Instagram Marketing Tips: Most Useful Ones!

According to the latest updated 2021 data shared, Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users. The number of users it holds, which corresponds to 1 in 7 of the world’s population, makes it one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Today we are going to talk about this great giant and Instagram marketing tips.

Especially considering that Instagram is a social media platform that is largely used via mobile devices, we have to admit that this is a very rare achievement. On top of that, Instagram is also used by the world’s largest companies such as Nike, Adidas, Audi, Warnes Bros, Marvel, Samsung, Apple. In short, from your neighborhood cafe to Starbucks, from local brands to global companies, celebrities, musicians, comedians, entertainers, and more, everyone is an Instagram user.

So how can you turn such a huge market in your favor?

Instagram marketing tips

In fact, there is no single answer and method for this question. There are dozens of different methods. There are many strategies for you to be successful on Instagram, and we’re going to talk about them in today’s article.

Create An Business Profile

You can add contact and address features to your account when you have a business account instead of a normal Instagram acc. Having a blue tick next to your Instagram username is also a good way to display that you are a real person or institution that can be relied upon. What we recommend is that every business account on Instagram should get its blue tick. However, Instagram doesn’t guarantee blue ticks for everyone who applies.

Any e-commerce store on Instagram with a business account will have a greater reputation compared to those who do not have one. Any customer who wants to buy you can reach you more easily through featured phone, e-mail, and location information in your profile. Therefore, you can acquire more organic traffic to your website more often.

Any e-commerce marketer on Instagram should create a business profile so that customers can interact with your business more easily.

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A Catchy Username

Your username is the first thing people will glance at, which they will get impressed by it. That’s why the first step of the Instagram strategy is determining an impressive or casual name.

It is always good to go with a catchy name compatible with your other social media accounts that reflect your brand and what you sell.

For example, you are running a shoe store.

Your nickname should be something like “Casual Footwear” for example.

casualfootwear, casual_footwear  would be ideal names.

Names like casualfootwearXx or casualfootwear2021 will not stand professional. For this reason, we recommend that any redundant special character usage should be avoided.

However, if the name you desire has been taken, you should try various nicknames.

Share Engaging And High-Quality Photos

Instagram is based on visuality; therefore, you can engage users through visual content. Besides, as every person prefers, they are more interested in quality content. Posting high-quality and catchy images with high resolution will engage your followers.

Speaking of engaging, more engagement for your posts will also pave the way for reaching more people and help you appear higher on the pages. As a result, you will get known by new audiences who will become your customers eventually.

High-quality content promotes your products better while attracting users’ attention more and more. Besides, you can enrich your images with a scenario concept to increase your sales.

Specified Biography With Different Accounts

Almost 56% of adults use more than one social media platform since one social media platform is not enough in 2021 for most people. The fact that the majority of people actually creates a great opportunity for your marketing through social media platforms. The opportunity is that you can specify other social media related to your brand in the context of your Instagram strategy. Therefore, you can rotate the wheel and acquire more traffic to those platforms as you locate your other social media addresses in the Instagram bio section.

Collect E-mail Address

Speaking of the biography section, you can direct traffic to your website and share the link of a specific page in this section. Our recommendation is to share the link to subscribe to the e-mail list on your website. Thus, you will have the opportunity to reach more people in the field of e-mail marketing.

So, we can say that it is a very attractive opportunity to convert your Instagram followers into customers.

Allocate Budget For Instagram Ads

It would be a good move to invest in Instagram ads while selling on Instagram. Although it is paid, thanks to Instagram ads, you will be able to introduce your brand to more people and spread the awareness of your products among people.

You can display different ads to different target audiences through ads. In this way, you can deliver your products that are ready for sale to new audiences. Even if you can’t acquire a new audience in the worst case, you can improve the bond between you and your current audience with these ads.

In addition, Instagram ads are perfect for making sales for relevant target audiences, such as New Year’s Eve campaigns and Valentine’s Day discounts.

Intertwined Facebook and Instagram Accounts

95% of people who use Instagram also have a Facebook account on their other hand. Besides, considering that Instagram has become a social media platform intertwined with Facebook, you can unite these social media platforms to benefit more by connecting two different channels.

Also, we recommend that you should reverse the strategy and add an Instagram button to your business page on Facebook. Thus, those who visit and navigate throughout your Facebook page will see your Instagram posts.

