Google Maps SEO Ranking Factors [Begginer’s Guide]

In today’s world, there are many different ways businesses use their marketing strategies. Online marketing methods are one of the most used methods as an important method for businesses to reach potential customers. People use internet search engines, especially Google when they want to find local businesses close to them. So, what is the first point that people who research local businesses pay attention to? Of course Google Maps! Businesses need to perform Google Maps marketing to attract people’s attention Google Maps. For this reason, great importance and attention are required for Google Maps SEO.

Businesses must have visibility on Google Maps and thus show their presence online. Potential customers specifically measure the online presence of businesses when performing necessary searches about local businesses. In this case, the goal of businesses in Google Maps SEO ranking is to be at the top level. But how is this possible? As Screpy experts, we tell you all the details you wonder about!

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Let’s Get Started with Google Maps Marketing!

What exactly is Google Maps marketing we’re talking about? Businesses are working to show their online presence in the online world and to increase this presence even more. The biggest part of these studies is to perform optimization on Google Maps. For example, let’s consider a potential customer who wants to search for a local business on the Google search engine. When our potential customer writes “Donut Shop” in the search engine, there will be 3 sequential places in the results. Why shouldn’t your local business be among these 3 places? At this point, the methods and tactics that can be applied go through Google Maps marketing.

The more successful the optimization that businesses can perform in this regard, the more visibility it will have. Potential customers see your business at the top of their searches and create automatic coding as one of the first options. This means that the more accurate Google Maps marketing is, the more accurate it is for businesses to prove their presence to potential customers.

Why Has Marketing On Google Maps Gained So Much Importance?

We can all guess that Google is the name that is known as the best of the search engines used in the world and has a very large number of users. Yes, that may be true but why does it affect Google Maps? As Screpy, we explain this subject to you in the most expert way. All local businesses want to have their brand visibility, and Google Maps plays a big role in getting that brand visibility. To have an important ranking on Google Maps is to achieve brand visibility. Let’s get some numerical ratios involved now!

As a result of the first researches, it is among the information that the rate of frequent use of Google Maps by people is around 70%. In addition, as a result of another examination carried out in the USA, a high proportion of people first question the online existence of that store before going to a store, that is, preliminary research is done on the internet first. Let’s talk more:

  • According to the findings, one-third of the searches performed via mobile is location-related searches.
  • Compared to general Google searches, the rate of increase in location-related searches is on average 50%.
  • It has been learned that in the Google searches and Google Maps searches, approximately 1.5 billion of the potential customers are directed to the relevant business.
  • Potential customers, ie consumers, perform an average of 84% local searches overall.
  • Especially in today’s world, as a result of many local business searches made over mobile phones, three-quarters of people visit a business.
  • On average, visits to local businesses complete 28% of purchases.

Now we can guess why Google Maps marketing is so important, right? When conducting a local business search, potential customers generally know what to buy. The reason for this local business search is to find a place that can meet this need in the most suitable conditions, and location plays a very important role among these conditions. We’re talking about a situation that could result in a purchase! In this situation, which is exactly what local businesses want, Google Maps marketing has a big impact. In this way, while potential customers perform location-related searches, businesses prove their brand visibility in these searches. This is exactly why local businesses need Google Maps optimization.

The Basics of Google Maps Marketing

While certain methods and tactics are applied for Google SEO, as Screpy experts, we want to say that things do not work that way in Google Maps marketing. We can say that there are key points that affect ranking factors on Google Maps, that is, that have the greatest impact on optimization, especially “proximity”, “rank” and “relevance”. As Screpy, we present these two basic points to you in the most descriptive way.

Proximity: The first point that has the most impact on optimization for Google Maps is proximity. What matters here is the location of the person performing the local call. The purpose of the proximity point is to present the results that can be seen as the most accurate and closest to the person based on where the person is. Here is the detail we understand: In local searches using the proximity point, results are given in the locations closest to the person.

