized results for your page.
  • We do not stop after specifying shortcomings. We, at Screpy, provide detailed tasks on how to fix each of them. Thanks to the tasks prepared in a simple and understandable language, it becomes possible to optimize your website without the need for any other tools. Here is a great optimization process!
  • Thanks to the Lighthouse Integration we offer for you, we can guarantee a hundred percent page speed score success if you apply the tasks correctly. Imagine how great this is: You no longer need anything else to access more.
  • Finally, each of the tasks you should follow to optimize your performance will also tell you its potential contribution to your overall score. In this way, you determine which optimization task to start from, with a smart strategy.

Integrated Lighthouse Report

Google Lighthouse is a popular open-source tracking tool that allows the quality of websites to be measured with different metrics. So, what do you need to do if you want to get full control of your website by using this tracking tool but also need to get access to more tools?

In order to enable you to control the whole process from a single point, we offer you Google Lighthouse in Screpy interface, where you can track different metrics such as Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO. Our strong integration allows you to export Lighthouse reports, use all Lighthouse tools, and of course share these reports with teammates.

Isn’t that perfect for you? With Screpy that works perfectly as a website monitoring and tracking tool, which we develop more and more every day, it is much easier to reach larger audiences. Get started right away with Page Speed Monitoring!

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