Connecting Facebook and Instagram accounts is a very practical as well as an efficient way to share your posts on Instagram on your Facebook business page. You can share your content and products on two different channels, all in the same breath.

Advertise Your Instagram Page In Real Life And Virtual World

You can expand your audience by promoting your Instagram page both in real life and on social media. Suppose you have an online store. In that case, you can share your Instagram page by copying your store’s address to different platforms, sharing stories on different social media apps, and mentioning it in real-life conversations.

Instagram Marketing in 2021

For example, let’s say you are running a mini burger restaurant and offering take-out menus. To promote your brand and get known more by your neighborhood, you can print your Instagram address, attach them at different locations.

Or, you can print the Instagram page as a business card.

However, keep in mind that don’t insist that they follow you when mentioning people about your Instagram page. Let them follow you instead.

Develop A Content Strategy

Many business accounts on Instagram are running their business in a “maximum-blind-and-deaf-mode” and share random content. However, this is bad news since it is an indication for your audience that you don’t have a developed content strategy. Remember, you are running a business and must have a unique and developed communication language that is stylish and visual. In this way, when you interact with users, you can have a place in their minds.

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Know Your Competitors

Know your competitors by analyzing the Instagram pages serving in the same business as you and the areas and examine their success. Then, compare and contrast what you are doing wrong and they are doing right. Identify your competitor companies and observe their communication and interaction with customers.

Or you can utilize tools such as Keyhole to analyze which posts are performing best.

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Rely on Influencers’ Influence

With Influencer posting on Instagram, product marketing has become one of the most popular marketing methods over the years. For this reason, many small and large brands aim to increase both their sales and brand awareness by cooperating with influencers.

Rely on Influencers' Influence - instagram marketing

Since many kinds of groups of people follow influencers, this method is quite reasonable to reach new audiences. However, it is very important to choose the influencer account, or accounts you will work with that will reflect your brand well during the process. Or, accounts have been sharing content similar to the things you sell. Otherwise, the strategy may blow up, and you may not reach your target audience. Also, working with famous accounts can be costly, and you can lose a lot. For this reason, it is more accurate to work with accounts that will allow you to reach the audience you want in a small but effective way, both in terms of cost and consistency.

However, in general terms, including influencers in your marketing strategies on Instagram will be very helpful in turning people who don’t know you in to your loyal customers.

Promote Usage Patterns of the Products You Sell

If you are selling on Instagram, you should show customers what your proposed products are for first and then how they are used. At least in general terms, you need to show what problems it solves for consumers who will buy the product. For this, you can post scenario and concept content via videos or images.

We want to add that when using visual content, videos are more preferable to images. This is because, in general, videos are more engaging than images. Also, in terms of functionality, videos are better because it’s easier to promote a product and provide information with videos. For this reason, you should also invest in videos that show why and how your products are used in order to and persuade your followers to buy and increase sales.

Brand-Specific Hashtags

Hashtags have been quite popular in the last decade. Regardless of age, every social media user adds at least one hashtag to their posts. A #brand #hashtag #that #get #you #known by people will definitely increase your traffic.

Hashtags may seem an unimportant key to success, while they are actually not.

Having a unique brand-specific hashtag associated with your company can become a game-changer for your marketing campaigns to reach more people. For example, Nike often uses the hashtag #justdoit in its Instagram posts. Thus, any random Insta user pulled in by a single hashtag can easily navigate through thousands of content related to Nike products.

In addition, it would be a very sensible move to take advantage of popular hashtags while running a store on Instagram. You can get inspired by looking at the hashtags used by other businesses with which you share the same industry, and you can produce better hashtags over time.

For example, if you own a clothing store, it would be a good idea to check what hashtags other clothing stores are using.

Also, as a different use of hashtags, you can use daily hashtags that are used by everyone and open the door to millions with one click, in addition to brand hashtags while sharing.


#Friday night


These are examples of the most commonly used hashtags.

Add hashtags to the comment section, the description section, or both. But definitely don’t forget to add it.

Repost Old Posts

Re-sharing a photo you shared exactly three years ago is not as bad as it sounds. On the contrary, it has some benefits. By adding what has changed about your business and your growth during the last three years, you can provide overall sessional feedback about your company and your plans. Besides, you can mention some things about your personal life or business stories in 2 years. Re-posting is known as #tbt, which means Throwback Thursday,  used by almost all Instagram users to recall old memories.