For example, the person used the word “market” during a search, and the results start from the nearest location. The first 3 positions that appear are the results that can be seen as the most accurate and most appropriate. Now here we have two different effects in the use of the proximity point. People who perform the local search first will be in an advantageous position and businesses will have an equal chance. Chances are equal because here is the position of the searchers. Secondly, if the local business you own is not the closest, you cannot have any effect on it that will change the outcome.

Rank: Yes, we know how common the point of intimacy is, but not everything continues from that point. Especially if the people who will perform the search have disabled the location settings and in this case, they could not perform the updates within the changed location. Or put it more simply: not everyone doing a local search is searching for a place near them. Let’s say the person performing the search is searching to decide the best among certain places located a little far away. If the closest location is not sought, what is the point here that has a say and prioritizes the local business? The rank, of course, the star ratings local businesses receive. But there is also a situation like this; we can see the business with the highest rating in the second place.

So what is the reason for this? The only answer to this question is that it has the highest number of reviews, if not the highest rating.

Relevance Level: Everything is okay, but how much do the search results by the potential customer match the local business type in question?

The effects of these three terms we mentioned are completely derived from the Google algorithm. As a result of the analysis obtained by the Google algorithm, it creates a ranking on this internal term.

All This Needs A Great Optimization!

It is necessary for businesses to keep all these situations together and to ensure the optimization successfully. There is only one detail that comes from every subject we mentioned, and that is Google My Business. How did we come to this topic? Exactly as follows; To be at the top of the Google Maps ranking, it is necessary to have a Google My Business profile with the best optimization. The Screpy team, which is an expert in its field, enlightens you on this issue as well!

What Is This Google My Business?        

A Google My Business profile is the way local businesses use to make it easier for them to manage their appearance and presence in public searches and Google Maps on Google. The easiest method for local businesses located in a region and serving within a certain region to call and reach their potential customers is to use Google My Business. Screpy informs us more, what exactly does Google My Business seem to hear you ask. Let’s explain now; Your potential customer may have heard of your services from someone else, but how much trust can this provide? How much does the customer trust you when they see you in the top positions in the Google search results about this service? In today’s world, it should not be difficult to guess that potential customers attach too much importance to results in searches performed on Google. This is where Google My Business comes into play.

As we mentioned before, having a Google My Business profile and successfully optimizing this profile plays a huge role in helping local businesses rank higher in Google Maps. In short, with Google My Business, local businesses maintain their brand presence and visibility continuously and ensure that the services or products provided are noticed by potential customers. Moreover, with Google My Business, potential customers can contact local businesses and see the location of the businesses. Other information displayed by Google My Business owned by local businesses is as follows:

  • The name of the local business and the category it falls into,
  • Services or products offered by the local business,
  • Images related to the services or products offered,
  • Descriptions of the service or product,
  • where the local business is on Google Maps,
  • Contact information such as the website and number of the local business,
  • The days and hours the local business operates,
  • Campaigns, discounts, etc. belonging to the local business. such situations.

To have a Google My Business profile, your purpose must be clear; increasing the rankings, providing more traffic, and increasing revenue with it.

Google My Business Setup

Yes Screpy experts we got it all figured out, now teach us how to set up your Google My Business profile! As Screpy experts, we share detailed guidance on this subject with you!

  • First, you must be logged in to Google.
  • Then it is necessary to enter the address “”.
  • It is necessary to press the “Manage Now” button in the upper right corner of the website.
  • All information for the local business profile to be established here must be prepared completely and carefully. Necessary visual use and explanations should not be overlooked.
  • After the transfer of correct and perfect information about your business, your approved Google My Business profile will be submitted for approval. Approval must be given by an e-mail sent to the owner of the business.
  • After handling the approval status, everything is ok, Google My Business is established!

Google Maps Marketing with Google My Business

As Screpy experts, we can predict that many local businesses are already interested in Google My Business in the online marketing world. Moreover, we mentioned that the ranking on Google Maps depends on the effects of Google My Business and the successful optimization of the Google My Business profile. Google My Business is the cornerstone of Google Maps SEO and this should always be kept in mind. In this case, we have listed the Screpy experts for you with the little tips necessary for successful optimization.

