7 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

Have you been wondering what content marketing trends that you need to be aware of in 2021 are? Clearly, this is a fair concern because of the changing nature of marketing trends in every different domain, including marketing. Every marketer should be knowledgeable and open to making changes in their content marketing environment since the growth of their work requires them to be loyal to those changes. As more businesses become involved in content marketing, there is a lot more effort needed to stay relevant and successful in the content marketing area.

Today, we will share seven content marketing trends for 2021. Before digging into the marketing trends, it would be very helpful to see why content marketing has a fast-changing nature and why it is so important.

Content Marketing: Why it matters and how it changes?

It would not be the best to jump right into 2021 content marketing trends without mentioning why it is so important and why we should stay relevant regarding changing nature of content marketing trends. The first thing to note about content marketing that can help you to understand its significance is that it is everywhere.

Content marketing is not only for the most popular brands, but it is important to every single brand that is present. At some point, the content you offer to your audience creates your brand awareness; the way you present your brand to your customers matters a lot. For this reason, your content marketing game should always be on point and following the latest trends to stay relevant and popular.

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Nowadays, no one falls into cheesy advertisements on any channel they see. Instead, people carefully internalize brand awareness and make their choices accordingly. Content marketing is a great tool to create brand awareness in any way you prefer and tell people what they can expect from your brand.

Popular content marketing trends
Popular content marketing trends

IMPORTANT: If you are into content marketing by any means, you should be aware of its changing nature. Changing content marketing trends might sound tedious and difficult to some, but it really is not if you follow them on a regular basis and get the idea behind them in a correct manner.

The reason why content marketing trends have nature is very simple. As there are more trends and technological advancements in the world, content marketing trends have to change. The internet era made quick changes possible and popular, and it is impossible to expect content marketing trends to stay stable in the middle of fast-changing internet trends and social media. To stay relevant and increase your brand’s success, you should always keep an eye on content marketing trends.

Content Communities

It would not be unfair to say that content communities are the most popular marketing trend to try in 2021, with a great increase in content communities. Nowadays, marketing teams are also aware of the popularization of content communities, and many of the successful marketing teams prefer creating content communities for content marketing if they do not already have one. This is not a surprise, given that creating content communities is one of the best ways to reach more target audiences with little effort and time.

According to agency executives and professional marketing teams, content marketing is a method to use increasing interaction between the brand and the customers, get feedback and understand the nature of the target audience better, and engage with the audience in a proper way. Many successful brands use content communities for content marketing as the main source.

If you ever pay attention, many well-known brands have multiple content communities, and each of them is specialized in some way. For example, a brand about sports might have a content community for their products and another one for exercising. Creating more content communities and interacting with your audience in different manners can be a good content marketing trend for 2021.

Creating communities for content marketing
Creating communities for content marketing

On the content community you have, it might be a good idea to encourage people to interact with your posts and share their ideas. For example, if your content community is on Instagram, you can keep people engaged with the polls you will share on your stories and the questions you will ask on your posts.

Encouraging people to interact with your content community will both help you to reach a larger audience and people to stick with you for a long time. Additionally, you should be consistent in your posts and keep people interested in what you have to offer to them.

Tips for content communities

Content communities are important for content marketing trends in 2021, but it is also important to know what you should be doing in your content community. If you do not know the significant details, it might go bad, and you can waste your effort and time on something that is not working.

The first tip for a strong content community is to create an outline regarding your goals, expectations, target audience, resources, and other plans. Without having a proper outline, you might feel like you do not know what you are doing and give up easily. Creating a strong content community would not happen overnight, so you should be ready for what is expecting you.

Another tip for a strong content community is to create a platform that is easy to follow and enjoyable to use. User experience plays a crucial role in your content community regardless of which channel you chose to use. Additionally, do not forget to create ease in terms of navigating through your content community for your audience and users for the maximum user experience. Choosing the right form of content is another detail that would increase the user experience in your content community.

