Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021

Heraclitus said, “Change is the only constant.” millenniums ago, and what he said was exactly right. Thousands of years have passed, but everything has changed and keeps changing apart from the change itself. Change is a fact of life and the human world. Naturally, the completely human-based marketing world has to keep up with the change. For this reason, every individual in the marketing world should know the marketing trends of 2021 and adapt to the changing world. Especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the marketing field, like every industry, must evolve in the new year world in order to meet expectations. So here are the digital marketing trends!

Everything we mentioned above is to highlight important information; how competitive the marketing industry is. The marketing industry is so competitive that you should never ignore current trends if you are a marketer. As Screpy experts, we are all aware of what is going on today. So we will be guiding you into digital marketing trends you can’t ignore in 2021 in this article.

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At the point where today’s technology has come, applications based on artificial intelligence have become able to imitate even the works of Shakespeare. While artificial intelligence can imitate even human-made works such as painting/music/literary work, its contribution to the world of digital marketing is unimaginable. A digital marketing company integrated with artificial intelligence technology puts its competitors behind in many respects.

  • Artificial intelligence can offer new perspectives on the course of your company by analyzing the points that human intelligence overlooks.
  • When you want to head to a new area for commercial purposes, you can get more comprehensive data.
  • It will reduce your expenses while increasing efficiency. Because while a single artificial intelligence program can work actively 24 hours a day, seven days a week, human beings cannot handle such a workload. On top of that, artificial intelligence alone can accomplish the job of a group of people.
  • AI can also provide more satisfying customer service and experience while AI analyzes each customer’s data.  As a result, people will prefer to shop with you over your competitors, thanks to customized attitudes and services towards the customer.
Top digital marketing trends for 2021 - Think with Google

Everything we mentioned above about AI is what you can achieve with limited artificial intelligence knowledge in 2021. Although it is a novel technology, the features it provides in digital marketing already consist of opportunities that can never be ignored. Especially every company that prepares long-term plans and desires to reach the very top in its field should consider integrating artificial intelligence with their company already.


Another feature that increases customer satisfaction with artificial intelligence is live chatbots. Chatbots, which have become functional in every corner of the Internet, should be essential for your company where you run your digital marketing business. Especially for the last five years, digital marketing companies have been able to maintain the relationship they have established with their customers with a more reliable approach thanks to the chatbot. Therefore, as Screpy experts, we would like to talk a little more about the convenience and innovations that chatbots can provide you (yes, even if the year is 2021)

  • You can activate chatbots live/or as a message box where customers can leave their messages. In this way, you can provide more reliable, hastily, and precise solutions to the possible problems that your customers may experience.
  • You can utilize chatbots as a human-based or an AI-based feature. While customer service answers people’s questions during working hours, artificial-intelligence chatbots that are automatically activated apart from working hours can create miracles while dealing with problems.
  • In addition, customer support services provided by email and telephone are no different than communicating through smoke signals in 2021. Chatbots come with a beast that can be awake 24/7.

Social Inclusion

You might say, what does social inclusion have to do with the digital marketing trend? But with the experience and knowledge of our Screpy expertise, we can say that “Digital marketing and inclusivity cannot be separated from each other.” The biggest reason for this is the common sense that societies have gained over time, led by social movements that accelerated the momentum in the last ten years. It’s 2021, and no one wants someone else to be ostracized just because they’re of another race. In the current time, differences are not seen as a threat. Most people do not perceive it as a problem that people who have adopted other religions can shop from the same place. In 2021, people do not condemn the sexual orientation of others; on the contrary, they support them to live like everyone else.

For exactly this reason, people expect the same attitude from the companies. Nobody wants to build relationships with a company that hasn’t kept up with the 21st century. Rather, they sympathize and respect all kinds of inclusive and appealing companies, including digital marketing. On top of that, the things you can accomplish to embrace everyone are pretty simple.

  • You can emphasize the value of diversity and identity through visual posts/ ads on social media.
  • Or you can follow a company policy that states that you accept differences and do not exclude people because of their identity or disability.

The world we live in is global, and there is no room for hostility, grudge, or negative attitude. A new generation called Generation Z will be the majority of the new world soon enough. And it would help if you remembered that: these young people are very sensitive about such manners.

Environmentally Friendly Marketing Policy

Although the technology we have brings convenience and innovations, the damage it causes to the world we live in cannot be ignored. For this reason, a company that adopts an environmentally friendly approach in the digital marketing industry will shine like a sun in the field. The Australian wildfires throughout the country in the 2019-2020 era have caused many people to reevaluate their relationship with nature. When the corona pandemic was added to it, many people decided to use environmentally friendly products and improve their relations with companies that conduct sustainable and eco-friendly policies. Digital marketing companies that do business by considering the environmental issue, which is especially valued by the younger generation, will have the opportunity to expand their business while reducing pollution.

Green Marketing: digital marketing trends


The importance of personalization in the world of digital marketing is equivalent to Atlas in Greek mythology carrying the world on his shoulders. Just as the sky falls to earth without Atlas, so the world of digital marketing collapses without personalization. Thus, personalization can not be thrown away in 2021 from the digital marketing world. Personalized emails, contents, product promotions, and advertisements provided to customers are among the most important factors that increase your company’s value. There are many benefits that a personalized customer experience can bring to both your company and your customers.

  • You can acquire a treasure trove of information that involves what people prefer, what they like, and don’t like. Thus, you become able to hit the bull’s eye. You can start to provide your customers with more consistent and relevant services and recommendations. Moreover, you may gain insight into the other audiences you plan to appeal to.
  • Your customers can get rid of the state of I-don’t-know-what-to-buy. The gathered personalization data will guide them to the exact point during the shopping phase according to their preferences. The good thing is your customers aren’t aware of the invisible helping hand, which means your website takes all the credit.