  1. Care must be taken to ensure that the contact information you provide for your local business is correct. The information on your website where you promote your business, your business’s social media addresses and Google My Business should be the same.
  2. In case your local business has branches in different locations, separate Google My Business studies should be conducted for each branch.
  3. It is necessary to take care to have photos on Google Maps. Local businesses with lots of photos provide more trust.
  4. Have all the information and details that can be given on Google My Business. Let people see every point of interest about the local business.

Let these tips stay in the back of our minds. Now, as Screpy, we experts would like to talk about the services that Google My Business can provide on behalf of local businesses on Google Maps.

  • To direct potential customers to the right location by ensuring that the information of local businesses on the map is constantly updated correctly.
  • Competing local businesses in the regions served by local businesses and being ahead of these competitors.
  • To be able to advertise simply with detailed promotions of the services or products provided by local businesses.
  • Invite potential customers to action with messages such as “Directions” and “Call Now” on Google Maps.

If Google My Business provides all these services, we can say that Google Maps is doing a really good job on SEO, right?

Optimizing Google My Business Information

As Screpy experts, we have listed the options and explanations about the options that have great effects on Google My Business optimization.

1. Online Reviews: Online reviews are the most important factor in the ranking change in Google Maps. Conducted reviews show the satisfaction rate of customers who prefer local businesses and are sufficient evidence for potential customers. Moreover, with reviews, local businesses will be promoting their services or products without advertising. So what exactly is the impact of these online reviews on Google Maps rankings now?

With its algorithm, Google can predict that potential customers will read the reviews first when they search for a local business. This is why online reviews have a huge impact on algorithms and Google Maps SEO. But there is one detail, the local business with the most reviews is not the highest-ranked. Although Google prioritizes reviews, the algorithm doesn’t just work with the number of comments:

  • The comments made are made up of real words and sentences. In other words, the comment made is a text and a comment.
  • Preferred words to create the comment.
  • The star rating the review has.
  • Star rating owned by the local business.
  • The consistency of all reviews performed with each other.

All good but how do get customers to generate reviews? For that matter, local business owners should be able to solicit online reviews from customers. Of course, it is necessary to make it educated and systematic in this regard. In addition, local business owners should not leave posted reviews unanswered. It’s just that customers will be more likely to review.

2. Local Links: The creation of local links has been one of the big details affecting ranking for both Google and Google Maps. But it must be said that it has a huge impact on Google Maps the most. The creation of local links first has a business-directing function. The first thing to do for local connections is to be able to use other businesses within the region with which local businesses have affinity or relationships. What exactly should be done?

  • A list is created of other businesses that complete the local business without competition.
  • Ways to incorporate other businesses on this list into your local business.

Let’s think about it now; a screen sales business writes useful content on a topic. In terms of content, for example, low-cost options that increase the value of a home. While explaining a lot of options, he also incorporates his curtains into the content. The most important detail here is to include local photo uploads and services performed by other businesses (other non-competitive businesses). Of course, it is necessary to agree with other local business owners first. It will be possible to finish the job by adding links to the source section in the written content.

3. Google My Business Spam in Google Maps: This option is not an optimization option, but rather a method used to eliminate competing businesses that cheat while optimizing. Unfortunately, some local businesses may use inaccurate methods to rank high and have first rankings on Google Maps SEO. This is what local businesses have to fight, which can be said to be spam. Some businesses cheat by creating fake online reviews to change the ranking on Google Maps. Moreover, the contact information is quite incomplete or inaccurate. When the ranking of businesses on Google Maps is opened, it is necessary to pay attention to the accuracy and completeness of all the information of the business, as well as the consistency of the spam control reviews. If you are suspicious during the check, you may be right.

How to remove this spam? Reopen the list you noticed as spam on Google Maps and head to the “Suggest Edit” section. 2 options can be performed here; the first is the “change name or other details” option, and the other is the “Remove this place” option. Correct corrections are made with the first option, and in the second option, the option that best describes the problem is selected in the menu that will open.