Live Content

Covid-19 had been influencing our lives for more than a year now, and it seems like the influence will not go away until the end of 2021. For this very reason, it is safe to say that the influence of covid-19 will also have an effect on content marketing trends in 2021. Most of us had more zoom and webinar meetings in the last two years than we had in our lifetime. Additionally, live video content was still out there in content marketing even before covid happened, so it is safe to say that it is one of the most important content marketing trends in 2021.

The reason why live video content is a great content marketing tool is very simple. Video content is a very effective means of communication to put a powerful message directly to your target audience. Hearing something and having visual feedback simultaneously or not simultaneously is better than reading or just hearing or just seeing.

Video content alone is a powerful content marketing method, but there is more in live video content than it can ever be in video content. Live content allows the audience to feel more listened, since they have the opportunity to directly communicate with people involved in a brand, and they can ask questions.

The live content does not have to be presented in a visual meeting environment; if your brand has a larger audience, you can always use social media platforms that allow live videos such as Instagram and TikTok. It is also crucial to choose the right platform to go on live regarding your target audience.

Tips for live content marketing

Live content marketing is a 2021 content marketing trend that you should keep an eye on. If you are not familiar with live content marketing or have doubts about whether if it’s going to work or not, it is better to have some ideas about what to do and what can work on live content marketing. With its ease to produce and low costs, live content marketing can be your favorite content marketing trend in 2021.

The most valuable tip for live content marketing would be to relax. You do not have to have a fully scripted livestream in which every single world you will say is already planned. In most cases, your audience expects sincerity and genuine interaction.

Of course, you need to outline what you will do on your live stream, just do not make it much of a theatre. Additionally, if you can include someone who will attract your target audience to your brand (such as a celebrity or influencer), that would increase the interaction and visibility of your brand a lot.

Content Experience

Would you enjoy exposing yourself to content that is difficult to follow and has lots of unnecessary distractions? We know that no one would, so the next content marketing trend for 2021 to know is increasing content experience. While marketing content, you are not only offering the content you have, but you are also offering an experience with it, named content experience.

If this experience fails to satisfy people and leads to an unpleasant influence on them, the results will also be unpleasant regardless of what content has to offer. Those influences that can create unpleasant experiences might include frequent pop-up ads, panels, non-quality pictures, and poor design.

Tips for a rich content
Tips for a rich content

A good content experience is necessary regardless of which kind of content you are offering. In other words, your content should be in a way that would make people want to stay there and spend time with it. Depending on your target audience, you can fill your content with things they like and increase interaction in every possible way while maintaining quality.

Adding interactive content such as polls or comment sections might increase the possibility that people will stay longer on your content and share their ideas with you, hence have a better content experience.

Content experience tips

Overlooking content experience might be the worst idea you will have on your entire life as a content marketer. You should always aspire to increase content experience in the most optimal way possible. There are many things to avoid in the content experience, as well as things to consider. Even though there are many details regarding content experience, there are some tips we can share with you that can help you to boost content experience on your content marketing plan.

Firstly, your content should be easy to follow and relatable for your audience to follow. It would be best if your audience can find something that they can relate to in your content. People love to see a reflection of themselves in any given context, and you should give it to your audience through your content. The best way to do so is to get to know your target audience more.

Moreover, your channel of content sharing should be easy to navigate. We have seen way too many websites that have just the worst interface, and you might have seen as well. You should also be aware of the short amount of time people tend to spend on those websites, so you make the calculation.

Lastly, encouraging people to interact with your content is a great way to increase the content experience. Just reading or watching content would not feel as involved as making interaction with your content. However, you should always make sure that the interaction method you chose on your content is relevant, and people will not feel like it is artificial or a scam. You should always keep their interests as awake as possible.

Search Engine Optimization

It wouldn’t be a complete content marketing trends list for 2021 without mentioning the classic itself, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Anyone who has the littlest information about content marketing would have heard of SEO and its popularity since, well, forever. SEO is such an important content marketing tool that it is not going anywhere far for a while. So, it is more than fair to say that SEO is one of the most powerful content marketing trends in 2021 to look out for.

