Homepage SEO: How to Optimize Your Homepage?

Is your website home page adequately suited to basic SEO requirements? Considering that your homepage is the showcase of your store or corporate identity, it may make sense to consider it separately for all SEO and optimization work.

While the question of whether there is such a thing as Homepage SEO is quite controversial, there is one thing that is true: Even if there is no such thing as Homepage SEO, your homepage directly affects users’ conversion rates and changes your brand image.

Homepage SEO - Definition and Tips
Homepage SEO – Definition and Tips

However, if you have been looking to rank your home page specifically for years but are not able to do so, it would be best to make your homepage is seen by search engines with basic optimization.

In the case of a standard corporate company, it is very likely that users will encounter your homepage in the first place after Google searches for your corporate name. Of course, we have to deliver a note at this point:

If you have a brand name like Screpy that doesn’t have a meaning by itself without the company, everything is much easier. You can definitely appear in the first place when someone type ”Screpy” on Google. But if your brand name is something people use as a keyword in queries in everyday life, such as moisturizing cream or laptop, then you need much more to show your homepage in the first place.

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What could be the main purposes of a homepage?

Here are a few of the things the homepage will do:

Homepage SEO - Netflix example
Homepage SEO – Netflix example
  1. You need to explain what your product, service or brand identity is about to both Googlebots and your visitors who will be browsing your site. The contents on Homepage do this best. Every detail, from the slogans you use to the keywords, is to describe what you are doing in the simplest, most descriptive, and striking way.
  2. The home page makes it easy for users to navigate your site. The ease of connecting to frequently visited pages with buttons at certain points helps visitors find what they need. Moreover, helping users and Googlebots to navigate the site in this way means getting strong results in terms of SEO. See also how do search engines work.
  3. A good homepage aims to give visitors confidence about your product or service. Therefore, what you will do is also provide detailed information about your services and remove the question marks in people’s minds. For this, faq fields used on home pages can be very useful. Your expression can be supported by the use of rich content, infographics, and visuals.

The homepage allows you to do all this and create a brand image. Since it has links from many pages and links other important pages of your website, the homepage is the most valuable area of ​​your site and it introduces users you.

Shape the Top Bar of Your Site: Your Logo and Navigation Buttons

Your brand identity stands out primarily with your logo. The style of your logo, the colors, the letters inside and much more are the first thing you offer about the narrative of your company.

Top Bar of Homepage
Top Bar of Homepage

Moreover, you should have links that connect the main parts of your site at the top of your homepage to make it easier for users and Googlebots to navigate. You can create this with buttons and pull-down menus.

This part is very valuable for Googlebots to understand that your site’s theme and range of services are inclusive. When placing the navigation buttons make sure that they are lined up in a certain way. Use basic categories and sub-categories with drop-down menus under them. Everything should be user-friendly, simple, and functional.

Slogans and Strong Guidance Explaining Service Scope

A company’s homepage should make clear everything the company does and the main point about how does it do these

When you first enter Screpy, browse the area you can review without having to make an additional scroll on the home page. Here you can see everything Screpy does in the top slogan, examine the purpose of all of them in the short description below, and get hints about how all these are presented with the items just below.

Screpy Homepage example
Screpy Homepage example

When you enter our site, it is easy to understand exactly what we serve: We offer a tracking service to keep track of your Page speed, SEO, and some other categorical scores, and this service also offers improvement suggestions -we call them tasks.

Notice how small a word count is required to explain all this. Terse. Do not extend what you tell about only for using keywords on your home page. Simplify and distribute keywords to functional places.

Use Keywords on Your Homepage

Let’s talk about the best way to tell Googlebots what’s happening here: keywords!

Using keywords for Homepage SEO
Using keywords for Homepage SEO

Design matters, content really matters! See the details about content optimization studies.

Let’s be honest: using keywords on the homepage does not mean getting a perfect result in rankings all at once. They cannot create miracles. But why would you rather not use them while you have the to opportunity introduce yourself with the help of them? Here are some tips for using keywords on your home page.

In fact, a study by Rand Fishkin revealed a few details about the keywords for this:

  1. Since the content itself on your home page has to be the tagline type, you have to set a small set of keywords to use here – not too much. While targeting them, it is recommended to analyze your competitors, use keyword suggestion tools, and especially if you have faqs, take a look at long-tail keywords in these areas.
  2. Make sure every keyword you use is relevant to your site.
  3. Your keywords are tips that will tell Google what this place is all about.
  4. Be sure to distribute keywords in different areas of the homepage in an organic style. Otherwise, a spammy page will appear and the image will not be very pleasant in terms of the prestige of your site.

Using Header is Very Valuable for You

Is there such a thing as Homepage SEO, should we make the concept so specific? Hey, instead of having such a theoretical discussion, let’s focus on the facts: We have another suggestion to develop a powerful SEO-focused design & software and content in Homepage: Headings!

Headings for Homapage SEO
Headings for Homapage SEO
  1. You know that Googlebots attaches extra importance to all headings, especially h1 when scanning your page. While only one heading can be on a page, other title tags can be found as many as you want. But remember, the headings used must have a specific hierarchy and follow a logical flow.
  2. You need to use one h1 at the top of your site. This could be your motto. The service you provide is the subject in which you are extremely ambitious and the basic voice of your brand. Remember that your slogan is extremely valuable.
  3. Then, h2, h3, h4 titles can also be used according to a certain hierarchy and in a way to create a logical flow. All of these will affect both the users ‘experience of navigating your site and viewing the content, and the Googlebots’ processes of understanding you from general to specific.

Videos, Images and More

Today, many brands prefer to use visuals, infographics, and other rich content models instead of long and textual areas on the home page. Take advantage of a variety of media content prepared entirely by your graphic designers on your home page.

Using Visuals on Homepage
Using Visuals on Homepage
  1. It is very valuable for images to be one hundred percent unique.
  2. Make sure that the media content used is enriched with various slogans and keyword headings.
  3. Strong results can be produced by supporting each picture with text in blocks.
  4. By showing your visitors what you offer visually and briefly explaining them one by one, it will help to understand your brand and service scope much better.

Do Not Hesitate To Provide Various Field Studies and Evidence

The results of the fieldwork you present and the evidence you publish will help build trust in your services. The tips you will give about reliability can consist of the logos of the companies you have partnered with and the comments made by your previous customers.

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