Suppose you started your business only as a cake-seller at a forgotten-by-God street, but now you have advanced and selling your products country-wide. If I were you, I would definitely share a #tbt post.

Make an Announcement

Instagram may not be suitable to make an announcement about your business or brand. However, it is still a good communication channel to reach your customers through what you type under your posts on Instagram since all of them will be read by your visitors. Therefore, as you make developments, improvements, changes related to your business, you should notify people via announcement-based posts.

You are a seller, and you should not hesitate to inform your customers when you arrange campaigns such as discount news, working hours changes, newly offered products. People used to do that while yelling in the past, and you can do that just by typing below an image you share on Instagram!

Ask a Question To Interact

When an e-commerce store asks a question on Instagram, people reply with very positive comments under it and show their opinions about you. This is one of the best ways to interact and pull customers into a post’s comment section. Besides, asking questions is a great way to discover your audience’s attitude to a topic and get to known each other. For example, the UEFA official page asks its followers about the score predictions before the tournament matches, which causes a great interaction in the comments section. Thus, you should encourage people to comment by asking questions.

Share Behind-The-Scenes Content

You can improve inactivity on your Instagram profile by sharing behind-the-scenes content related to your products. While behind-the-scenes content isn’t popular enough among Instagram users, behind-the-scenes content about a product like “how-to” or “how to” attracts the majority of Instagram users.

Share Behind-The-Scenes Content

Also, don’t assume that behind-the-scenes content should be only products you sell. While sharing, you can occasionally share photos of your company employees or yourself, apart from your products. These types of posts not only increase interaction but also help you to establish a stronger connection with your followers.

Share Customer Reviews

One of the important factors affecting the purchasing process is the opinions of people who have used the product before. Most people need this type of social proof when they buy things. That’s why if you’re selling on Instagram, you should share customer reviews or overall reviews so that you can increase sales.

By doing that, you enable customers to hear why your product is worth purchasing. Hearing other people’s opinions apart from your promotion will positively impact your relationship with your potential customers.

For this, the things you need to do are quite simple: Apart from daily sale posts, share a product you have sold and attach your customer’s comment next to it. As proof, you can specify the person in the caption or tag them in the photo. Remember that sharing this type of content creates a collective and positive attitude towards your company and provides very positive returns to your profile.

In this section of our article, we will be examining the frequently asked questions about Instagram marketing tips.

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What Is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing is a type of social media marketing strategy that involves promoting a brand’s brand and its products through Instagram. Companies aim to reach wider audiences and healthily increase sales with marketing on Instagram.

Is Instagram Marketing Worth Invest On?

Instagram is the 2nd largest social media platform in the world, with over 1 billion users. With this huge crowd, it’s definitely a valuable space for any kind of marketing strategy. But it should not be forgotten that -like any investment- the investment to be made for Instagram marketing also needs to be well planned and prepared.

Are There Any Instagram Marketing Tools?

Yes, they are. Here are some Instagram marketing tools you can use: LeeTags, VSCO, Iconosquare, Pablo

How Can I Learn Instagram Marketing?

Instagram is a flexible platform and constantly changes. There are regular updates and improvements on Instagram to enhance the user experience by adding or removing some features. Considering these, one of the most solid requirements for learning IG marketing is that following what is new about both your marketing sector and IG through regularly updated handbooks, blogs, and channels. After figuring out the formula, you should practice, since practice what makes perfect.

How Can I Enhance My Instagram Marketing?

To improve your Instagram marketing performance, you must first have a good marketing strategy. Afterward, you should regularly analyze and observe your performance in the strategy you are advancing. You should focus on closing your shortcomings and strengthening your weaknesses. Also, you should remember that being visible on Instagram is not enough, and you have to be an active player.


Because of its size and adaptability to any industry, Instagram has serious value for marketing. Instagram, which has a very high usage rate after Facebook, has become one of the main ways to reach new audiences and potential customers for every company that carries out e-commerce or real trade. For this reason, every company has started to use Instagram as part of its marketing strategy and has increased its current investment in the platform. Advertising activities, product/service marketing, and promotions on Instagram will make it easier for your company to reach your target audience. In addition, it will increase the traffic and visitor rate to your site, thus increasing your revenue.

Instagram Marketing Tips are vital for e-commerce stores on the platform and should be known by every marketer running a business.

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