Call Them Back! 5 Reasons Why People Are Leaving Your Website

Why are your visitors leaving your website so fast? Could there be a more powerful way to connect them to your site?

Many people who have difficulty increasing their conversions despite high traffic rates or have problems with their SEO scores due to bounce rates are looking for ways to “call their visitors back“. Screpy experts have prepared strong recommendations on what you can do to strengthen the relationship between your visitors and your site using modern and organic methods. 

Why People Leave Website
Why do people leave your website too soon?

Hey, if you’re ready let’s do a few gestures to your visitors and keep them with you!

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Bounce Rate and User Experience: Why Can’t You Keep Them on Your Website?

If we are talking about your visitors leaving your site, we should first talk about bounce rate.

What was the bounce rate? It is the behavior of the users closing the page very soon after entering your site. This gives a very important message to search engines (hey, especially to Google): The user did not find your website useful for some reason. What does it mean for search engines to hear this? Search engines that aim to show users the best results for them can lower your SEO score and your ranking in relevant keyword is badly affected. Hey, okay, no need to worry!

There may be a number of reasons why the bounce rate is high. Let’s examine some of them together.

Problems in Audience Targeting: User Intent

The audience targeting work you do for your content may not be targeting the right audience. What do we mean? Let’s say a user searches for the word “tote bag” on Google. What should we offer her?

Bazaarvoice’s research gives us a very striking answer: You have to understand the user’s intention when searching for a keyword and direct him or her to the relevant page of your website. 

User Intent and bounce Rate
User intent and bounce rate

If you run an e-commerce site, you may not understand the user intent while you are redirecting the user searching for “tote bag” directly to your homepage. Waiting for the visitor to explore the rest of the site and manually reach their desired category can make the process quite difficult. About 84 percent of users want to go to the category page or landing page that the keyword is referring to instead of going to the home page.

Having Too Many Ads on the Website

Making ad placement that negatively affects the user experience (UX) both negatively affects Google’s opinions about your site and makes it impossible for users to navigate your site in a pleasant and easy way. So what do we have to do?

Ads Placement Leaving website
Ads placement to stop people leaving your website

It is very important to place the ads in the right place and to ensure that they appeal to the user and have a structure that does not disturb. You can try the following methods to do this:

  1. Create different ad placement scenarios and perform AB testing on these scenarios. In this way, you can see the effect of ads on bounce rate and which ad placement generates more clicks (and makes you make more money).
  2. Make sure that the CTA you create has a look that will enhance the user’s experience (UX) in terms of font, button size, font style, placement, and interactions.
  3. Analyze your users’ behavior on your website. For example, in which areas of the site do they scroll their mouse the most? What types of fonts do they react more to? What kind of audience do you have, and what do they see as a persuasive opportunity, while what do they call “uncomfortable”?
Too Many Ads
Too many ads and how to fix it

Mobile Responsiveness of the Website

The mobile experience users have can be extremely inefficient. How so? Here’s how: When a user enters your site on their mobile device, they may notice that the contents are too small to read or the images or text are loaded too large. This means that the user cannot easily navigate your site and benefit from the content on the mobile device.

Hey! Have you ever heard that according to the latest research, approximately 25 percent of users in the United States connect to the internet only from their mobile devices. This rate is exactly fifty percent for Asia and Africa. So not paying attention to website performance on mobile devices can be a much bigger mistake than you think.

What should we do? You found the answer to the question of why people are leaving your site. Now you need to fix the problem.

Install a mobile responsive theme. Remember, websites that do not have a mobile-friendly theme will not have their SEO scores as high as they demand.

Mobile responsive
Mobile responsive website with a not optimized website

Not Sharing Content Frequently

If a user enters your website and notices that your site has not been updated for a long time, that could be a good reason for giving up on it. 

Hey, let’s say you own a blog site. The latest content was shared in 2018.

People will find this site outdated and want to go to a more up-to-date site and catch the real moment. So another way to prevent people who enter your website from going immediately is to keep your website up to date.

Blog Post Frequently
Not sharing blog post frequently and how it affects your website

Small tip: Did you know that Google cares about the fact that a website is kept up to date and regularly shares content?

Low Page Speed ​​Values

In order for a website to provide a powerful enough user experience, it must first have a strong loading and running speed. Research shows that users who click on a site page request that the loading is completed within the first two seconds. If it doesn’t load for the first three seconds, users start bouncing. When the situation reaches five seconds, the results can be even more frightening.

Moreover, another study revealed that low page speed values ​​also affect conversion rates. Yes, you heard that right! Seventy percent of users prefer not to shop here when faced with slow loading. Interesting, isn’t it?

Why people Leaving Website
Why people are leaving your website – Page Speed

So, optimizing page speed values ​​will benefit you in the following ways:

  1. Better page speed values ​​mean a better user experience.
  2. This means users spend a long time on your site.
  3. Users who spend time on your site are more likely to convert. Hey, check out our page speed and buying behavior content if you wish.
  4. Finally, all these changes come together to strengthen your SEO score. Cool, right?

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