Evergreen Content: Definition & Examples

Evergreen content is usually written on the most basic topics, providing answers to questions such as “what is X and how to do it.” It has been named “Evergreen” because these kinds of contents exist independently of time, which allows readers to satisfy with the answer regardless of “when.” They aim to meet the basic information needs.

Since these contents seek answers for questions altering roughly, you can expect the same search queries to be usually at a high rate. Therefore, most of the time, an intermediate level of knowledge is provided in an Evergreen content based on an evergreen compatible subject. Since people have searched and will keep searching these queries, you can assume staying at the top in SEO ranking with evergreen content is easy-peasy. However, SEO compatibility is an important factor for an evergreen content to stay on top in search engine rankings, which you should not underestimate.

In addition, we would like to point out that rooted-on-the-soil-of-the-internet contents that you can access continuously do not have to be everlasting/ evergreen content. Evergreen content can keep up to date even years after it is published, never loses its “everlasting” aspect so that even users from different generations can find answers after a long time. For example, this “What Is Evergreen Content,” which we are currently writing as Screpy experts, is evergreen content and will remain up-to-date for years to come.

Non-Evergreen Topics And Contents

The contents in the category we have mentioned below are those that cannot keep up to date for a long time and are not suitable for the everlasting concept. Therefore, if you want to create evergreen content for your website, as Screpy experts, we recommend that you stay away from these categories.

  • News articles. The adorable cat video that the whole world is talking about might even hit the news, but it’s not evergreen content.
  • Fashion trends. For example, content with the subject of “2021 Summer Trends” is not suitable for the evergreen concept because this topic covers only one season and is seasonal. Therefore, it has nothing to do with the definition of evergreen content.
  • Contents based-on-personal-ideas. It is almost impossible to handle content based on subjective opinions in an evergreen context.
  • Contents based on special-day, special incident, occasion, time, or season. For example, content that develops instantly and becomes a trend quickly in areas such as politics or economics, and therefore suddenly becomes a topic on everyone’s lips, is often not continuous. For example, topics such as the US national election results, which the whole world has followed in the past years, or Germany’s negative annual inflation data and trends observed only in certain periods are not suitable for writing in the evergreen context.
  • Statistical or numerical reports that will not matter after saving the day. For example, why should May 21, 2021, US corona cases matter today and be talked about by everyone?
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Topics That May Be Evergreen

Well, if the topics we mentioned above are not Evergreen, which topics can be written in Evergreen content type? The topic you need to choose should be able to maintain its freshness continuously and be read by users continuously with information that will not lose its freshness even after years. Content that is up-to-date and that readers constantly benefit from has the feature of being Evergreen content.

Topics That May Be Evergreen

Some of the contents suitable for the evergreen concept that we have listed as examples for you are as follows:

  • Historical information-based content, information: “History of the American Civil War.”
  • Biographies, autobiographies: “Who Is Abraham Lincoln?”
  • Topics going like “Everything You Need To Know About Abraham Lincoln.”
  • Lists starting with Best: “Best 10 American Horror Movies According to IMDB.”
  • Defining something such as “What Is Baked Turkey?”
  • Recipes: “How to Make Baked Turkey?”
  • List-based Contents: “America’s Top 10 Boxers”
  • Video-based contents: “How to Make American-Style Hamburgers at Home?”
  • Contents describe the how-to aspect of an item/ occasion/ station: “How to Get a Work Permit for Canada?”
  • Tips, suggestions, tactics on a specific topic: “Tips to Increase the Taste You Get from the BBQ.”
  • Product examinations: “Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 Features.”
  • Contents based on a guide: “SEO Content Writing Guide.” You can elaborate on these guides like “SEO Content Writing Guide For Beginners.”
  • Dictionaries: “SEO Dictionary”

These types of content are perfect for Evergreen content. It constantly meets people’s needs for answers, and thanks to the information it contains, its read rates are high even after how long it has passed.

Importance Of Evergreen Content

Evergreen content must provide correct and accurate answers under all circumstances, as it is content with an objective answer. For this reason, creating evergreen content requires a lot of thought and research. However, thanks to these requirements, it helps to increase your site’s organic traffic while making your brand known in the long term. Thus, blog posts containing evergreen subjects serve to get more than the maximum that can be obtained from normal content. In particular, if evergreen content is integrated with SEO requirements, the generated content will rank high in SERP rankings.

If we evaluate it item by item, you will get the following benefits by producing Evergreen content:

  • Your website will have constant and natural traffic.
  • As your SEO score increases, your website will always be at the top of the search results.
  • By providing answers to vital questions, you strengthen your interaction with customers of all types. Thus, you can make your potential customers a part of your main audience.
  • You can make your business stand out from the competition and become a leader in its sector.
Importance Of Evergreen Content

The Importance of Evergreen Content in Social Media

Evergreen content can acquire constant interest from everyone and be shared by them, as it is informational articles that can stay fresh all the time. These contents can effectively establish a brand’s communication with the target audience and improve it with the existing ones. For this reason, they are suitable for sharing on all kinds of social media platforms, no matter the platform is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Evergreen-based posts shared on a social media platform are usually appeal to everyone and have the potential to be shared widely. Besides, they are one of the most effective content types in directing your brand to the sales area for e-commerce stores and providing the flow of information about your business through social media platforms.

The Importance of Evergreen Content in SEO Studies

Evergreen content is also very valuable when handled with an SEO approach due to its constantly up-to-date structure and rich source of information. In summary, while SEO studies aim for a website to rank higher in possible search results by increasing organic traffic, evergreen content automatically fulfills the requirements of SEO because it remains up-to-date by nature. However, the important factor here is that the content should be prepared in a quality manner, not sloppy.