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As you probably know, SEO matters for a variety of reasons, and it should not be overlooked, especially in content marketing. The most well-known importance of SEO is increased visibility, and every content marketer would want to have high visibility regardless of the channel. A good quality SEO on your content can be the main reason why your content marketing plan is successful, just like bad SEO quality can take your whole content marketing plan down. For this very reason, you should spend more time on your content to make the SEO quality as good as possible. Creating engaging content with long-tail keywords and choosing the right pictures on your content is more important than you think, so take your time and work on SEO.

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SEO tips for content marketing

The power that SEO holds in content marketing is undeniable. Even though there are hundreds of SEO tips that are considered SEO knowledge, there are some small tips that we can share with you to help you increase your SEO success on content marketing.

SEO and Content Marketing
SEO and Content Marketing

The first tip for content marketing is to define your keywords in the best way possible. What people will write to search engines absolutely matters the most because how else will they find your brand if they do not already know it?

If people are not familiar with your brand, this only means that you need to make them familiar. By being more visible with SEO, you can create brand awareness and attract more people to your brand. Another tip to increase visibility with SEO and content marketing is to including content that answers questions.

Giving the answers that your audience has will both satisfy the search engine and the audience themselves. You can easily find what your audience has to ask you through Google’s “people also ask” section and give them a place on your next content. Additionally, giving answers to questions is another good way to increase brand awareness and familiarity.

Artificial Intelligence Content Trials

Artificial intelligence does not fail to surprise you in any given domain, and content marketing is not an exception. It might have sounded like a supernatural thing to have AI content 30 years ago, but it is not that far in today’s technology, not at all. AI-powered content can actually be the future of content marketing trends, and it is never bad to stay relevant with the latest technological advancements and tools.

AI-powered content does not just create the entire content for you (not yet). However, there are different tools that create captions, blog posts, summaries, and different forms of content for you. We do not know if AI-powered content would satisfy you in terms of giving you what you need, but it is worth a shot. Besides, even though AI-powered content does not give what you exactly need, it might be helpful to give you something to work on and shorten the time you will spend on your content.

Multi-channel content marketing

Are you using every single social media platform or online platform? The answer is most probably no because no one can do that. Some people are Facebook people; some are TikTok people; some are both, some are neither. We mentioned that getting to know your audience and having specialized channels is essential, but what about the power that multi-channel content marketing holds? With that being said, it is clear that multi-channel content marketing is another content marketing trend for 2021.

Each platform can have something different to offer to people, and taking advantage of this diversity can be one of the best content marketing methods in 2021. It is important to create meaningful content while doing it in multiple channels because the meaning of your content will stay relevant regardless of the quantity of it. If you aim to reach a large audience with different characteristics, you can use the power of multi-channel content marketing to reach everyone. For example, TikTok can be your tool to connect with gen z, while Facebook is your way out to older generations.

Multi-channel content marketing tips

As we mentioned, it might be a good idea to use different channels for a different audience. But there is another tip for you to get the maximum out of using multi-channel content marketing. As you already know, different channels offer different ways of sharing content. If you want to share different forms of content for your brand, it would be a good idea to do so through multi-channel content marketing.

For example, there are many channels to share videos. You can share videos on almost every social media platform. However, it would not always be optimal to share videos on any random social media platform. You would not want to share a long video on Twitter because most people are not there for it.

REMBEBER: In such a case, sharing the video on your brand’s YouTube channel might be a more meaningful thing to do. Because YouTube is a channel that is basically for sharing videos, you can reach out to a larger audience that is willing to watch a long video. It is still a good idea to share the link in other channels to maximize reach.

Products and services

Last but not least content marketing trend for 2021 is taking products and services seriously. Of course, products and services are always important for your brand, but have you ever thought of it as a method for content marketing? If you put your words on your content in a way that will persuade people into purchasing, it can be its own content marketing technique. Focusing on products and services is a good content marketing trend in 2021.

The effort put into launches and integrations is one way of focusing on products and services as a content marketing trend. Introducing your products and services is your main marketing aim for most cases, and you can implement this on your content marketing game.

There are many ways and channels that are available to use regarding content marketing in products and services, and overlooking this might be the worst idea. Even though there is nothing specific you can do about products and services, you can always pay attention to how you present them as a way of content marketing. Do not forget, your products and services are also your content.

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