As Screpy experts, we love to call the personalization trend a win-to-win situation. While your customers enjoy the convenience and enjoyment of a personalized content experience, you can watch the public appreciation of your company with peace of mind. 

Visual Search Option

A digital marketing company that utilizes visual search options is like the last surviving Gladiator at the Colosseum. People often just take pictures of the products and items whose names they don’t know, even though they like them too much. But on the way home, they think of the “visual search” feature of your site. They search for the photo they took on your digital marketing site and buy the product from you thanks to the more precise result you provided them.  Also, this feature is not as difficult as you imagine. You can increase customer satisfaction by integrating specially written high-end programs such as Google Lens and Pinterest Lens into your site.

Voice Search Option

Let’s continue with another customized search method, which is the voice-based search feature. In the past years, the majority of people have already adapted to the voice search feature. While surfing the Internet, they reach what they want by using the voice search feature instead of typing. Smart-speakers like Apple-owned Siri or Amazon-owned Alexa have already become part of people’s daily lives. Moreover, as Screpy experts, we can guarantee that it will spread even more thanks to reduced errors and improved artificial intelligence technology. Voice search is one of the most technological methods of providing more relevant, effortless information and content to your customers. And this is why we recommend as a digital marketing trend for 2021.

Video-Content-Based Marketing

No matter what anyone says, video content marketing techniques are not something that will easily get old and lose their functionality. With the invention of television, advertisements and promotions with video content entered our lives. Later, they spread to every corner of our lives with the Internet and social media, which are quite interactive and dazzling. Therefore, we can easily say that video content will continue to be the dominant child of the digital marketing world in 2021, as in previous years. What else could be as entertaining to people as easy-to-consume, comprehensive, visual if it is not video?

Moreover, videos are one of the most important decision-making factors for most people, rather than a fun and satisfying tool. The quality, impressive, and persuasiveness of a promotional video that belongs to you or can be associated with your brand will increase your reputation.

Maybe holograms take videos’ place in the near future, at some point. But until that point, videos will continue to hold their ground for digital marketing.

Social Media

Social media and current human life are like two peas in a pod. They have been long bound to each other. From small companies to big ones; From a little market in the neighborhood to Amazon, everyone runs their digital marketing business via social media. Social media platforms involve billions of people, and e-commerce businesses managed parallel with social media significantly increase their sales and year-end revenues. Performing sales or being visible on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, where you can present high-quality visual content to customers, is like having the golden goose.

One of the easiest ways to easily share interactive advertisements and content for your e-commerce business is through the use of social media. Never hesitate to use it. They are where you can reach new people, increase your sales, and improve your relationship with your customers and people!

digital marketing trends

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Influencer Advertising

If we’re talking about social media marketing, there’s one factor we shouldn’t miss: social influencers. People crave to know what celebrities prefer and buy. In fact, these people don’t even have to be very famous. Every user with over a certain number of followers on social media can influence their followers. Thanks to these accounts, you become more visible and can present more unique ads related to your company to people. In this way, you will become known to people who may never know about you.  As screpy experts, we can say that normal people care a lot about what social influencers say, and they are quite willing to buy whatever they are buying.

Browser Notifications

Why pay thousands of dollars to one of the huge billboards in New York Square to promote a product when you are able to notify people with a simple push?  As Screpy experts, we can safely say that the notifications to be sent by your site to your users are one of the most valuable methods. By doing that, people can engage with you more easily. Browser notifications come with many other benefits.

  • You can increase the conversion rate of your marketing site with personalized browser notifications.
  • You can keep people updated about the developments on your site and allow them to see the opportunities they missed. Browser notifications let people engage with you more; in turn, you can turn regular customers into loyal customers.
  • You get the attention of your customers who leave their shopping cart behind faster.

Now it is time to have a quick look into the frequently asked questions about digital marketing trends.


What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing can be considered a type of marketing component, where the marketers reach their customers through digital environments, such as computers, mobile phones, etc.

What does the digital marketing trend mean?

The digital marketing trend is the name given to any strategic technique where marketers aim to reach more customers, grow their business, and generate more effective revenue at the end of the day.

Thanks to digital marketing trends, you can place in higher in the competition of the marketing world, establish healthier communications with your target audience, and keep up with the world full of changes.

Yes, you better should. These trends will never come across as a test question. Or you won’t be asked to answer them while on trial by a judge. But if you want to grow your digital marketing business, you should also know the most innovative trends.

How much does a digital marketing campaign from a digital agency cost?

Pricing completely depends on your company’s needs and your request. The more comprehensive and bigger the request, the more you will be charged. 


Change is inevitable, so every marketer who is willing to keep up in the challenging world of digital marketing must adapt to novelties and modifications to survive. The easiest way to adapt is to be constantly intertwined with innovations and continue your way by modifying the most appropriate ones for your business. In this way, you can get closer to your target customer audience. Not enough? You can eliminate companies you have competed with from the very beginning. Moreover, by integrating new technologies and techniques into your company, you can make your short and long-term company planning through a confidential attitude. In particular, trends such as live chatbots, artificial intelligence-based, and personalized user experiences will put all the advantages of technology under your feet. Remember, these trends will not suddenly add millions of dollars in revenue to your bank vault. However, any marketers who dream of becoming another Amazon can open their own way for success using these trends.

It is the end of Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2021 guide, prepared precisely by Screpy experts, and we will be here again for trends in 2022!

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