NOTE: Performing the first option sometimes does not completely resolve the issue. Instead of the first option, it is necessary to fill out and forward the “Business Correction Complaint Form” in Google. It should be noted that before this forum is filled, there must be solid evidence. Necessary research should be done in this regard.

4. Local Search Ads: Local search ads are the most common method used by local businesses that want to see the top in Google Maps rankings. In a local business search, businesses that perform local search ads appear in a small ad box, appearing separately from the general results. In this case, which attracts the attention of customers, customers can access all information about the local business in full by clicking this box.

One of the features used among local search ads is “Google Maps promoted pins”. The top-ranking business that looks like it’s in a purple ad box and a pinned business in the list. The biggest difference here is that the logo of the local business will also appear in the list among the search results. Thus, it is possible to have a great impact on standard competition. In addition to all this, customers can see the name of the business when they search for a service or product instead of the local business. For example, we are talking about a business that sells sports shoes. The “X” store was in the first place when the customer wrote “sneaker store” in the search. This business is using promoted pins. When the customer writes only sports shoes in the search section, the “X” store will appear immediately. Here is the difference in pins introduced in this Google Maps.

Final Steps for Google Maps SEO

If local businesses want more revenue and brand awareness at the same time, they should realize the necessity of being successful in Google Maps SEO. As we have told you as Screpy experts, we have seen how effective creating and optimizing a Google My Business page is in this regard. After all the steps and tactics we have mentioned in our article, the only thing left is to follow up and analyze the results.

Result tracking and analysis is an important detail for SEO. Of course, it is necessary to use the Google My Business account for result tracking and analysis on Google Maps SEO. It is possible to see the results of the methods and tactics performed by turning to the “insights” option on the far left of the screen after logging into the account. These results are as follows:

  • Which searches by customers show local business? That is the information that the local business is among the results in which words are used during the searches carried out by the customers.
  • How well the local business appears in Google search.
  • The incidence of local business in Google Maps.
  • Information on what transactions customers have taken for the local business. So what did the customer do; such as accessing a website, obtaining a phone number, or getting directions.
  • Information on which day of the week the local business appears the most in performed searches.
  • The number of times the photos were viewed.

After obtaining these results, planned progress can be made on behalf of Google Maps SEO by performing a good analysis.

Summary of Google Maps SEO Ranking Factors

Local businesses may want quick results when it comes to Google Maps SEO, but it takes some time. Many steps need to be performed and we have mentioned these steps throughout our article. Now let’s talk about the important options to be in the top position on Google Maps.

  1. It is necessary to provide complete and accurate information for Google. In addition, it is necessary to correctly enter all the information and details requested by Google about the local business.
  2. Increasing the number of backlinks allows the local business to score highly. Thus, the local business can come to the top of the ranking.
  3. It is necessary to be able to receive reviews from customers, that is, online reviews. Fake reviews should be avoided and customers can be requested for real reviews.
  4. The local business must be in the right category. Businesses in the wrong category cannot rank high in Google Maps because they are fighting an unrelated category of rivals, not their competitors.
  5. Local business contact information (number, website, location) should be up to date at all times. The Google algorithm constantly monitors the consistency of information. Care must be taken to ensure that the information in Google and Google Maps is consistent.
  6. The addition of opening and closing times is also convenient information for customers.
  7. The social media platforms used can be added to Google Maps. With this addition to be made by local businesses, great proof of the authenticity of the information will be obtained. Even the website can be used in cooperation with Google Maps. Google Maps link can be used to the location information on the website.
  8. Long explanations cannot be made in the Google Maps list, and it cannot be said that it will work very well even if it is done. A short description containing the most appropriate of the keywords increases the probability of being used during the search.
  9. Local businesses should add at least one local number to the phone numbers they use. The presence of a number that begins with an area code indicates to customers that the business has established and robust functionality.
  10. A small but important detail is to add a photo to the Google My Business account. It is possible to make this photo stand out on Maps.

It cannot be denied that all these options have a huge impact on Google Maps SEO ranking. We can say that as a result of the local businesses giving due attention to the topics in our article, the probability of being at the top of the Google Maps ranking is very strong. As Screpy experts, we always help you in this regard.

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