Things To Be Considered While Creating Evergreen Content

There are sensitive points that need to be considered in order to produce evergreen content. The most sensitive point is remembering that the audience you are appealing to is new to the subject while preparing. The community your article will reach is new to the subject, and therefore, their hunger for content will be greater. You should neither overfeed nor starve your readership completely. In other words, you should avoid technical language and details as much as possible not to suffocate the reader, and you should definitely mention the basic points.

In addition, while preparing evergreen content, it will be very helpful to handle the subject with the following attitudes in increasing the quality of the article.

  • You should not direct copy from other sources while creating. Yes, the topics are objective, but that’s still no reason to plagiarize.
  • Explain the content of the article in a specific way
  • Adding different perspectives to the article that you think is necessary
  • Prioritizing the quality of the text and increasing its readability
  • Following an appropriate SEO strategy for the article. Especially link-building is a very logical SEO technique for Evergreen content.
  • Using a language that everyone can understand. Using too technical or too artistic/everyday language can reduce the readability of the text.
  • You should complete the article in a way that it can produce answers to the What and How questions.

Tips To Create A Better Evergreen Content

Now, we will mention some of the tips you can benefit from while creating evergreen content based on our Screpy expertise.

Tips To Create A Better Evergreen Content

Right Subject

 To prepare for evergreen content, you must choose a topic that satisfies the needs of your target audience. If you own a coffee shop, you should choose topics such as “Benefits of coffee.” Your aim should be to introduce your brand to people who are not aware of your brand by giving general information.

Comprehensive Research and Quality Content

Evergreen articles must contain the correct answer, so you need to conduct comprehensive research while preparing the content. To prepare quality content, you should use reliable sources. Remember that the quality of the information you provide will affect how many readers you attract and, therefore, your SEO ranking.

Empathizing with the Reader

Before writing Evergreen content, you should think like a reader and empathize with your audience. In this way, you can create content according to their wishes and needs. “If I were a reader, what would I like to learn about topic X?” setting off by asking the question will bring you success.

Easy Readability

Every article that can be read fluently and feels smooth always has a higher read rate. You should construct your blog post carefully, use relevant headings, and facilitate readability with lists.

Make Content Visible

The content that you will make visible can be read many times by different users as long as they are visible. Therefore, the article you published can be represented in the “Did you read this?” notification or you can create a reference point by making it visible in your “best posts” section.

Correct Keyword Usage

Using keywords suitable for the industry which you are part of can boost the impact of the Evergreen content you will publish. You should put together specific keywords or keyword groups. So you can acquire more readers acquire higher search rankings.

Adding Sharing Shortcuts

By adding social media sharing shortcuts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram to a visible part of the article, you can encourage the article to be shared to increase the spread of the article.

The Right SEO Strategy

In order to ensure that evergreen content is regularly accessible, you should create the article within the framework of SEO rules. For this, you should do SEO work following the topic you have chosen and optimize your content for SEO. For example, your title should include the keyword of your article, share images with alt-tags, link to other articles on appropriate sentences, and follow the 300-word rule. On the other hand, you should not follow tactics that will harm your SEO ranking, such as keyword overuse.

Add Call To Action

You can add a sentence that will direct you to another article or shopping page at the end of the Evergreen content -or where you think it is appropriate. For example, if we go from the coffee example we mentioned above, it would be a good move to add a call-to-action like “you can try our coffee” while talking about the benefits of coffee.

Add Call To Action

Examine Your Competitors

What points did your competitors in the same industry, with more clicks than you, address? For example – in the case of coffee – what topics did Starbucks write about? Or what topics did Nescafe talk about? By examining them, you can identify your own missing points. Or, on the contrary, you can reproduce them in a quality way by examining articles with worse content than yours. All of these will help you get ahead of your competitors faster.

Benefit from Visuality

Images and videos enrich your content and make your article more enjoyable and memorable. For this reason, you can use visuals to increase the reading pleasure of users and to be visible on Google images.

Now we are going to answer frequently asked questions about evergreen content.

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What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is the type of writing that can always be read. They are always up to date and SEO compatible. Such content can be read even by different generations after a long time, keeping it up-to-date in a way that appeals to everyone since it is published and never loses this feature.

What Is Non-Evergreen Content?

Content that is constantly reachable and can maintain is not evergreen. Non-Evergreen content may include the following topics: fashion trends, agenda topics, statistical data representing a specific period.

Websites such as Wikipedia, IMBD, about.com, ehow.com are among the most famous and popular evergreen content websites.

What Are The Most Suitable Topics For Evergreen Content?

While preparing Evergreen content, it would be logical to prepare the content on a subject that can answer the “what and how” questions. For example, topics such as baby health, X Recipe, and X Petcare can be written in the evergreen context.

Can Evergreen Content Improve My SEO Ranking?

Of course, it can. Preparing evergreen content is based on providing rich information, proper usage of keywords,  smooth article structure, and fluent readability. These factors can meet the requirements of SEO easily. As long as evergreen content is written considering SEO, it will help you rank higher in search engine rankings.

Conclusion: Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is content that is always up to date. For this reason, when you include this content on your website, your brand awareness will increase among people, and the organic traffic of your website will be positively affected. Evergreen content, which is written without using technical language, considering that you present the necessary and basic information to “new and amateur” users, should definitely have a place in your SEO plan. You can write an easy-to-understand, catchy, evergreen text in plain language that users can read fluently.

Evergreen content will provide great benefits to your brand in the long run as it always remains fresh.

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